Grace Period and how it works!

The reason you are not getting a grace period after world servers crash.

The grace period only works if its self inflicted DC´s not blizzard server dc, so if u were to loose your internet right now, you would have grace, if world servers go down it wont benefit you.

And can blizzard fix it? Because this is not our fault. We did not quit this game.

Literally just queued up for 5 hours,g et in, 15mins questing - boom, insta disconnect and back into a 360 minute queue… Wtf is this, are they just making classic so bad people want to go to retail? cause its just making me not wanna play wow at all.

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I dont know if its fixable, its a disconnect from the blizzard servers meaning that they arent functioning properly, basically grace breaks with the world, so fixing world server crash is the only solution.

This is wrong. I DCd from wow only and was back in the queue.

Understandable, this is totally not acceptable from a multi billion dollar company to behave like this to its community.

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