Fresh Classic When?

Classic Era is a not alive, there’s nobody on theses servers, all Classic handys are waiting for a Classic fresh PvP server so we can experience Classic again, or the first time for some of us :slight_smile: .


No news is bad news, there has been no announcement about Fresh realms, of either Classic or TBC.

We can guess but that’s all it is, a guess.

As was expected.

By who?

People who minmaxed and saturated themself by making 3-5 naxxgeared characters and hording 100k+ gold? By thoose who played classic everyday for hours the past 2 years? By the people who do not care about the game but love to defend blizzard or love to hate on people enjoying other games?

Theres still enough people technically. They are just spread across to many servers. Not only that, but these artificially made “empty” servers do not allow for a healthy impression towards new players, who will thus less likely play on any of them which in turn does not allow for the problem to fix itself.

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People do not play classic for classic, they played it because it was the new “Hot” thing to do.

Obviously they would move on to the next “Hot” thing to do.

Last time I checked, classic era only had less than 40 level 60s across the connected realms with razorgore.
So unless they merge every realm, they don’t really have enough players.

i’m playing at Pyrewood Village and we’ve 150-200 players in the evening.
Have 2 ZG, 2 aq20, MC, BWL per week.
That’s what i’ve saw. People’d prepare their characters and we’ll go to AQ40/Naxx then.
People also’re going to classic dungeons (not only Scholo/Strat).

Hopefully soon.


please up fresh server


hello i have to agree on this one.

we need new FRESH

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Hell yeah, can’t wait for it, the hype is building up!

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