Frostwolf Snarler event mount BUGGED SIZE

After suffering through the abhorrent lag to get the mount I discovered that for some reason this wolf is ridicilously small, significantly smaller than every other wolf in the game. It looks stupid and bad and had I known I wouldn’t have bothered.

I guess the theme of the entire event is being a bugged mess, down to every little detail.

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Wonder if it will go microscopic when mounted by a vulpera, sadly can’t test it d:

Haha that’s be a heartwarming sight!

He’s not bugged… he’s a very good boi

He’s a Frostwolf Lapdog, not a Frostwolf Snarler.

Wasnt it just cold? I mean, the wolf…

Which was already known last year when they introduced it?

Seems like an odd topic to make

It’s so stubby and cute! lmao.

Pupper can’t help being smol :wolf:

I’d love to have a small frostsaber kitten mount.

I however would prefer to have my mount be a real mount, not a hunter’s pet.

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