Free migration?

So after we got joined up with Burning Legion, most trade chat and interactions are in Polish.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I like to understand what’s being said in chats.

When confronted that it’s an English speaking realm, the non-polish are asked to “f*** off” and told “99% of players on our server are polish, so why should we speak anything else?”.

If Burning Legion is here to stay in the cluster, can you please offer free migration? I shouldn’t be forced to pay to change realm on my characters just so I can speak the language intended.

And FYI, English is not my first language either, but you don’t see me speaking Norwegian in the chat.


Same here:( Just got back into wow to check out the pre-patch and now have to deal with this:(


I think a problem with that is mostly on Horde side.


Blizzard, please undo this and let the Polish have their server for themselves, this is just plain ignorance on your part.

If you absolutely have to mix us with someone, then make it with someone that speaks the official language.


I screen captured /1 and /2 chat today, makes for depressing reading. Something must be done, I cannot talk or understand general channels any more.

Solutions are:

Demerge BurningLegion (Preferred)
Move Al Akir / Skullcrusher / Xavius to another server cluster.


I have the same issue. It is beyond annoying that i cannot understand a word on my realm. They did this without our consent , i contacted support to find a solution and all they could do was to tell me that i should buy paid character transfers if i want to move from this polak realm. Thank you Activision Blizzard :slight_smile:


yeah I am 100% not paying for character transfers on 2-3 characters because of their mess up

I paid for 1 month sub, still haven’t paid for Shadowlands. I won’t if this stays the same.


then let me change my characters to alliance, I’d be happy with that

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I feel like blizzard no longer cares about the customers, so much has changed. Blizzard people are you going to sort this problem out or what?


Great, AA isn’t included in the ongoing free transfers either.

Get with the program Blizzard!..


Lol, tried contacting Customer Support on the webpage for the first time in 16 years and all I got from it was an description telling me that they couldn’t help with questions about free transfer. Sad…


Actually came to the forums because of this.

Get this junk of server off this english cluster.


I sure is annoying. Odds of things changing not high I’m guessing?

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This is completely unacceptable situation. I am on Al’Akir since the first day of the game and I have almost full set of max level characters. I am not going to pay 300euro to move them out of this dead server. I joined English server, Blizzard!!! You cannot just change it to polish like it is nothing. At least offer free migration to people like me that you locked here!

Guys, I suggest we start a protest by replying this thread (so that it does not deactivated after 1 month), until the blizzard notice us.

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I’m in, keep this post alive!

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