Fresh classic pls!

I gave tbc a try, im bored to death by the game. No world pvp, not much to do,
also PvPers and PvEers play a complete different game it feels.
It’s just not my cup of tea!

So please, give us some FRESH CLASSIC servers! The players want it!


I agree 100%, im one of those!


TBC is a raid log/arena log expansion. There is 0 content in the world, there is 0 reason to go out and do anything. Currently there is 0 PvE content due to them gating SSC/TK. I suppose they will release it soon, after which in a few months there will be another content drough and a perfect time to release the superior game, Classic FRESH.


I’ll take fresh anything at this point. Nearly 2 years now with no new servers. What a joke. Hope that store mount and boost money was worth screwing over the large portion of your playerbase that were screaming for just one fresh server before TBC launched. Absolute joke.


Just give us a bluepost about the topic…


I’d be keen on doing Vanilla again, but I’m so put off by the world buff obsession that I’d probably give it a pass.

I want WotLK.


Sounds like you are obsessed with world buffs.


No. Everyone else is.

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Including you if you are put off the game for it. Did you consider that maybe not everyone is?

Woah, don’t be so angry. I’m not at all obsessed with world buffs. Only once did I stand and wait for it like an idiot. But when everyone else spends most days waiting for World Buffs instead of playing the game, it takes a lot away from it for me.

So… Fresh Vanilla Classic isn’t for me.

Not angry, am trying to understand why you would quit the game for something that doesn’t even have to affect you.

Is that “20” minutes in Org/SW a to big hit on your playtime with others?

Or is it that the challenge is reduced by others having it?
The game was never a challenge in the first place. Buffs are just used to make it even easier, but first of all to speed it up.

Besides. Plenty of people/guilds that doesn’t do world buffs, but oops. Someone was in Org when a head was dropped. Are you suggesting he remove the buff?

Making problems where there are no problems is what people do. You don’t like something, then don’t partake in it!


The problem I have with World Buffs is most people go to the capitals to wait for it. Not all. But most.
The game has never been difficult. It wasn’t back in the day, it isn’t now, it will never be. So why the obsession with World Buffs?
It just isn’t fun to not be able to do anything because everyone’s just sitting there waiting for the pop.

So I’d rather play TBC or WotLK where people aren’t scared to lose (play) a little buff that makes no real difference in the first place.

You talk like people sit in capitols waiting for world buffs whole evenings. That’s not how it works.

Primary reason people sit in capitols is indeed, they don’t play the game. Got nothing to do with world buffs and everything to do with a situation every version of wow end up in when all people find interest in is raids, that being the latest raid, but still come online to sit in capitol and fiddle with things, talk with people and be alt tabbed watching YT.

You find the real players out in the world, inside instances and in BG’s. For this reason they may seem in short supply to you, reality is very different. Find you way to them if you actually also want to play.

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Haha you ask different people questions, and once they answer, you “correct” them based on your perspective. Flawless :rofl:

Let them fking hate the wbuffs?


Excuse me for correcting you if you are wrong. Not going to let falsehood linger unchecked. People come here to look for hope and they are being deluded by lies and misconceptions like represented above.

You yourself is posting complete contradictionary posts.

Hate on world buffs is obviously just an excuse to hate on the game. It’s like quitting retail because there’s an element that you don’t like.

I would reason and post a lot more, but truth is not welcome anywhere in this sick world.

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Remove the world and DM buffs and give us fresh servers. Also give us HUMAN GMs that actually ban bots.

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Don’t remove the world buffs and scrap the idea of fresh servers. Merge existing servers.

Keep the human GM’s, but increase their pay and active hours. Probably also ther training.

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Therapy. :sweat_smile:

How the hell is an opinion wrong?
If thats how they feel, i can only speak for my own experience, and the world buffs created tons of drama in my guild, with or without my opinion, because too many players were obsessed when it comes to min/maxing.

If youre able to change everyones mind with your great intellect, be my guest, but in reality it would only be fair to remove it completely to get rid of this nonsense.

This can’t be news for you?
Im sure by now that youve already seen tons of valid reasons to get rid of it but yet you keep going like a parasite. I mean what the hell? :rofl:

I mean listen to it, alot of people are complaining about this subject, obviously for a reason, they simply dont like it and free to vote their opinion. Then Mr.Right jumps in and tells his opinion and nevermind everyone else :stuck_out_tongue: are you self centered?

I just have self control and do not judge the entire game upon 1 fact that is not an opinion