Frost DK next patch are going to be the worst spec in the history of wow

  • Frost DK currently have a super hard time survival vs physical damage dealers. taking 10% more damage means they have absolutely no chance to survive vs physical meta
  • Frost DK really struggles to maintain damage on multiple caster comps due to them having more mobility and Frost DK damage being entirely melee unlike Unholy. When we do reach them, we will do 5% less damage
  • Frost DK damage is very subpar, often being recorded as the worst across all DPS specs and with the 5% less damage to cloth in-addition to 10% more healing across the board means Frost DK will never be able to score a kill without serious S Tier assistance.

Please add the following

  • Obliterate increased by 10% in PVP
  • Howling Blast damage increased by 100% in PVP
  • Frost Fever damage increased by 40%
  • Bloodforge Armour redesigned: Increases Death Knight armour by 75% passively

Please blizzard


it’s kinda wild blizzard did not do any thing whit frost for pvp apart from nerfing our armor by almost 1/3 of our physical damage, this is absolute asinine.

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I’m almost definitely not playing it 100% but, even if I can manage to play it well, I still feel like I do no damage.
In 2v2 (yes, I know PvP isn’t balanced around 2v2), I feel like the literal peg leg; I’m slow so if I’m caught in the open there’s no escape, I can’t get away from anyone either, defensives will only do so much, heals are virtually pointless, even Lichborne with 15% damage reduction + Death Coil heals do little, Death Strike, even with the talent, only delays the inevitable, you don’t have tons of CC as a DK, you don’t have utility, and the worst offence is that we don’t really do damage either.

Well, that’s my experience anyway. I have about 10 years of rust to shake off so maybe I’m just playing it wrong.

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In BfA all we had was insane death strikes, that was later roflnerfed in the corruption patch due to the versa stacking, one DK stomped a dev with that.

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How to fix Frost DK:

  • Obliterate now hits up to 2 additional targets in close proximity during Killing Machine.
  • Frost Strike damage increased by 50%
  • Howling Blast damage increased by 50%, if target is hit twice, applies Chains of Ice for 2 seconds. (DR applies)
  • DND slows all affected enemies by 30%
  • Glacial Advance removed
  • Frostscythe damage increased by 50%, now applies Razorice to targets, up to a maximum of 4.
  • Remorseless Winter now causes Frost Strike to hit two additional enemies, and increases damage by 20% if targets are affected by DND.
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Death strike in pvp is healing the minimum amount. The tooltip doesn’t say when we are
in pvp. We die in monk serenity in a blink of a aye even AWC player die in tournament like that, imagine a causal player or even XP players.

Some kind of problem is like you grip blind and remotles (between blinding sleep and remotles stun there is gap) If you use stun you are using gcd Dr stun. And also are a lot button to press.
Also in pillar we get all cc and micro cc. Because outside from pillar is no damage. I don’t know what is the best for rework but I like frost dk as set up speck

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  1. Frost DK needs a -% healing effect in pvp (Maybe an improved Deathstrike common among all specs?).
  2. Frost DK needs + death grip charges or movement enhancement.
  3. Frost DK needs extra resource - after the first burst it feels like a struggle.
  4. Frost DK needs YOU to remove the recent plate nerf.

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