Gehennas 5h+ ques and No Transfers?


I would like an explanation of how you planning to address 5h ques on Gehennas,
and a reason why Transfers were closed.

The only option is to cancel subs and move on to other games.

Well done.


Ill give it a week. and then prob cancel to :stuck_out_tongue: was just about to move and its gone :frowning:


Me too, one of my friend managed to do it earlier today.
Took me days of convincing and arguin to make my friends move… the day we want to do it, transfer button disappear without notice.

And queues only got worst.


And you know what the absolute worst thing is?
That blizzard is completely silent about it… not a single post or word… no nothing.
This is stupid…


Thats from a blue post about free transfers, what more you wanted?


Why not quoting the important part?


Which is? Its not important if others realms are full or not ( i mean those you transfer to, that your point right?) also, they said multiple times u have to take transfer asap if you want cuz its limited time only and they will close it without warning.

Also there might be option 2. They intentionaly shut down transfers, maybe reduced layers again( cant find any source just my toughts) and released DM, so you know… Ques are back, now when they re-introduce transfer from your server, evryone who wanted to transfer now will be like " oh hell lets hurry cuz they will close ot again"… But maybe also not, who knows thats just my theory :smiley: anyway, dont be angry at blizz… U had enough time to transfer


The point is that “ALL destination realms are full” is simply not true. For example Dragonfang is always low.
And they literally said:

We will update this thread with a closure time for this round of Free Character Moves as soon as we have it finalized.


And this is with layering still on.

At this rate there is zero chance they will be able to keep their promise to turn off layering across the board.


Layering is now off across all EU realms.


This is untrue, there were still 2 layers on Gehennas this evening


You are correct, it appears that they did, at least according to the official realm status. It’s interesting to see how’s the gameplay is going to pan out, since realm populations are still way higher than the zones were originally designed for.


Not according to my in-game screen, Gehennas is marked as Full, not layered.


Just because it’s not marked as layered doesn’t mean it isn’t. I’ve witnessed several layer shifts today. I doubt those would happen if the layers were gone, now would they?


With the greatest respect @Muta, that is not confirmation, when I logged in earlier today all of the PVE/Normal Realms were marked as Layered as well as a lot of the PVP Realms, now, they are not.


You do you. I have no interest in debating this matter with you but do consider that Blizzard is known for making mistakes in their technical implementations and I’m not the only one reporting this aspect in this thread.


Layers defo still exist on Gehennas


The point is, they told you they can close it any time without warning and now u cry because its closed without warning :smiley:


They also told they would “update this thread with a closure time for this round of Free Character Moves as soon as we have it finalized” (Literal words). But I guess debating is useless…


Yea well maybe its still not “finalized” and they will upade it tomorow with last wace of fre transfers? Who knows… Just wait, if u waited till now few days cant hurt you