Gladiator mount from lfr pve

And season 2 gladiator mount is an ugly lizard, never queueing 3s again in this game🤡
Worst mount in the game, wouldn’t even do it if it was dropped from world quest🤡


Idk it looks ok although I personally prefer proto dragons.
Not that it matters, won’t be getting it even if I wanted to :sweat_smile:

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If you spent as much time trying as you do complaining about Rogue no matter what, I’m fairly sure you could actually get it.


Maybe when rogues finally aren’t op anymore it’ll be worth the effort :wink:

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Expected outcome.

Ngl it’s really good to see them changing from 1 mount and billion recolor but the lizard is horrible imo.

Could have been something more aggressive like the gronnelin in wod.


If that really is the only thing keeping you forum-battling instead of playing arenas, I don’t think Rogues have ever been as inactive (due to being out of the meta) as now.

You have a few weeks.


i personally dont like it too but heard alot of people actually liking it so idk

Everyone agrees that s1 mount is millions of times better than the skinny lizard, also when you make a mount so trashy, that it’s 50 50 if someone likes it or not you will reduce participation in the bracket, i personally will never queue 3s after this season ends, solo queue is where it’s at now.

90% of people in their right mind will NOT go through all fotm comps in 3s just for an ugly lizard

Also datamined rbg solo queue, so hopefully it comes 10.1

i think still better than a recolor like we always had. Im personally hoping for the blue drake being the glad mount in s3 or s4 since its my favourite of the 4 drakes.
In bfa we had two glad mounts almost look the same lol i prefer new models even though some are not my taste over that.

personally dont care about rbg at all. This 10vs10 format on these big maps is just outdated and not enjoyable at all for me but thats just my taste.

Anything solo queue, in rbg case could be duo queue. is best for the game, as a multigladiator, i don’t want 3s to be the most rewarding bracket in the game.

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Idk s2 mount looks cool. S1 mount is generic.

You need eye therapy.


Isn’t rbg solo q supposed to be 6/6 like they did 1 time in awc iirc?

Otherwise I agree with you.

Only reason i’d que RBG is to gear up low ilvl alt, that’s it. Even when you hit up discord to que rbg it still feels chaotic, can’t imagine what clown fiesta solo que one will be, considering that bg players doesn’t care about objectives.
Also as someone who never got into 3s i am fine with that drake being in PvE, i got this season one from raid, hopefully will get that one too :sunglasses:.

How is it s2 not genetic? It’s literally just a cloud serpent

S2 mount looks so awful they could just gibe it ppl for m+

They said they wanted to give more incentives for 3v3 and 2v2 but after seeing that mount, i lost all motivation to even queue a single game next season let alone sit lfg.

The lizard is actually rly cool, so thats a fresh glad model, u gotta be happy. It has a cool long tail, flies nice, just check it, its cool


S1 mount is cooler, but the new one isn’t bad. Also this is way better than another recolor expac.

Let’s see about this statement, once S3 or S4 mount gets revealed.

Giving more incentive via rewards has to be centered around the average player, not in regards to the upper echelon of PvP’ers, the % is too small.

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