Frost Deathknight Needs Buff/rework/boost pve

Ive been playing Frost deathknight since the beginning of the DF Launch, because i have been maining one in the past, and i really enjoyed it! At first when i leveled, i thought the class seemed pretty cool. BUT boy oh boy, when i joined my first couple of m+ and raid runs. It baffled me how bad frost was worked around MOST of the bosses in different scenarios. Breath of sindragosa is good when u have a tank to mass pull different packs in a row, but they really suck at single target, and if you need to run out just a couple of second due to mechanics, your whole dps is just gone, and you have nothing left but to use obliteration and howling that does no dmg. I stuck with the deathknight since i took it as a challange + hoped for buff and i managed to get an IO 2450+. i really like playing DK, but now im getting tired of being out dps’ed by every meta class and most people dont want you, and you have to wait like 30min-60min hour to get invited to a group who thinks they have to take the “Risk” - (BUG) Sometimes when im at Full runic power my breath just cancel out after 2 sec and i have no addon-macro-setup anything that cancels it. I cant see myself play anything else, and i know im not the only one that feels like this.


I play only 2H Obliteration Frost, so i don’t have that much experience with BoS, but i feel it makes sense to make BoS have shorter CD, while giving it a max duration of the same CD.

For example, it has 30 second CD, but lasts up to 30 seconds. This would allow BoS Frost to be more useful in M+, Blizzard can balance it around players being able to keep it up 100% of the time. This while the player doesn’t feel as cheated out of dps when they have to move out or do mechanics?

Felt the same about this until I realized that I’m making things harder on myself for no reason. And I rerolled. I don’t really care about the current meta classes, I’m not really a FOTM guy, DH was my 2nd favourite that is why I chose it and boy, oh boy it feels amazing to play. I’ve tried UH, Frost, and although DK is the best class fantasy, its playstyle is just pisses me off. Obliteration which would be my preferred choice is basically a meme build above +10s. BoS is just obnoxius to play and generates unnecessary pressure to try to keep Breath up while dealing with 5678 other mechanics in the same time in M+. UH can be fun to play if you execute it in the right way, but that is not the case in most of the dungeons, also too much setup compared to most of the other classes. Until there are no significant changes in DK design, I won’t go back probably. A lot of people said this on EU and US forums: The current version of Frost DK is just simply not designed around M+. Just not compatible with that content at all.


Don’t really mind the BoS playstyle, but it makes you sitting turret, because moving or getting knocked back is pretty much gg to your RP uptime. So yeah after years of fun with it, it needs to change or thrown out the talenttree.

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Ye i felt this way too for a while, but blizzard just announced HUGE buff for Frost DK my wait was not in vein! but i like the playstyle tho, I careful plan my M+ runs over time. but not many people have the patience for that sadly

BoS is stuck behind in the pre-DF playstyle where it’s less responsive than DF-influenced specs.

Get rid of its 2 minute lock, and turn it into a toggle without the rune gen or turn it down to 45s/1m CD. There’s no reason for it to be 2min now that the game plays beyond that.

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Dk frost buff is great ofc. I would compare frost dk to worse retri pala and the pala is going to get rework becaus of consecration. Dk has similar issue with dnd and there frost has also no synergy like unholy. Now to the point with frost issues

Both BoS and Obli, they just feel bad outside cd. There is also abundance of stackable modifiers that casue Obli to hit from 20k to even 150k if everything you can stack will be stacked.
People use to say that unholy is more complex than frost. Its no longer. Frost has so many stackable stuff to keep track off. Sometime postponing pillar make like 30-40% difference. But there is no way to tell if RNG wont stack properly and you will actually get lower dps because you fruitlessly delayed your cds few times.
Also R and RP are completly broken in obli. There are talents that give rune refresh that if you wont take you will see no difference for 95% time cause you get more resources than you can spend. And in those RNG 5% you are wondering what happend. Now those talent wont make this 5% dissapear, they just will take it down to 3%.
In other word we have 2 resource system that somehow feel like priority rotation that also has anyoing random resources that sometimes are down to 0 but most of the time are stacked to full

People think it’s simply pressing 3 buttons, the better comparison would be that you’re playing Guitar Hero on expert mode.

I wonder if these plague damage buffs will carry on through to UHDK disease spec? I’d love to try give the Oblit build a go too.

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