Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

I used to play alliance on 10storms,i transferred one of my characters because it turned into a 90%+ horde server. How are horde only allowed a free transfer there? Shouldn’t alliance get free transfer? I can’t play some of my characters because they are still there waiting on enough money to transfer out.

You keep paying sub and you already paid for one transfer. Why on earth would Blizzard do anything other than wait for you to pay some more transfers?

It seems like allies can transfer to 10s for free too, but why would they want to transfer to dead server?

Playing on Lucifron-EU, here I had a alliance character since the start of classic and its unplayable right now. the population is like 99% Horde, you cannot complete a quest in peace and cant even build groups since no one is playing alliance.
please let me transfer my ally char to another realm I really want to play my char and not have minute long resurrection cd

Because a fraction of the players who are discontent about the actual customer support are less likely to pay for content such as boosts and other packages offered. I don’t believe that it is going to give Blizzard a huge profit to keep the maybe 50 characters on dead realms hostage over giving all of them a ticket out. It could secure a new subscription for a good number of those who are stuck and probably don’t p(l)ay anymore just because of the situation. Or in other words the damage has already been done and the cashcow was milked on the moment that the servers ran empty with whole guilds transfering out. Characters still left, now 10 months later, are definetely not going to be transfered out all of a sudden in massive amounts. :slight_smile:

I strongly believe that they calculated advantages and disadvantages of giving free transfers off dead servers and obviously its not worthy. And while, yes, there wont be huge transfers from those servers, at least on 10 storms plenty of ppl returned for tbc and transferred right away to other servers, so that decent amount of money for blizz.

Flamelash is just as dead as some of these realms yet no sign of it, hmmm :thinking:

i guess blizzard dont care about the players, only server stability, otherwise they would offer really dead factions a way out free as well, because it is hell for them even more than overcrowded factions.

edit… no wonder blizz is losing so many subs, which eventually will hurt them with less revenue, a happy player = a returning player = more money and happy players… and probably even more players that join in… playing on a dead faction is not fun for 99% of the players on dead factions, its the reason they migrate, and having to pay for it, make them very unhappy and eventually quit blizzard.

Well, then they did not realize that people with only one character left to play are less likely to purchase their deluxe edition pack which grants an epic mount to every character on your account. As this has a higher value if you can play on multiple characters (not calculating in the boosted one that you get). Imagine paying 70USD + 30USD/character that is stuck on a dead realm. :smiley:

In China over a hundred years ago one only paid the doctor when he was well. If you got sick you didn’t pay because the doctor had not done his job which was to keep you healthy. The doctor then treated you for free until you were well again.

Thank you for opening transfers from Pyrewood. Questing has been an absolutely awful experience since you removed layers.
Hopefully this will lower the population somewhat. I doubt it since people transfer to the most populated server, not away from it… but it’s worth a shot.

Update June 11 5:00 p.m. PDT

In this region, all Free Character Transfers will be closed at 20:00 CEST on Tuesday, June 15.

If you’ve been planning to make use of the Free Character Transfer service, please do so as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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Would you consider opening a new PVE-server? You could even open free transfers from both PVE and PVP. I’m sure it would be full enough. I don’t get why there are so many PVP-servers, while especially the English community would have needed another PVE-server before TBC (you could add a new German and French PVE-server, while you are at it…).


Gandling PVP is basically a PVE server if you are on Horde side. Horde AFK all the time and everywhere especially outside of instances because they know if alliance wants to do any PVPing it will be 20 against 1. Can we please get free transfers off this terrible server or get layers with 50/50 horde-alliance split?

When are you actually going to do something about dead servers? There are servers, which are dead for 6 months to 1 year. Come on, stop being money slaves and give us either free transfers or merge dead servers into one normal pop server.

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According to what data? You must be okay with your current server and assume everyone else has the same situation on their server as you do.

If players wanted balanced server, they wouldnt left. What players want is server dominated by their faction.
Wow history proves this.

I mean …in terms of population, servers are more than OK.

Balance however, after the launch of TBCC, is … complicated on some servers. Faction balance that is.

Nevertheless, new servers wouldn’t mean that the faction balance will not be… problematic. If faction balance is the reason why you want new servers, you have to come up with a really, serious …excuse, because this ain’t one.

Which servers? There are plenty of dead TBCC server atm

Plenty? Beside the 4 low ? Or are you calling “Medium Servers” … dead servers … ?

I just counted 30 servers with under 500 ppl in