Frost Mage spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Für diese Spezialisierung wünsche ich mir in Saison 4 die (aktualisierten) Boni aus:

Para esta especialización y en la temporada 4, me gustarían los bonus (actualizados) de:

Pour cette spécialisation, dans la saison 4, je préfère les bonus (actualisés) issus de :

Per questa specializzazione, nella Stagione 4, vorrei i bonus (aggiornati) della:

  • Season 1 / Saison 1 / Temporada 1 / La saison 1 /Stagione 1
  • Season 2 / Saison 2 / Temporada 2 / La saison 2 /Stagione 2
  • Season 3 / Saison 3 / Temporada 3 / La saison 3 /Stagione 3
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With bated breath and a sprinkle of hope, I fervently pray for the serendipitous drop of my prized set bonus.

Season 3 bonus all the way. Giant glacial spikes are already giga fun, and with AoE incorporated as well? Feels so good


Season 3 bonus forever please xD


S2 is better because it allows more versatility and functions just as well as 3rd set for glacial.


Bro where can I find on what you’re on?

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Omg i hate GS so much.


Are you playing PvP by any chance?

Because in PvE, for me there’s nothing like hitting 1 mil+ on two targets simultaneously and watching the meters go boom. And also the 2p in PvE makes the AoE rotation so much more fun with the GS + freeze combo, and the extra brain freeze procs is excellent for ST too

I would love there to be a world where both playstyles with and without GS can be viable. I absolutely despise it. I like more the instant casts and proccs playstyle without being forced into GS but with the current Tier set and talent balancing there is only one way to play which is GS, nothing more that is also why I quit playing mage. And then my other class I play was mutilated as well :frowning:


why do people who play pve decide the set for people who play pvp?
s3 is terrible for pvp and almost no one plays glacial spike build


S3 Glacial build is the worst of the three, for pvp you are wasting uptime trying to get in that one cast dropping your damage overall. S2 looks like the best option bumping both Flurry and Ice lance two spells you are constantly using as a frost mage!


PVP players need to accept PVP is an afterthought and the vast majority of the playerbase is PVE

Ok, Give the Money back. The producer told sonething else

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Tier sets was from raids only. They are not ment for PvP. This is why you have PvP sets.
So please let the PvE’ers show their voice here

This mentality in life in general is quite dangerous my friend. I really hope your views on these matter change in context. Because that was a horrible comment

Why are you saying it as if PvErs werent the immense majority and didnt habe a voice? lol.

If anything, please let PvPers have a voice and give us pvp sets.

Blizzard hate mages in pvp no doubt about that…

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