Frost DK rework

So there once was a character named “The Lich King” or Arthas Menethil for those that prefer that.

He was a Darth vader-ish slow walking freight train of a fighter. Completely overwhelming strength and basicly crushed most opponents with one hard swing from his mighty 2h sword (with one hand sometimes, because badass). He also was mainly a frost DK.

Never once have we had that experience as a frost dk. We’ve had the slow part, oyes - that we have. But none of his power to emulate. Most expansions dual wielding has been the name of the game when there is two other specs that it fits more to (And it barely does).

Atm the class is a bad version of warrior or enhancement. Build alot of haste and smack alot of small weak OBLITERATES (words have meaning). And sometimes when there is many mobs it takes 25s to build remorseless winter or wish that you have time to use dnd - build str and that nothing targets you at that time.

The class is balanced around being glued to the target but there is no payoff. only a bunch of cons.

You’re slow so you cant catch up with swift repositioning.
You have zero ranged dps so you cant shoot anything to maintain some dps while doing tacs.
Your self heal is insanely expensive (but at least spamable) and prohibits you from doing dps at the same time
Provide nothing for m+ or raids
Have 1 cd for everything (unholy got like 20 and thats a different issue)
Have 4 talents for aoe and all of them are useless
Have zero fun talents for nieche situations
Absolute garbage in pvp.

How frost dks should feel.

Rp-walk towards watever. Do by far the most dps (since if you get targeted by tactics its gonna completely stop).
Hard punish in melee.
Slow everyone stupid enough to come close
Heavy static damage reduction and alot less self healing
Weak to ranged poke
Devastating single target blows
Long recoup between hits

Currently no class that does that. Could be a nice spot to have a DK to OBLITERATE a big guy in m+ during bolstering so they all get to the same hp.

Or kill adds quickly on raids because they could be the burst champions vs 1-3 targets.

Im fine with them not being the jack of all trades, but i dont want them to be jacked off by all trades either.


Yep the frost re-work is just existing in heads of authors like yourself.
There has been dozens of ideas, suggestions, full plans of how to adjust talents.
Not a single one of them got any reply or any ackknowlegment from blizz.
They dont care or are not interested.


Them asking for feedback on “Hero Talents” while Frost is in this state is a joke.


i enjoyed season two set bonus of Dragonflight for the sole reason that it made howling blast actually dangerous again, with the right talents.

but its time for it to become a filler ability again soon :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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And what happened to him??
DId labour vote him out and hes got a 9-5 job?.

No something even worse… He got retconned in Shadowlands and went from “interesting and appealing villain” to “it was all part of some mysterious boogie man you’ve never heard of plan”.

Yeah that’s what I’ve always thought myself… If anything I thought that it also suits tank spec more, as when I think of blood and vampires, I think of elegant and fast sword fighters not tanks. The idea of an unbreakable ice bound Goliath feels tankier to me.

But anyhow yeah, what you described it’s how it should feel… I mean common we even have “Killing Machine” does that not evoke the freaking Terminator?! Slow rp walk to you, will stop at nothing, if he catches you, you’re dead. I’m even thinking could they design a dps that basically doesn’t need cool downs (insert some temperature related joke here)? As in no button which you press and other things do more damage for set amount time kind of cool down… Obviously some powerful strikes on CD would be there.

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Frost should be in essence low mobility, high damage and high survivability. You should be punished for getting close.

Classes like Demon hunter and Monk should be high mobility, high damage low survivability

Warlock should be tanky, with no mobility and high damage.

Mage high mobility, high damage low survivability.

Feels like some classes have all pros and no cons and vice versa.

feels like we lost rock, paper, scissors somewhere. Warriors a prime case.

Just now Frost has outdated spell animations, a poorly thought out talent tree and boring choices, breath of sindragosa is awful fantasy and needs to go, frost whelp is boring fantasy and is frostwyrms fury light, runes are needing a rethink, death and decay needs to go, frostwyrm fury is on way to long a cooldown, diseases are meh and do nothing, we have poor defense.

Dks should be massive strikes, impailing with ice, throwing chunks of ices and smashing into the enemies, freezing and shattering spells. i could go on.


every word of your post rings true in every DK players heart, alike when artha’s brought forth sindragosa through the ice in the WotLK cinematic, untold masses shrieking in empowered fervour, we all hear it and wants it to be so.

yet over the years we are the biggest joke in this game compared to the original vision, I remember facing off a warrior in MoP Cata/Mop or such, both diseases up, Obliterate until all runes on CD’ empower rune weapon, triple obliterate again, target dead, i was also nearly dead but it was a damage race, and i won it, imagine doing that nowadays vs any class.


He wrote a solution not a poem…

get off my forum you troll


Just ignore the troll’s entries, it will eventually get bored and go troll somewhere else!

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