Give us RACE change

Why do you implement only faction change, WTF?


Yes or make Dreanei buff for the raid and not only for the group.

Give us Racechange


This is the only decent/good thing you have ever said on these forums IMO. And i agree 100%.

Druids are laughing at you

So, everything you don’t like is not decent, everything you like is decent.
Conclusion => Only my vision of the game matters, no care about others.

This is called Classic Players.

Thanks again to prove how your community is the worst ever seen.

Yes. Just like you calling everything you dont agree with “bad faith”. Now welcome to the adult world outside of your moms basement.

If I were Blizzard, I’d add race change service with scaling price. The more present a race is, the more expensive race change to the race gets. That way they promote race split without cutting the option to race change to FotM races, all while making huge profit.

There are enough Humans, Orcs and Trolls as it is. No need to bloat those even more with uncontrolled race changes.

Double faction change = race change. Whom am I kidding now all FOTM players would run for the Orcs and Trolls. RIP Flamegor the last PvP realm with decent (38/62) faction balance. :sob:

Give us everything Blizzard

Eh I’m almost 99% sure that large portion of people wanting race change comes from all the Unholy DKs that rolled a troll and now wants an Orc because you can’t snapshot haste onto Gargoyle.

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race change pls also add token dungen finder

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They are just people who want to reroof into human, plain and simple

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That and PvP’ers wanting to reroll humans.

Well there is a need: Blizzard also confirmed race changes and now to make it just stupidly expensive to roll troll for example would be just the opposite of community friendly. For many people, me included we did not start a new char at the end of TBC with the wanted race because Blizzard proudly said they will offer that Service so people can enjoy the game without losing all their progress on a char. Progress in form of achievements and experience made with that character.
I even have a 70’ boost left on my account which I never used because they PROMISED they will implement it. And you usually dont make a promise with a twist. That would be just a reason to stop playing classic for me. As it would be a joke to do that for no plausible reason except some anti-heroes here in the community don’t understand the motivations of some of their fellow players.

No one gets hurt, everyone has the same chances and possibilites. Just give them what they want as a race change won’t change anything that can’t be easily achieved by just simply level another char.


Just add it already!

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Ye, add it or at least talk with us @Blizzard what the plan is. We all know how badly the communication is but something like this takes you 10 minuites to figure out yourself and give everyone an update on your plan.


They’re gonna wait out the faction change discount promotion probably. I would not expect it to come out before next month, which sucks but I can wait I guess

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Push - where is the racechange?

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where race change now? where blizzard answer?