GM's lying

I give up.


Its a PEBKAC issue mate, not anything you can do.


Thank you.

There’s no need to be rude mate.

And yet, you’re the one being rather rude by telling people to stop responding, on a public forum.

Pot… Kettle…


Imagine your in a Hotel or something, you go to the reception desk and ask to speak to the manager over poor service you have received.

The guy behind you in the queue says “Hi, I don’t worked here. You can’t ask to speak to the manger in here, tell me what your problem is.” First of all, my issue is none of that persons business because they don’t represent the company, and secondly, they don’t have the tools to resolve the issue.

I think I have been quite polite and respectful thanking people for trying to help, but explaining they won’t be able to solve my issue.

This forum is called “Customer Support”. So I am using the Customer Support forum to help reach out for Customer Support. However, I am not receiving customer support, I’m receiving abuse from internet trolls. I appreciate some of these people want to help, but they it’s not something they can help with.

You’re not at the reception desk, nor the queue. You’re in the central lobby.

You should review the stickied post and the 2nd post below that:

No one has abused you so far, but you telling them off on a public forum is considered abusive. You cannot tell them not to post on a forum owned by Blizzard as they’re posting within the rules, in good standing.

You’ve been told multiple times that there are no CS agents on the forums, we understand you seek specific help or input which you may get from tickets. However, further abuse towards players who have been helpful will only get you ill attention.

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I’m in the Customer Support Forum, asking for Customer Support.

What is the point of a Customer Support forum, if it’s not to provide customer support.

I haven’t told anyone off. I have merely explained that people who have participated in this thread will be unable to resolve my issue, and I require Customer Supports attention. I have remained calm and polite throughout.

However, I think comments like:

are abusive and designed to get a response and be disruptive. Not even trying to be helpful. I’m here to have a conversation with Customer Support, and I’m receiving comments like this. That doesn’t paint Customer Support in a good light whether that person works for them or not.

It is linked in the sticky, but in short it is to point posters towards the right resources or explain policies.

So why is it called the Customer Support forum then?

I read the policies before I even made my original Ticket. So I know exactly what the deal is. However, I need to speak to Customer Support, so I have made a post on the customer support forum to speak to customer support. Not to speak to random members of the public.

I need my issue resolved in a timely manner.

Can you see the mess this thread has become by a badly managed customer service with a system that allows for interference from the public.

You have already stated that you have made a ticket, as linked in the sticky’s 2nd post; that is your only contact point.

So why is there a Customer Support forum if it’s not to get customer support?

And whilst you’re at it, how do I complain about service? I mean a proper complaint?

You have received an answer to that, you’re merely dissatisfied with the answer where to get it.

It depends about whom, if it’s about GM’s at the end of a ticket if it’s "Closed’ you have an option usually to fill in a survey.

If a GM handled according to (internal) procedure/policies then a complaint will have no effect.

Feedback about the game, policies or otherwise you can fill in through the ingame suggestion button or an appropriate non-support forum such as GD.

Magical Suggestion Box

No I haven’t, and I’ll tell you why. Because I have posted in this Forums before asking for Customer Support and have received it.

So what you’re saying is that there isn’t a complaints procedure.

Seems only 1 thread out of 3 so far though. A Blizzardian answer is not guaranteed on the forums. Some posts gets marked as solution by Blizzard or answered, or left unanswered.

who said it was this character.

I appreciate you have tried to be helpful. But now you are going from being helpful to trying to find a way to prove me wrong.

I just want my issue resolved. All you are doing is leaving a Customer with a negative experience.

Ahh yes, take spinets out of context for the sake of your argument :wink:
I just find it funny that you are being just as disruptive and unhelpful when people are giving you help and you sit there crying for people not to respond.

Spot On

The best way to get it resolved is to raise a ticket and wait :wink:


I literally quoted your entire post:

You are saying that I am a problem.

Here I am on a Customer Support forum asking for Customer support and you’re telling me that I am the problem. That’s not being helpful, that’s just being rude. If you worked for Blizzard, I would be filing a complaint about you. But you don’t, so I don’t really understand why you’re responding to a Customer Support thread if you’re not working for customer support, and just being rude.

Which is what I did already. However, finding other ways to reach customer support shouldn’t be out of the question when you have already waited 4-5 days and looking at a queue of another 4-5 days.

I’ve not been rude to anyone. Maybe I’ve come across as brash towards you, but you have been nothing but rude towards me.

I have been thankful and polite to people who have contributed, but I have explained that they will not have the tools to help me. It’s not too much to expect Customer Support from a Customer Support forum.

Sorry, but they will only say open a ticket. Using these forums to bypass the queue will not work.

Imagine you asked for something they cannot provide, then you went to complain you didn’t get it.

And that’s not what these forums are for, again, the ticket you have open is the only way.

Actually, you have.

And have been told many times that this is not what the forums are for. Beefinfusion may be right.

Again for the umpteenth time, this forum is not for solving issues. Just stop posting and wait for your ticket to be answered, asking for it to be escalated in the actual ticket may help.

Edit: I would like to make a guess as to the problem, something you did didn’t complete properly and you want it fixing, they said they couldn’t and referred you to wowhead to see if you can do anything to fix it, which you didn’t do and just came here to complain. It’s probably an issue they are aware of and trying to fix.


How many times do you people need to keep telling me this?

Not a single person in this thread needed to reply even once and the thread would have just died off and never been looked at. Maybe I would have bumped it in a couple of days time.

Instead you have all made a mountain out of a molehill.

I’ve come here because I needed Customer Support. Whether that’s what the customer support forum is for or not.

I will stop posting when you guys stop responding. As I said, there was no need for anyone to respond to this thread, since it was not the business of anyone here.

I’ve made a call out to customer support. They are the only people who need to respond.

And all they will do is say “you have a ticket open, wait for it to be answered”

You seemed to have turned the mole hill into a real hill.