Game window closing and reopening

Hello everyone.

I’ve been having this issue for the past few weeks.

Basically, while playing, my game window closes and reopens after a couple of seconds. It happens multiple times at random times and it also results in lower fps. I can’t join arenas or do any type of content that has some mechanic to do because i often find myself dead by the time my game window reopens.

I’ve tried repairing the client, updating my addons and fixing my pc issues, but nothing.

Is there something i can do?

Hey! I have had the same issue for about as long as you. Lemme know if you found something out. Let me just send a link to this other post that also involves same issue, not that anything has happened there yet. But it has a bit more activity… Hopefully a solution soon:p

Do you use NVIDIA Image Scaling (DLSS)? It is the cause of the issue for me, so try and turning it off completely in NVIDIA settings, lemme know if it works or not, or if it isnt the issue for u

I have a laptop with an igpu. I’ve played since shadowlands launched and it worked fine until december.

Checking the event viewer i’ve found this message “display driver igfx stopped responding and has succesfully recovered”

I tried playing with the drivers, reinstalling the gpu and also reinstalling wow. Nothing has worked so far.

Sad, I was rly expecting every1 else to have same issue since it fit so nicely with new nvidia upgrade + feature´+ myself not having had any issue since then … If I were u i might try and download a driver, that is like 2-3 months old, then hopefully that makes it run without the alt tabbing freeze bug. Good luck tho

This has been happening to me for the last week or so. Sometimes it works for hours, today its been happening every 5-10 minutes for hours.

Things i tried and didnt solve it:

Upgrading nvidia driver
Using DDU to remove it, reinstalling driver
Using DDU, finding an older driver from 2020
Disabling every overlay

Been playing fine without letting any updates on my pc (everythings disabled) im pretty sure it has smth to do with these small patches from blizz.

I only play TBC

From playing with the drivers to reinstalling windwos, i tried everything. Nothing works. At this point i think it’s my low end gpu having hardware issues.

Funny thing is that once it happens i lose a bunch of fps but it doesn’t happen again until i close the game and restart it. It’s like having some kind of performance boost crashing.

Been using dx11 legacy since yesterday and it hasnt happened yet.

Have you tried that?