Gor'shak farm nerfed. Does this signal a shift?

The gor’shak xp farm has been nerfed, so it is no longer a viable way to level from 50-60.

Do you think this signals a larger change in policy at blizzard. Are they aiming to tackle extremely cheesy leveling methods, and do you think mage boosting will be the next item on the chopping block?

How was it fixed)/?

The mobs that spawn now reward 0 xp.

It’s “fixed” not “nerfed” here.

Well something can be a fix, and a nerf. They are not two mutually exclusive words.
This is not how the mobs worked in actual Vanilla, rewarding no loot or xp. If anything the fix should of been stopping you being able to spawn multiple waves of adds. That way you would spawn 1 wave, get the xp for that wave and finish the quest. Blizzard seems to have taken the lazy method.

A side note is it they also stopped the mobs from dropping loot, which had been a gold source for some multiboxers.

, I was cleverly using in-game mechanic, but damn, they ve fixed it. ,

Top thread :smiley:

at least bots will profit a bit less

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I would like to move this thread to back to it’s actual intention, which is discussing, if we think this signals a change on blizzards part? Are they coming for other cheesy leveling methods next?

I can not find any blue posts about it. Is this a sneakattack from Blizz? :wink:
I hope this signals a change from blizzard, that they put some effort into classic and handle “abnormalities”

You are correct there appears to be no post by blizzard regarding this change. I have had it confirmed by a guildy though, and also saw a streamer confirm the loot part at the very least on a level 60. (they had no correct level alt to test the xp, but as before the nerf the mobs have loot, and xp, the fact they don’t give loot means now i think means the reports are accurate)

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I dont mind getting this game fixed, but i have kinda radical thinking.
Fix all exploits and clever usage of in-game mechanics, but that would fed up most of the , loyals , .

In the end it is better to NOT change the game, because if you do, everyone will feel that this change and that change is justification for another changes.

I tottaly agree.
Will end up playing a different game altogether.
All we can do now it’s think what we really want from TBC, if that will be happening.

Part of me doesn’t care Gor’shak is fixed, I’ve spent so long on ally it doesn’t affect me, the other part is like, why bother Changing anything this late in the game, unless they’ve found mass botting in BRD gold farming, same way as the temporal parasites quest around Anderhall in WPL was stealth fixed…
I mean only one faction could use Gor’shak farm so one half of the player base would view it as a positive “balance”.

Was that also faction specific?

making deicisions without informing Community = bad sign

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Was this change made after checking the old retail client and noticing the mobs didnt give xp or loot? If the answer is no then blizzard this isnt a true reflection of what the game was and you will be losing my subscription along with my 4 other accounts. I don’t multibox in BRD I have been self boosting alts slowly but I feel Mara + ZG might be next so before I get there I might aswell save myself and quit now and take my £50 per month with me.

0 comms over this isnt right

You want true representation of how the game was, sure I get that. But the fact is the game is not played the same way as it was played 15 years ago. People used to come online for the journey not to find every possible exploits and get around the game and how its ment to be played.

Blizz takes away one of many ways where u play the game in a way it was clearly not intended and you and you’re like start QQ, and passive aggressive comments like that.

Want the classic experience, than change as a community for the better and stop making every minor hotfix sound like blizz just took away your lolly.

I feel like the nochanges in some of these cases doesn’t really hold water. I mean sure boosting was a thing in vanilla, you’d ask you guildy to run your alt through a dungeon, and they’d do it so you got the loot or finished quests. The xp/hour though was on the whole only a bit better than questing, and you’d never see boosts like SM or Mara 1 pulls.

A lot of this boosting wasn’t part of vanilla, and was not how vanilla was played.

where are my no changes bois?

Classic dieing for real when nochanges boys arent eveen here. sad but true

I’m sorry but this is an invalid point, yes players have changed but the game is meant to represent the client of vanilla. Under your logic we should make class changes, buff raids bosses and change mechanics to fights and mobs. Add classes/races and everything the modern game has because the player base are more advanced than it used to be. Sorry but no that doesn’t fly with me. Who knows what players had been capable of if vanilla never had an expansion and the game sat like it was for years. If blizzard want to make a classic+ I am all up for it but stop making changes that never happened in vanilla. Even in vanilla there was huge variance of skill between 2 players and that was ok. The reason why I’m not happy is because this change could be the start of a slippery slope of game changes people didn’t ask for and was not informed. They are way too late with making changes as always. Just look at the way streamers beta tested the game and learnt a bug that you could raid low level content to level and kept it secret to abuse it on launch and blizzard did nothing until the big streamers had nearly finished levelling. Did they ban them or roll back their level? No! They did nothing which gave them a huge levelling advantage but now they are stopping legit players levelling in inventive ways which should be applauded not condemned. If you want to level a “legit classic way” by questing with your “questing add-ons” for a vanilla experience go for it. We all know most of us back then grinded instead of quested which I doubt anyone is doing.