General RP Chat #52: *A flash of light did nothing*

Bad void elf, bad!
Smack your nose with a rolled up newpaper
The bond between Hunter and Pet is sacred, not a forced servitude like the warlock-Demon relationship (tho the Succubi would argue that)
No mind controlling!
Now go to your room young lady and think about it!
And no long-distance sending spells for a week!

It seems the obvious answer. If not that, the world has a wealth of adorable wiggly bug things of arguably old god origin to win over with a treat.


Sooo… Void elves with Blood elf skin… and blue eyes
*Do the happy Worgen dance *
I’m happy for you High Elf fans!
Who am I kindig, I am one of them
Mázl tov!
Tho’ I’m curious… how many Belf players will migrate to Alliance side and how many void elf remain purple :thinking:

I like it.
to be honest it didn’t make sense to me that Alleria, who ate a Void Naaru, looked normal most of the time, and the elves exposed to a void explosion looked like blueberries all the time.
Also it seems like Belves get blue eyes as well, so Highelven Aesthetics for everyone (except normal hair for velves)

Is that actually confirmed or just another updated visual leak?

I liked the old pink look, though I have several void elves now and I wouldn’t change them all if I could. I play void elves, not high elves.

They suffered very different fates to become what they are so this was never strange. Alleria is unique and not the same as the void elven population.

What is this? Communism? I thought Blizzard got rid of peon day.

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New customization options for blood elves and void elves

So blue, I’m ashmed to stand next to it

Well that’ll make some people very happy and others will keep screaming that it’s a personal attack on all who wanted real high elves as a subrace with every bell and whistle the hardliners cooked up in photoshop and fanart for several years now.


So this ship is now officially canon

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Goodnes gracious me…

Cool, now give us the canon Baine x Mayla ship.

Isn’t that a fact? Not just hinted here and there in game?

I’m pretty sure it was only hinted so far.

Cute. These things aren’t subtle so expect the good regent lord becoming king in all but name with a shal’dorei queen in the shadowlands novel. The fancy elves shall be united.

Void elves don’t need a king, though. Umbric is comrade. Freedom blooms, its vanguard advancing on purple wings.

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See, personally, with Blizzard’s fondness of reusing plot points, I expect a “THALYSSRA? WHERE ARE YOU???” about 2 expansions from now, when we revisit the Nightmare.

We all know what Thalyssra’s reaction would be

And she simply would walk away (explosion in the background is optional)

There’s a void elf NPC playing with puppies next to the embassy. Animals are just fine with them.


One of us! One of uuuussss…

What does that mean? I’ve no clue what that word means and it looks scary.

I think it means mentally differentiating. Haven’t looked it up though.

Compartmentalization is a subconscious psychological defense mechanism used to avoid cognitive dissonance, or the mental discomfort and anxiety caused by a person’s having conflicting values, cognitions, emotions, beliefs, etc. within themselves. Compartmentalization allows these conflicting ideas to co-exist by inhibiting direct or explicit acknowledgement and interaction between separate compartmentalized self-states

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