Get the Wen Lo, the River’s Edge Mount with the Purchase of a 6-Month Subscription!

Get the Wen Lo, the River’s Edge Mount with the Purchase of a 6-Month Subscription!

You’ll have the eye of the tiger when you add this fierce mount to your collection. Available now for purchase in-game or from the Blizzard Shop.

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This is exactly what we dont need, thank you Mike…
We want CONTENT, not store mounts…


There was only one Eye of the Tiger and he is too old now.


The only thing i keep from this is the fact that this hints more towards an Elune/Dragon Isles expansion as it is rumored

It’s the year of the tiger, they do this every year with Chinese New Year


It looks great, but the armor feels a bit off, especially the bracers on the legs.

Dear Blizzard team!

This evening I saw an amazing and incomparable flying tiger Wen Lo, the River’s Edge mount in World of Warcraft game shop and I was charmed and stunned!!! :star2:

I was very fascinated of the “Mists of Pandaria” expansion, because this is my best expansion and I was dreaming about new mount!!! :gift:

It will be an excellent present for the coming Lunar New Year of the tiger!!! :dizzy:

Thank You for that wonderful riding animal!!! :+1:

I will continue my subscription!!! :sparkler:


this is so trash. so instead of dealing with actual problems in game you just decide to prove once again that you are money hungry piece of u know what :smiley:


HD spectral tiger. Looks even better and cost much cheaper.

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It is hinting towards Dragon Isles/ Elune expansion i think. It is like the kaldorei mounts + Pandaria tigers + Spectral Elune and Pandaria stuff

Cool looking mount. Better than I was expecting for the CNY mount.

Since I’m coming home much earlier than expected I might log onto my level 1 banker alt and exchange a few wowtokens for one.

Still no point resubbing for it though since there’s still no actual content.

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I bought 6 month sub like 3-4 months ago ish. I qualified for the last 6month sub deal with the murlocs. Do I have to pay for another 6 month sub to qualify for this
:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Or a mount that is made for China every new year and they have added it to the 6 month sub as a nice extra.


2026 will be good year for Alliance as its the year of the horse.


Or what the guy below you said

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Ret tier set rework when?

they do this every year. this year is year of the tiger, its tied to the chinese calendar. not everythings a hint to the next expansion…

edit: also this.

apparently those animal signs also have elements tied to them. so it makes sense its a water tiger if thats the corresponding element of the year for it.

so…makes the whole dragon isles/elune expansion hint even less likely.

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Done and working as intended. No reworks.

If you have a renewal date on your current 6 month sub you will get this mount by Feb 11th, usually it arrives within a day or two of the release though.

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Especially that it still doesn’t work properly with Divine Purpose. :))