Free Character Moves Coming for this Region - 20 September

Tomorrow, Friday, 20 September at 1:00 a.m. CEST, we will open the following Free Character Moves for realms in this region:

Ashbringer Bloodfang
Ashbringer Dragonfang
Ashbringer Earthshaker
Ashbringer Judgement
Dragon’s Call Heartstriker
Dreadmist Bloodfang
Dreadmist Dragonfang
Dreadmist Earthshaker
Dreadmist Judgement
Firemaw Bloodfang
Firemaw Dragonfang
Firemaw Earthshaker
Firemaw Judgement
Flamelash Bloodfang
Flamelash Dragonfang
Flamelash Earthshaker
Flamelash Judgement
Gandling Bloodfang
Gandling Dragonfang
Gandling Earthshaker
Gandling Judgement
Gehennas Bloodfang
Gehennas Dragonfang
Gehennas Earthshaker
Gehennas Judgement
Golemagg Bloodfang
Golemagg Dragonfang
Golemagg Earthshaker
Golemagg Judgement
Lucifron Heartstriker
Mograine Bloodfang
Mograine Dragonfang
Mograine Earthshaker
Mograine Judgement
Noggenfogger Bloodfang
Noggenfogger Dragonfang
Noggenfogger Earthshaker
Noggenfogger Judgement
Patchwerk Heartstriker
Razorgore Bloodfang
Razorgore Dragonfang
Razorgore Earthshaker
Razorgore Judgement
Shazzrah Bloodfang
Shazzrah Dragonfang
Shazzrah Earthshaker
Shazzrah Judgement
Skullflame Bloodfang
Skullflame Dragonfang
Skullflame Earthshaker
Skullflame Judgement
Stonespine Bloodfang
Stonespine Dragonfang
Stonespine Earthshaker
Stonespine Judgement
Venoxis Heartstriker
Zandalar Tribe Bloodfang
Zandalar Tribe Dragonfang
Zandalar Tribe Earthshaker
Zandalar Tribe Judgement

All of the above are in addition to Free Character Moves which will become available from all PvP realms to the new Spanish realm.

At this time, we do not yet have a final time when we will turn off the Free Character Moves listed above, however, we expect that time to be no earlier than Monday, 23 September. As always, we strongly encourage you to utilize the Free Character Move service as soon as possible. Free Character Moves will be closed without warning for any destination realm that becomes full.

We will update this thread with a closure time for this round of Free Character Moves as soon as we have it finalized.

Thank you!


Non to tenstorms? Not that I’m on that realm but last I checked that realm dead as can be.


Can you not just leave bloodfang alone, Why must you persist in trying to destroy the community that has been built up there the realms not even considered low pop anymore.

Like can we not just have one realm that doesn’t get bombarded with transfers, we listened to you when you asked us to “play” new servers but your just willing to destroy this by allowing every realm to transfer.


naisu, everyone come to earthshaker :slight_smile: medium pop atm would be nice to have a bit more for a healthy population :slight_smile:


Please transfer to Dragonfang Everyone!

We are currently low pop, but we have the potential to be a great server!

Most of our players have been transfers from servers such as Shazzrah and Golemagg, but we would love to add to those numbers!


And if you thought by now that your low pop realm with a tight community and an unexploited economy was devoid of “LFM AOE MAGE” and “inv to layer” spam, think again!


Help Ten Storms out lol. There’s like a window of 1-3 hours each day when there’s actual hustle and bustle. Had a hard time finding people for WC yesterday. Fun.


I am on that realm and there are still many times when quest area’s are swarmed with people. Maybe level 60 is still fairly quiet, but we are a younger realm, and in the 30 to 50 its very crowded.

Everyone is welcome, though preferably by rolling a new alliance toon. Keep the community in tact, and even out the Horde/Alliance ratio. If we would get tons of horde transferring here it would severely mess up the ratio screwing up Battleground queues when they get released big time.

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Excellent. Nice with some options.

Earthshaker is 55% horde, we need more alliance, pop is healthy, doing mc and ony pugs,alot of lvl 60 players.

wowpop. appspot. com/realms/earthshaker
You can check pop here!


EVERLOOK (DE) is full! Right FULL!

In the evening after work the queue isn’t as b****y as it was 2 weeks ago, but I always wait between 20 and 60 minutes. That doesn’t make FUN!
And then the server in the quest areas is so full despite layering that you need a HUGE lot of time to finish " loot x items " or " kill x mobs " quests.
There is no joy in playing, because my time in the evening is scarce and I want to experience the game with my 37er hunter gladly further!

Please offer a transfer for Everlook (DE)!

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Wish there were more options like this early on for Shazz. While I really like the community on Dragonfang and would recommend people on full servers to join, I do hate the empty AH and economy.

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Why transfers away from Flamelash… The server has a very good population now and its never Full… :confused:

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Seriously? Cause of the 38% vs 62% Alliance/Horde unbalance. Every contested area is very strongly dominated by the Horde and there’s no way of realistically winning for the Alliance.

Please dont move to Earthshaker.


Why not more to noggenfogger dont take our family man

Ten Storms is the most dead place ever right now.

Why won’t you do anything about it?


Thank you for your continuous efforts to balance the Realms.

Couldn’t help but notice that you are offering transfers from the RP-PvP Server Zandalar Tribe to non-RP PvP Realms, which is great. Hopefully this means the actual target audience of RP-PvP Realms will get a better Realm out of this.

Similarly, I once again would like to implore you to handle the (lack of RP-Realm Rules-repecting) issue of our sadly only RP-PvE Realm, Hydraxian Waterlords.

The ongoing issue with ‘Queuing Refugees’ has yet to be solved, with an additonal issue arising because most of the original RP-Realm crowd are still soaking in the World etc in their at most 40’s while e.g. the AH is being dominated by 60’s of the other audience and discussions in Piblic Chat and even /s about e.g. meta-gaming in EPL abound.

In other words, like a number of/many players who called in two weeks beforehand because they really wanted to play on a RP Realm and its specific ruleset, would be happier if they could Transfer to a new RP-PvE Realm (perhaps with maximum level restrictions) and/or Transfers to regular PvE Realms would be possible.

As has been asked for earlier.

Thank you for your time.


Seems there to busy trying to Alienate the bloodfang community to take notice of other realms.