Goodbye Voidform, I'll miss you

Welp, Voidform officially dead with the new build. Damage reduced to 10% while retaining the fact that it replaces Shadowform means it effectively says “damage increased by 0%”, and all it does now only being giving access to Void Bolt. A dot focused build now have no cooldown to use at all, since DA that now has a 25% damage increase in Voidform, only affects non-periodic damage.

Shadow will also now have to make do with Flash Heal as the way to sustain ourselves, so now we’ll be purple fart clouds throwing yellow sprinkles around, great. On a positive note, it reduces button bloat, but on a less positive note, we lost another defensive in the form of Mend’s hot with masochism. :sweat_smile:

While the new build brings some good news for our brothers and sisters enjoying more dot focused builds, I for one am sad to see Voidform now being a blank space. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Look at it this way, is what you are wearing your normal gear? All versatility. I have 17% mastery now, I think, so VF is 51% more damage. DA gives you 25% more damage, sure, so if you want a simpler life and didn’t stack mastery, DA is better. So feels like a matter of gear. DA would align to mindbender, VF to PI.

Yeah I aint happy but I’m becoming less terrified of the future.

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Dead no Repurposed with a bit too much of a nerf yes.

Void-Form being able to maintain its buff with only 25 Insanity spent for 1 sec is insane if you do the math Since in Big CD windows in M+ where you can have 8+ targets fully dotted and your dumping insanity like my Prime Minsters dumps our economy you can push it to a very long length. To me they pretty much fused Void form with surrender to madness but IMO 10 from 20 is too much of a nerf make it to like 15% and its a good adjustment for it being mainly used for M+ or high target cleave vs DA which is for ST


I think they were trying to get a “hungering void” effect, not surrender to madness - surrender is the one where you win or you die (and can move while casting, which is uh, because you obviously use a low health target so you avoid dying, but then the movement benefit dies with it)

It should be interesting tho.

10, 20? Get mastery, vers does nada for a PvE shadow priest. I do think they could perchance allow us to get mastery a little easier, it’s literally free for some classes, but this is DP tax :wink:

Yes, I do pvp mainly and won’t have access to secondary stats beyond vers and haste, but regardless, Vform doesn’t actually give you any damage, only counts targets as if already fully dotted, meaning if you keep your dots up anyway, there’s no actual increase in damage.

I suppose you can look at it that way, does make sense. Makes it a lot easier for aoe dmg in m+ since you don’t have to keep dots up on mass targets. :thinking:

Still, I don’t like having a cooldown that effectively does nothing for me if I want a Mind Flay/Rot build. My primary issue is that it replaces Sform with the same damage we already had. Perhaps if Void Bolt got the damage increase of Hungering Void back as well. :smiling_face_with_tear:

You also gain no extra damage bonus from said dots without mastery. So in vers gear your gameplay would be completely different, I mean, you have 36% more damage than me at all times due to vers. My bonus damage is from 0% to 51%, you 0%-15%. Didn’t know pvp gear was that onesided, at least it has the haste right. With that much vers I’d not waste time dotting things in most situations.


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its a weird blend of both since OG surrender killed you once your insanity reached 0 while being able to cast while moving. But with how SP currently is during your CD window with voidform/PI on 4+ targets you dont ever hardcast and you just spam instant procs like a fire mage in a sense you only hard cast if you use the mind flay insanity talent

Yup ! All correct mafs :smile:

But right now, there’s effectively no “rot” cooldown, since DA doesn’t affect periodic damage, and with Vform, the more you dot targets, the less the mastery effect is worth. and the cooldown itself gives no further increase. :grin:

Though again from a m+ perspective, I suppose they’ll love this iteration, since it gives them a fantastic way to keep dots ticking on their targets, even if it doesn’t give them more damage. :thinking:

This simply is not true, due to some talents your able to increase the speed of which your dots burn on targets while also being able to extend them through a number of ways. So by you dotting targets they take full damage from all of your dots alongside other big cast on them.

and for Pvp with the amount of slows that priest has know its going to be alot easier to deal with meele now

PFFT sounds easy.
No I think we can all happily agree that can stay dead. Did goof around with it from time to time. If they decide on something like venthyr frenzy with a stun, cool, fun, but I want to learn from my mistakes and get back to my rotation ASAP and not lie dead for the rest of the fight.

I should actually appreciate that they do something that doesn’t take loads of mastery to work, tbh. Haste and vers will both scale your dot damage. But no fun wiggly tentacles. Hope they find more ways to include tentacles then.

