Frost DK - suggestions/upgrades + new mastery

After spending numerous expansions with frost DK I think things are going in the right direction, we just miss few things to be truly extraordinary.

These suggestion will revolve around execute window dmg talent/abilities, mastery tuning as well as 2H option viability.

Before I start let me just phrase, this is not a rant, but a mere suggestion from a PvE perspective. I think the spec is a lot of fun to play but could use few finishing touches.

1. Frost Execute windows

  • Frost DK feel like that brutal, unyielding, obliterating machine which in my opinion could benefit from Execute window ability/talent and wouldn’t ruin its fantasy especially with 2 hand weapon builds - Having a dedicated new spell that could spend runic power much like Execute does for warriors would be truly great. Something like “Icy guillotine”- Attempt to decapitate a wounded foe for X frost damage depending on runic power spent (spending 20 or up to 80 runic power).
  • Or something that has been done for Unholy DK with Reaping talent
    ([Your Soul Reaper, Scourge Strike, Festering Strike, and Death Coil deal 25% additional damage to enemies below 35% health.] → You deal X % additional Frost damage to enemies below 35 % health.
  • [The only option now comes from the talent Soul Reaper] - which isn’t great for Frost DKs especially [Obliteration]builds since it does not proc killing machine during Frost pillar windows.
  • It would be a welcome DPS boost, especially in raids where last phases tend to be the most hectic ones and we lack mobility to continuously deal damage by sticking to the target and we all know how fragile (thanks to its complexity) Frost DK rotation can be.

2. Mastery improvement - making mastery fun "again"

  • Having a flat X % boost to frost abilities - is NOT fun!
  • Mastery is a big damage boost which is OK but it should also provide some fun, procing element into the gameplay here are my 4 suggestions (for convenience sake let’s assume we have 20 % mastery which would translate to 20 % more Frost dmg by our abilities):
  • Suggestion I - Mastery: Frozen heart - Increases the damage of your Frost abilities by 20 %. In addition you have 10 % (Mastery * 0.5) chance on consuming your Rime or Killing Machine proc to cast [Breath of Sindragosa] for 5 (Mastery * 0.25) seconds regardless of your Runic Power (30 seconds cooldown). Note: It could help with AoE as well as Single target potential and with Breath build it would simply cast it on top your ongoing Breath of Sindragosa).
  • Suggestion II - Mastery Frozen heart - Increases the damage of your Frost abilities by 20 % and consuming your [Killing machine] or [Rime] procs has a 5 % (Mastery * 0.25) chance to proc a free and upgraded [Remorseless winter] which during its duration empowers your active or newly applied [Frost fever] by 80 % (Mastery * 4) on all affected enemies.
  • Suggestion III - Mastery: Frozen heart - Increases the damage of your Frost abilities by 20 %. In addition after consuming 5 Killing machine procs or casting Breath of Sindragosa for 60 seconds you summon Darion Mograine to attack your foes and casting the same abilities as you at 40 % (Mastery * 2) effectiveness.
  • Suggestion IV - Mastery: Frozen Heart - Increases the damage of your Frost abilities by 20 %. In addition casting [Pillar of Frost] has a 20 % (Mastery * 1) chance to cast a free [Frostwyrm’s fury] at your enemies.
  • These were just a few examples not to make frost DK OP (numbers can be tuned) but to give the spec a bit more love and a reminder that it could be done for every spec which has just a flat X % dmg boost for a mastery.

3. Making 2H talent build a bit more viable

  • It simply lacks behind DW option and not only by making you spend 1 talent point that could be spend elsewhere but also by sacrificing 1 Runeforge.
  • Make the talent Might of the frozen wastes even better by allowing us to Enchant our 2H weapon with one more Runeforge.
  • Or add execute damage window into the talent in some capacity as discussed previously in part 1.

I was allowed to only put 2 links in the post, so somewhere it lacks source links.
Thank you all for reading and have a great day
Frost DK from Draenor


I mentioned something in a older post about one way to deal with Soul Reaper that makes more sense.

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