Free Character Transfers Now Available -- WoW Classic Era

Nope I just want to play, rogue isnt super geared and my main is warrior :wink: and im not ganking ppl :wink:

This is great, this is one step in right direction. Having everyone moving their characters to one or two servers. Then be closing all the others, or that Blizz move everyone elses characters to the target destination :smiley:

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When free copy?
My main is still behind a 15 dollars paywall.
Blizzard stop this ridiculous greed.

Please remove gold cap on this free server transfer, there are barely any people online on the current classic era server cluster I’m on and if I move I will have to lose thousands of gold… Blizzard please do something

Until Blizz suddenly and without notice closes it!

Make 9 level 1 alts, mail gold to them, transfer them , send gold to one alt on target server, rinse and repeat until all gold is moved, No probs at there’s no limit on number of characters to move :wink:

I was able to move 10 chars to firemaw. the max number of chars allowed on a realm.
so only question remains how long will free transfers be available

No thanks, Im happy on the realm I am on. I dont wanna be moved. Everyone now has the chance to move to the cluster free, you dont need to force people to move who dont want to.


I have heard of transfers with around 200k gold so how much gold do you have and what is the cap, since is preventing you from transferring?

any plans to do this with low pop TBC servers? I’m on gandling, we have maximum 500 online players, cant do a dungeon cant find an active clan, can’t do anything at all … I do not feel it right to pay for the transfer, just because I do not had luck with the server choice
Or server merge is also could be a good option

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blizzard should just make transfers free… like once 3-4 months for every account sounds fair. might disrupt the economy yes. or make it just free and instant / make the AH connected to all servers as one AH. but yeah.

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How do you use this? Is this locked now?

where can i access it!? cant seem to find it anywhere

HW was doing fine, not sure why you want RP people to move to a PVE realm.

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Still there today. On character select screen, choose SHOP in lower left hand corner.

Was is the keyword here. The Hardcore community has “taken over” HW :slight_smile: Not one thing against them, but it makes it migthily hard to play as non-hc, as they only group up with other hcs to do dungeons. I am mowing my toons out now.

Damn that’s nice

It is indeed

so you do this for classic era servers which admittedly needs it, but you can’t do the same for TBC classic servers which ALSO needs it?

im gonna get really pissed off if you announce tree transfers off dead TBC servers as i just paid for a transfer, which i shouldn’t have had to. consider this a pre-emptive demand for a refund if you have any such plans. me and my guild waited for dog on months of time before we finally decided to transfer as the issue escaladed to the point where we literally could not raid due to a lack of populace.


We’re suffering from the same issues on Retail, since lots of folks play Classic now, problem is we’re being ignored on dying realms there are no new connected realms nor free migrations.

Is there any hope or should we just quit the game as its becoming hopeless?

Respectfully, a friendly druid living in the present, not the past.