Go Inside Season of Discovery Phase 2

Go Inside Season of Discovery Phase 2

Sit down with World of Warcraft Classic team designers to explore more of what Season of Discovery Phase 2 has in store for you when it goes live on February 8.

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Making STV entirely PVP (actual player vs player combat) is perfect.

Quality of life books will keep dungeons relevant for alts, not just getting to level cap and running the raid with quest greens.

Addressing a lot of the classes different concerns and requests from phase 1.

Epic items! New crafting recipes! No more GDKP!



GDKP ban is absurd, it’s literally the perfect loot distribution system and it has existed since wow’s inception, the only issue with it is gold buying which also affects the AH, why aren’t you removing the AH? oh yeah because it’s freakin absurd,
How about you actually enforce your gold buying rule and enforce the ban on gold buyers and sellers instead of just slapping them on the wrist, stopping a player driven loot distribution system because a bunch of kids cried about it on reddit is shortsighted and weak tbh,
If you’re going to ban GDKP you need to find a solution to:

  1. people stop playing after getting full BiS.
  2. people quitting a run after the item they wanted didn’t drop.
  3. corrupt loot council and ninja looting.
  4. find a smart way better way to distribute loot instead of /roll rng.
  5. getting literally nothing from a run.
  6. incentive to organize a raid instead of waiting around for one to be made.

GDKP literally fixes all these issues, just like the AH facilitates trading between players.
the fact that i constantly see bots in stockades and the price of items such as “troll Troll’s Bane Leggings” being so absurdly high that no normal player would pay for means gold buying/selling isn’t being adequately enforced and this GDKP ban only exists to virtue signal.
I will personally keep joining GDKP raids and if i get banned for it i will just stop playing and cancel my sub.


No more GDKP! best decision by far.


Cope harder whale


nice retort, you’re the one coping by thinking this will stop gold buying, if blizzard themselves aren’t banning gold buyers and we can see plenty of proof on streams, i don’t buy gold an in fact i think they should hardware ID permaban gold buyers to send a message, not this weak virtue signaling bs that will do nothing in the long run.

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Cool story, keep the cope coming


I started doing GDKPs in January. Many items go for min bid now, which is usually 5g, so I literally didn’t feel a reason to whale out. In fact my average cut was 5.78g, so I could pretty much get one item every run for free in a way.

Eventually GDKPs may refuse you if you have too low of a budget but this isn’t currently the case. And if it happens, it’s because of the economy inevitably degenerating due to its inflationary nature, and this will reflect on AH prices too, even with GDKPs being banned. Incidentally, banning GDKPs won’t have any tangible effect on bots, and actually that isn’t even Blizzard’s goal, otherwise they would also ban boosting.

You also have to understand that GDKP was born from the need some players felt to find an alternative to the default loot system in WoW classic, which is a source of drama in both pugs and guilds. Removing it without adding something to replace it and fill in the void is an odd decision.


Lmao get rekt.


Good riddance, how will we ever survive without you gold laundering for bots


How will they enforce the GDKP thing at all?.. Like, they can’t stop people from buying and selling gold already how are they going to be able to do it with GDKPs?..


you don’t use the AH? you ever wonder where all those cheap mats come from? you think little timmy is the one posting those stacks and stacks of oily blackmouth for 3s each on the AH? be real.


Simple, prohibit advertising for GDKPs in all channels, give people option to report GDKPs looking for people, slap them with a week ban, if they continue extend ban to 6 months or perma
Those actions will force GDKPers to move to Discord but given the nature of people it only takes 1 unsatisfied guy to report them, provide screenshots of Discord and raid group in game
Once those 2 things are in effect most people will stop cause they dont want to risk losing their accounts


Yes we know they come from bots, and once GDKPs and bots are gone people will finally be able to actually go farm mats instead of being locked out by bots running around in each zone and forcing them to buy their posts on AH so bots can sell that gold right back to players
Also if any blizzard GM is reading this, please check Oronn he is probably gold buyer/seller, no one spends this much time and effort defending bots if he is not getting something out of it


Gnomeregan becoming 10ppl raid with 1 boss added Understandible. :roll_eyes:

PvP event in STV well that is intriguing. :smirk:

new runes 2 runes per class only or did I missed something? Why are namings of new runes so blunt like “Mastery of something”. Well at least they gave new skills via scrolls. :thinking:

GDKPs are getting banned in SoD. HOOLLY CRAAAAB! :exploding_head: Event of cataclysmic magnitude! Forums will be flooded to implement this change in every other game mode Era and Wrath/Cata alike. Shady RMT bypassing gold exchange would be made via new schemes with Blizzard loosing control over PUG scene. While bot farmed gold would instantly flood the market just like fake money printed by governments during 2019-2020 came from stock market to real sector in 2021 when free covid money to boost stovk growth ended, causing general inflation.

You really think the only reason why people buy gold is because of GDKP? Not because of carries, boosts, BoE items, consumables, gold losing value over time because that’s how it literally works in any MMO? You’re in for a real surprise. All games have RMT issues to some extent, not many have a loot system similar to GDKP though.


I hope this is just a sneak peak and not all rules and i hope they go on new item slots because you can’t really trade out gloves, chest and legs as retri paladin

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I know its not, but GDKPs are the main reason, and they are also money laundering for bots
BoEs would never reach those high numbers without bot inflation
Consumables are easy to farm specialy if we get SoD system

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Yeah its belt and boots rune and i think those are only sneak peak

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Amazing changes for paladins. Longer blessing durations and a mana regeneration ability from melee hits is absolutely going to make holy paladins distinct than its counterparts. It might also enable the intellect build that we had in wrath.