Violating the EVRM

Hi Blizzard

As I’m number 1 in being silenced for violating Blizzards terms and agreement etc., I’d love to note you guys that I never violated your rules and I’m being limited in my freedom of speech.

Right now and always before, I logged in from Belgium. As far as I know your game is uncensored in Belgium, thus cooperating with the local rules and laws. I’ve never been racistic, homophobic, extremistic, etc. Yet you keep silencing me because this guild on Stonespine, filled with overly sensitive ppl with a low iq and eq, keep reporting me ensemble.

Right now I estimate that you need about 20 ppl to report someone, just by clicking the button, and getting that person silenced. Which is not correct and violates my and the other players their rights.

How do we solve this and will I continue tomorrow towards 192 hours x2 = 384 hours of silence for chatting with other players in public channels while those players notice it and take advantage of your warden?

Yours truly


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Yeah it’s the same thing been going on for the game for years, a full man stack of friends reporting you and you get punished for it, on Overwatch, Retail wow, Classic, always been a thing, kicked from dungs, Islands in BFA muted cause a 30 man pre made reported you, or afk kicking you when you’re obviously not afking, a large group can destroy you, they’re just being toxic and sadly blizzard don’t have ways to punish them nor it seems like blizzard check their false reports, they should not have an autosilent or ban due to people abusing it.


The reason you are getting silenced is that you are spamming all over the forums promoting your OP and one can only imagine how much more you spam in game, no wonder people silence you!

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Imagine the spam when one is silenced for days. I’m lucky to be talking since the raidlogging guild isn’t online.

Wait I forgot to add, although I haven’t met the mass multiboxers yet in classic wow and one might wonder if it is due to the lack of game quality or because they are botting right now, once they start logging and reporting, the flaws will be perfectly revealed.

I never get silenced because I don’t spam people, you do spam, and you get silenced.

Simple as that.

Everything you did all over the forums just proved that!

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Being a level 32 player, I can imagine nobody holds a grudge towards you.

If you don’t update your character profile here on forums it stays as it is.

Not to mention I use this character mostly to post here and none of my characters got ever silenced and never met anyone beside you (ingame or forum) who got silenced and your behavior perfectly matches a persons who needs to get silenced for spamming. You prooved it by spamming all over the forums.

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Wa nen achterlijke naam en gelijkwaardige zever.
Ge zult het wel verdiend hebben.
Groeten uit den Belgique.

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Geen probleem achterlijke metgezel.
Liever geen groeten uit den Belgique vermits ik in Vlaanderen leef.

Vlaanderen ons schand, vive la Belgique!

I guess it’s time to keep it up to date.

I like it this way, I don’t need followers.

I’m not asmontrolld.

Vlaamsch is het best, oost, noord en west.

Het zuiden vandaar halen ze de vergiftigde kruiden,
de parasieten
en de waalsche mieten.

Het is al goed Dries.

Groetjes aan di rupo, mongole pipo.

ge ziet maar noord of zuid , der zitte overal paljasse.

shame on you

De luieriken zitten in het zuiden. De paljassen in het noorden, zoals ge zelf in levende lijve presenteert. Rust in vrede, mijn met liefde gekozen Nederlandse taal.

My apoligize for my “fellow” dutchies, they have no manners and manners maketh men.

Oh sister you have no idea

8 Silences so far, they seem to have dissappeared in retail recently, oh well i know they will be back

Hats off.

With 8 silences you are truly remarkable and superior. I salute you!

Automated punishment systems like this will always be vulnerable to coordinated abuse. It also saves them a lot of $. It’s just that simple.