Game keeps "hanging" but not crashing (Classic)

So I’ve been playing Season of Discovery, and while playing through I have kept having this strange glitch where my game will freeze, my entire PC will black screen/shut off output very briefly, then return to (relative) normal. It affects my PC to the point where on a reload it closes Discord entirely (incl. disconnecting me from any calls but only AFTER it resets, not during the freeze. I can hear and be heard during the freeze. Also doesn’t close or affect anything else). After that, all goes back to complete normal. I cannot replicate it, it simply happens at random times and in no particular pattern. I had a session today where it didn’t happen for 3 full hours and then one where it happened twice in 90 mins. It’s not a full crash - after it happens the game doesn’t crash and I can simply go back to what I was doing.

This isn’t a problem with my card, as benchmarks come back as expected, no performance is reduced anywhere in games or otherwise, my Task Manager performance metrics on all hardware is normal before, during and after the hang, this doesn’t present in other games, hell it doesn’t even happen in Retail WoW. Just Classic on it’s own.

I’m at a crossroads as to what to do? It’s a relatively new card but I’ve had it for a few months (September). I stress that it can’t be my card/hardware as even far more graphically demanding games are run on this card with absolutely zero issue and do not present this problem, even after testing them in the day or so since SoD dropped in case of coincidence. This problem also happens even if I only have Classic running and nothing else in the background, so I’m not somehow capping out RAM/VRAM/CPU. It could be a potential driver issue but I can’t see how that’s a problem in Classic and not anything else?

Ryzen 7 7700x
RX 7800XT
Classic is saved on a WD Black M.2

This has already been reported to AMD through their report issue window that does pop up when this happens. I’m just curious to see if anyone has a possible fix?


I had the exact same issue , tried running with Direct X 11 instead of 12 also closed G-Sync and it stopped doing it. Hope it helps

Exactly the same thing happens to me here, i get freeze/blackscreen then it unfreezes and discord is all of sudden completely closed. sometimes game freezes completely doesnt turn black and then just unfreezes and loads some of the map. Sometiems it freezes and then just gives me bluescreen and somtimes it just turns black and my pc completely restarts. I have different hardware than you:
12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-12900H 2.50 GHz
Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 Ti laptot GPU
32 GB DDR5

pls blizz tell us something about that. It makes no sense to me that only this version of the game does completely break my Laptop sometimes.

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This was driving me fkin insane after I crashed (not actually a crash but Not Responding until I end task) 9 times in a single WSG, changing to DX11 fixed it.

Ridiculous how much googling it took me to find this solution so replying in the hope it helps someone else. Blizz fix your whateveritis pls

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