Fresh when

yo with new season fresh of mastery im just asking

fresh when tho

fresh when


Season of mastery is the fresh.


Now that SoM is here they will never do it.

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Yes Season of Mastery is fresh and great but next fresh when


Obviously a year after this SoM started they will start another.

I don’t know what the fuss is over fresh, it will just go like the first time Classic opened up in 2019.

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Why are you still on the forums talking about fresh after 2 years? u have problems

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When the next season start i guess?

12 month cycles for the raid patches then reset and repeat

Fresh classic without changes with beta patch notes when?

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Even if they released that, you would be splitting the WoW playerbase across so many different versions that there would barely be any one to play with

no changes fresh when

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  • no extra exp.
  • no extra honor
  • regular content release timeline
    fresh classic when?

Classic was fun because it had a massive amount of players at launch and because of all the work people put in with buff schedule discords and just general teamwork every where.

I doubt a 2nd WoW classic would generate enough players to make it enjoyable a second time.

1 year, then fresh

need no changes FRESH now or soon

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