Fyralath bugged drop

Hi, its been 41 fyrakk kills in total since the fyralath was available. Would it be possible to check it and fix the drop rate. Obviously it is not working as intended.
Thank you

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Drop rate seems to be fine/working as intended.
I got my axe on Paladin after 8 or 9 Heroic kills 2 weeks ago.

Trying farming it not on monk :grinning:. Tbh I dunno. I got it in leee kills then that and think that’s the intent but at this point it should be on the bullion vendor. There’s literally no reason not to at this point. The expacs out in 10 weeks roughly there’s no reason to limit the legendary this much.

Ow u are one of those that wants free gifts? No its still a legendary same as evoker one. U already get the upgrade item from the bullion vendor.

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Nope I’ve farmed it once on this char. Now I’m playing warrior I see no reason for it not to be on the bullion vendor. I’m literally having to save 2 for when the item drops for the upgrade item. Tbf I’ve bought ashkandi and the two trinkets not much else I need to buy atm. Only item that’s really low is chest piece and I can’t buy that anway

All Legandarys have remained farmable but require a bit of effort.

What do you mean? 41 what kills? Lfr? Normal? If so, that’s not bugged. If HC, you would’ve mentioned it, so i’m guessing not.

So what exactly is the bug? A rare item not dropping for you? That is why it’s a rare item.

You can now literally buy it. Sooooo what is this post about?

How exactly can you buy it? oO

Yep, my warr here got it last week on the 7th heroic kill. never killed it on any other difficulty.
Seems fine to me. Guess OP is just overaxaggerating.

What are you all talking about. This is a follow up to my CS communicatiom and the bug was confirmed… i just created a quick topic as i was instructed. And no, its 12 18 11 lfr norm hc. 21 lesser embers and its on dk. Why would i have to switch a char from monk to dk for what ? I have all the chars a this one was i suppose marked as main … iam never posting so i dont really care. By the amount of kills done its more than 4 months of farming and as i said this is a follow up to confirmation by CS that its not working properly.

Saw a theory about how the patches might have reset the pity counter.

Yes i think they did reset the progress from season 3 and then it might make sense but this is obviously bugged and should be fixed… sry writing from phone

you can purchase the Legendary axe?

You can purchase the upgrade but not the axe… and other thing is that during awakened raid it should drop already in upgraded version as the rest of the items. However i dont have it confirmed if it drops like this or still drops like non awakened version.

It still drops at the same item level as season 3.

What people are trying to tell you is that the bad luck protection has different values on each difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the more it adds to your bad luck protection. So for mythic, the drop should be guaranteed on the 6th kill, on heroic the 15th kill, and on the remaining difficulties the chances are much smaller.

Killing Fyrakk on multiple difficulties each week doesn’t increase the bad luck protection. So even if you did LFR → normal → heroic every single week, in terms of the bad luck protection it would be the exact same as only doing heroic.

Having said that, I found your DK and you while it’s true you’ve killed Fyrakk 41 times in total, only 11 of those kills were on heroic, meaning that you haven’t yet reached the guaranteed drop.


What the hell are you talking about. Like have you studied some basic math ? That indicated guaranteed drop what you are refering to is related to wowhead article that i am fully aware of. That said guaranteed drop is related to ONLY fyrakk kills with no addition of lesser embers and not doing other raid difficulty and then i can agree that its roughly true.

If you are adding embers to the drop rate then it should affect all difficulties and thus getting higher drop rate at every raid difficulty. The only difference is that the rate is increasing faster the harder raid you do. Still we are getting to numbers that mathemacally say it should have dropped already.

The other problem might be the lesser embers dont work at all or have so low addition its irelevant however this would be in contradiction to the statement provided by blizzard that they are buffing ALL embers.

Other thing is that doing it on different difficulty is or should be and independent event mathematically which means additional chance.

Like if lesser embers dont work, or if you do it on heroic and then the other difficulties are somehow blocked then all this thing should be communicated transparently dont you think ?

^^ This

The purpose is that you only have to do one kill a week on the highest difficulty you can manage, ideally at least heroic.

Killing it on Heroic is all your luck rolled into one attempt (adding up what smaller chances you had from LFR and Normal on top of your Heroic kill).


If you’re aware of how it works from the wowhead article then you shouldn’t be confused about why you don’t have it yet.

If you think I’m wrong, feel free to explain to me the math that says you should have it by now.


Its actually quite simple. Just for illustration the current heroic kill should be 21 lesser embers which is by table 12.6% plus the addition of 24% and we get to 36,6% right ? You can do this method one by one coming to insane odds…

It doesnt work if the lesser embers are not added to lower dificulties, or are not transfer to other week so they are like per consumed chance etc… either way this was never confirmed nor communicate

Or they reset rhe progresss from season 3 and iam on different numbers. I was asking for clarification or either fixing. I think its quite logical that someone by this time in game could be so nice and confirm it at least in tickef form for discretion purposes