Fyrakks death was a complete joke

And so ends an expansion whos final villan was a menace, had lots of character/personality, did loads of important stuff and died pointlessly with no final screen time, what a complete joke. Even Scalecommander Sarkareth had his own cinematic and he was an unknown character.

Instead we get happy family dragons. Woop.


Who’s that again?


Yo spoilers?

RWF finished already???

They beat him on normal mode, so the expansion ending and cinematic has been revealed.

The RWF is still ongoing.

Oh right - proves how much notice i take of it then lol

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I thought the cool and important dragon is iridikron, and fyrakk is funny fodder starscream copypasta.


I hope this is finally the end of the family friendly Disney storyline. I want WoW’s story to be more serious and mature again like how it was in TBC, Wrath or Cata.

…Yes I know this is rather ironic coming from a Vulpera using the onesie transmog.


I really hope the World Soul Saga doesn’t end like Dragonflight did… lol.

Happy Friends. :clown_face:


Good, glad they didn’t waste time on it. I normally just hit escape so I can grab the loot.

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I cant be the only one that is reminded of Sailormoons transformation when the aspects got their power back…

It was rather underwhelming… like BFA

And the whole family/friendship-thing let me cringe… Like WOD

I don’t mind the ending itself, but the fact that Alexstrasza suddenly decided that the only reason they won was the power of friendship was hilarious.

Ah well, Fyrakk wasn’t a terrible villain. I just think he was kinda generic.

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ty for spoilers

And so ends an expansion whose actual villain was Iridikron who sent the one-dimensional powermonger Fyrakk off to do whatever he felt like because he knew he’d keep us busy for a time.

(Apologies to other one-dimensional powermongers, for comparing you to Fyrakk.)

Not out yet… anyways, Vyranoth and Iridikron are still around. What could they do with a one dimensional villain such as Fyrakk that they haven’t done better with Deathwing?

Do you know what would have been awesome? If Vyranoth betrayed us, destroyed the world tree, and killed Alexstraza in a single move.

I mean, she’s been locked in a prison for thousands of years, and once she gets out she wants to destroy the aspects, only to get slightly squeamish when Fyraak wants to destroy a tree. It makes zero sense, so her being secretly evil could have worked amazingly.

Instead we get the power of friendship ending. It’s not SL ending bad, but it’s still pretty lame.


eh who cares all the incarnates was a joke enemy in the first place C tier bad guys at best
heck Fyrakk was just wish deathwing





This writing team needs help.


Have to say I though Fryakk was cookie-cutter bad guy suitable for Lego Ninjago but not WoW.

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Welcome to Disney +