Gehennas Honor Cheaters

Since last week the ranking community on Flamelash has received a few visitors and / or persisting players that deemed it TOO HARD to rank up on Flamelash, a server with easy competition and no world pvp and had to resort to either

  1. afk scripting
  2. botting
  3. account sharing!

and that have also proven themselves to not be the easiest to work with ( labeling one as bad if you don’t play 20 hours with 4 hours sleep @7k+ honor per hour at LEAST )

https ://

As can be seen here, there is a clear break between Cthurolog, WHO ADMITTED TO CHEATING THIS WEEK TOO AND GAVE UP, and Xyraine who I believe ( and have seen ) to be legit playing his character in BGs and going offline with reasonable breaks.

The above numbers are players that came from Gehennas and are not familiar with Flamelash average honor numbers for the week. Pretty hard to gauge how much you exploit it with whatever you’re doing without getting caught then, huh?

Either way, the cut-clear evidence is obviously not here but you can trust my word, research from everyone else right now and me having talked to them in Discord AFTER THEY WERE IN A PRIVATE SESSION FOR 20-ISH MINUTES :slight_smile:

My only ask here is that, everyone that reads this, hit the right click report for Cheating on Darksoldierr and Nilavd for sure - the rest might be added here if later evidence shows it.

Thanks luvs <3

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Seriously, do you care that much? Forget about the top rankers, botters, nolifers or whatever. Just play the game and have fun and don’t get so bothered by this nonesense.

You compare afk scripting, botting and account sharing to nolifing, when nolifing is literally just as sad if not sadder.

but at least it’s, you know, honorable

Basic notification. Let’s fight against the incorrect Warden.

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