I always try to keep VT on my targets during void because of the apparitions, and ofc psychic link cleave which by the way is incredibly strong for 2-4 target things. I mean, they’re nerfing it but it exists.

Finally SPs don’t have to use VF. VF’s BFA and SL versions are really bad. And now 1 minute CD Dark Ascension is better.

I think, Void Priest may be the 4th spec… Because Shadow Priest and VF can never be mixed. In addition, 2nd DPS spec may solve some problems. If one of them seems weak, people can play the other spec for a while.

Think about that new VF that has to be fuelled with pure void skills to be maintained. Also some void summons as a big CDs to empower the spec. Personally, it sounds really good to me.

So all VF lovers and non-VF lovers can be happy :slight_smile:

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I doubt that it needs to be a spec, because we have trees now. These trees could have choice nodes that transformed a branch or locked you into it: for instance, choosing DA opens certain talents, VF opens different ones. Or converts the nodes, but I think that will make the overview confusing.

These trees should hopefully be in use 10, 20, 30 levels from now, so they will end up having a lot of options. If talents are arranged correctly they can absolutely accommodate VF and DA gameplay, they still share 80% of stuff but the moment you give them their own tree you risk a future identity crisis. Feral and Guardian got along in one tree when you could mix and match all your trees, and we still referred to specs by what they ‘majored’ in, because things like oomkin form or spirit of redemption were capstones with considerable investment required.

And you could mix holy, disc and shadow all you wanted.

Well from what I can read VB doesn’t extend dot’s anymore, that has been moved over to Mental Decay. So all VF is, is just a 2 min CD for VB and a rapidly decaying crit buff and a slight damage buff from mastery seeing as DP won’t be on all targets

In this piece of math you put up, you’ll only get 17% more damage, due to VT and SW:P being on the target anyway, and DP only on 1 target and not a 100% uptime

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On the ptr it still extends dots by 3 seconds per cast. Though, at 60% haste, the cooldown is at 3.8s which is still higher than the extension. Still not quite convinced our dev realises that Vform *replaces Sform. Perhaps they could contrast Vform to DA by giving Vform a periodic increase only, since DA is non-periodic only, I’d even settle for that, contrary to the 0% current increase. :sweat_smile:

For me void form was a thing that stopped me from enjoying this game and playing.

Finally it is almost gone. ;D


Yeah I know it’s a split community thing. :sweat_smile: For me, it being as good as defunct in this build is something that almost wants me to stop playing priest. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I am happy that our brothers and sisters not liking our void side
get to have a seperate choice though! :blush:

Void form does allow casting spells ‘only castable in shadowform’ :thinking:

Err in VF i may actually have that 100% uptime, cause it’s been overall like 80%+ in some fights.
You’re right tho, while I was trying to point out the value of both dots and VF rely on mastery, VF shouldn’t add much if you can keep the target dotted.

You say it like you want it gone for everyone, just, who hurt you. Rhetorical question.

Should I be campaigning for shadowfiend gone? I mean frost mages can trade their pet for a 25% bonus to major spells.

nono, nobody is campaigning for anything, we just voicing our thoughts, which is perfectly valid. It is a fact that some of our brothers and sisters don’t like our void/insanity part. I’d just personally hate to lose it from our gameplay, since as a “person of faith” it’s the void we borrow our power from in the first place. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s my issue with the current iteration. It’s just a 2 minute cooldown access to voidbolt. :sweat_smile:

Saying ‘I don’t like this’ is different to ‘I want it gone’. Just because I don’t like a food on the menu doesn’t make me go around saying they shouldn’t serve it at all.

I’ll try to log something where I run VF outside of PI and trinkets and see what it looks like.

Imagine playing exclusively shadow priest for shadow form 14 years and then suddenly out of nowhere some idiot decided to make void form and FORCED without asking on SHADOW priests.

Later that dev was fired who created void form.

Later another dev tried to fix void form and also left Blizzard without doing anything.

Yet 6 years because of stupid somebodys decision, most people were forced to play this void form crap that no one asked.

Since it is almost gone, i am glad. Not going to miss it. Having 2 min CD is more then enough. Glyph to remove that ugly tentacles would make it more bearable to cast.

I do understand that new priests that never played before legion did like it because they never knew what truly SHADOW priest is.

Void form is the worst what ever happened to shadow priests.

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