Game Freezes Frequently

I was playing wow today, it froze several time now i cant even play because of that. My Graphic Card is update, my all add-ons are updated, I also tried to disable all addons and try it again but no response. Same freeze. After freeze, “not responding” came off. Anyone solved it before?
Nvidia1080 8gb /16ram/ i7 8700


I just had exactly the same issue today, froze 7 times, I though it was my pc, I even did a memory check and UI reset, and still nothing. Good to know it wasn’t only me.

Thank God for this thread. Have been performing checks on my PC for the past hours. Swapping parts from my other PC and whatnot. Initially i thought it was an addon issue but wasn’t. Then i went to swapping parts thinking something cracked.
Only just started today. So can’t say what changed. One thing i did notice was that i’m having a pre-release download showing up on my launcher. But that’s about it.
This patch brought about some serious trouble it seems.

To clarify, the game freezes and can’t do anything but alt+f4 it. there is still game sound for another 10 sec after the freeze, and after 10 sec it starts to become choppy as well. everything else works just fine, other programs that i have running. just wow that’s acting up.

I turned off the whole add-ons for 1 hour, its okay for now. No freeze or crash. I dont still know if it will happen or not thou :confused: i will tell later

Also having this issues

It seems it was to fix an old performance issue, but it now created a new one while trying to fix that ( there was a bug that froze the game for 2 sec when u opened ur map with M )

Does not happen in instanced content so no biggy, but still annoying

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In my case it’s exactly what Conchistador describing. Started to happening out of nowhere today, I hope its just a server issue.

im facing a similar problem. when ever i enter a new zone mostly or land from a flight… the game just crashes. I had few times a crash with " memory is not enough" error although I got 16g ram.
i got i7 8700k , GTX 1070, 16g ram.
If anyone has a fix… please let me know!

I have the same from yesterday random freezes and only alt f4 helps… im loosing patience for this expansion…

i have i7 8700k / 32gb / rtx 2080 super

This is also happening to me and to my brother, with different hardware and a few common addons. Started yesterday. It’s a nightmare doing BGs or Torghast and the game simply stops responding, having to alt F4 rather frequently.

Same problem. Started happening from today.

Have been having the exact same issue on both my PC and laptop. I can usually play for about half an hour and then the game just freezes. No real cause, it just happens. Also checked for any over-/underclocks on my hardware but all was fine on that end. Also no high temps or lack of memory. Also got several addons running but none of them have ever given me issues.

PC: i7 8700, 32GB DDR4, RTX3060

Same issue here. Totally annoying as hell!

While browsing the forums, including similar topics from both us and eu in the past years, i managed to find a recommendation that might work, disabling MSI Afterburner and Riva Tuner (or update both). I was indeed using MSI and Riva during all my freezes. Am not home so can’t test it. But will let you know soon.
Additionally, how ma y people having this issue are also using MSI Afterburner? If everyone was using it we may be on to something.


Same problem. Random freezes mostly in combat.

I will try that as well

i used msi afterburner from legion and everything works normal until yesterday. i not changed addons, soft ,drivers. I checked gpu cpu stress test ,temps and nothing ,everything its fine other games works normal . Its clearly somenting from their side, i went do raid yesterday with my guild i get 2 frezzes , then i get on assault late night and today i get 4 freezes on korthia doing quests and rares.

The reason i mentioned MSI was because i do recall an update popup from Riva Tuner that i have delayed for a few days.
Also, after the first freeze, Riva wouldn’t display the temperatures while in game anymore. Amazed i didn’t connect the dots to try and see if that’s the issue at least.
Anyway, i’ll try and see how it works after i update Riva and if the freeze still happens i’ll try disabling it altogether.

As you said, i’ve also used MSI afterburner for as long as i can remember and never had issues. but you never know.

Ok i checked this riva tuner update its version 7.3.1 from 10 march 2021 thats changed to 7.30 : We issue a new build of RTSS (Rivatuner Statistics Server) build 7.3.1 Final. This build contains a few quick fixes as well as addresses some compatibility issues with MS Flightsim 2020, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and Forza Horizon 4. Soo i dont think Riva or msi is issue , blizzard is !!! everything works normal and bang frezzes

Can confirm updating Riva Tuner did nothing about the freeze issue.
Last idea is to completely disable MSI i suppose. Will get back to you in about 30. that’s when it freezes for me.

Ok, so I specifically downloaded the latest beta version of afterbuner4.6.4 beta3 and rivaruner7.3.2 beta2 and I still recieved a freeze. After that, I just excluded wow.exe from rivatuner and dissabled, show on-screen display. And I think that did the trick. Played for some time and havent had any freezes. Not sure what blizzard did but it seems like displaying an fps counter with rivatuner will cause a freeze.