Freezelag when opening my worldmap on main character

Hey! I have been having as of yesterday some specific freeze lag when i open my map in game. This only happens on this main character. I don’t experience it on other characters and just him. I tried disabling all addons and still there, so not sure whats causing it. If you have any ideas, please let me know :slight_smile:


Same thing. It started today and happens only in Shadowlands.

Yeah i just noticed its only shadowlands zones for me too

Hey guys :slight_smile:
As this is User Interface related, it’s the usual case of resetting your UI.
Also make sure your drivers and operating system are up to date!

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This does not fix the problem.
Done a full reset, everything up to date, the game still micro-freezes when interacting with world map.

same for me since this morning some little update you did broke it for me, all addons are off just updated drivers using blizz ui, get 20fps while running about in shadowlands and when i open map it freezes for a sec and judders along at like 5fps with map open. just tried it in other zones (legion,bfa,stormwind,northrend and mop) and it works perfectly

STOP IT!!! You are wrong so please dont tell us to reset UI! I was in Orgrimmar and no more freeze when I open the map. It is Shadowlands, FIX IT quick! Thank you!


same problem. Lost 50 fps overall in all zones. Lag when open world map. Joining a raid grp (for some rare) drops my fps to 10-20.
Last night i had no problem (exept the large rift opening in korthia wich also resulted heavy fps loss) and was playing at 120-130 fps as usuall.

Recently upgraded my pc from i5-2500K to i7-10700, 32GB DDR4, Samsung NVMe, and jumped onboard Windows10 from 7 previously. I’ve played Shadowlands daily on the new machine using older graphics card, but WOW the game was so SMOOTH. FPS increase as well as the GFX pegging 99% usage now. Running well, looked good. Until TODAY. I went to bed 4am and yesterday I went about Korthia, Maw exploring the new stuff and I had no issues. Was still smooth, even with NVIDIAs newest graphics card driver the annoying icon at character selection screen prompted. I wake up today and the game is just SLUGGISH/stuttering and as people say here, one thing that really triggers it is opening the map, the game starts to lag, as in you would have addon issue, hardware issue, or CPU being hijacked for ressources by another program or update going on. Really frustrating to play with and others ingame have found the same issue.

It started overnight, whether its been a Windows10 update or another idiotic hotfix I cant say.

  • Windows 10 updated
  • Rebooted
  • NVDIA driver reinstall
  • all addons updated, issue persists whether ALL addons disabled or not
  • API switching DX11->12
  • closing other programs, from Fraps to Steam to Samsung Magician
  • tried running lower graphics settings
  • getting no addon lua error - did get a single Blizzard one

So its something with the game. Just like achievements pane got fecked up, or Anima conductor canvas issue from early SL. This is related to the game. Somone on Blizzards end ate some lines of code.

Got the same issue, only started after my client updated to earlier today

Same issue I cannot even change my fps now, all graphic setting don’t change my max fps.

Any words, blue?!

Yep, same here. Whatever patch happened today has caused the client to lag when the world map is open.

Even without the map the game feels sluggish/stuttery, like some internal blizzcode is memoryleaking or running amok with too many errors.

Reinstalation windows don’t help, Game reainstalationd still don’t fix issue. Other options? Shoud I buy now pc for next 8000$?

Why would you re-install Windows because of an obvious Blizzard coding error. You crazy.

Because it take me like 30 minutes, I got my pc for testing software issues where I got clean windows only.

Subscribing, I have the same issue. Lag when opening the map (and while it’s open).

It’s also not just the map. It’s world quests. Contributing to the completion of a quest by killing a mob, picking up an item, advancing a bar on the tracker also causes the game to freeze. Didn’t happen last night at all.

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I have the same problem. Lag (game freezes for a second) when i press “M” or any quest dialog opens. Closing the map also freezes the game. It takes 2 secs just to check where you are on the map.

Yesterday it was okay.

And i reseted all my UI as blue post suggests. It didn’t help.
No addons at all. Win 10 updated, Nvidia driver updated etc…