Turtle WoW has imho better implementation of HC mode than the addon.
If I could pick one thing from the Turtle WoW’s HC for the official HC servers, it would for sure be the gravestones.

Basically, when a character past level 10 dies, it leaves a gravestone on that location. It disappears after some time, or when u delete the character. Ofc higher level gravestones last longer.

Why is this so cool? Because it is a super cheap way how to add some life to the world. Whenever you do a Q and you see some gravestones, you know u should really pay attention.


Amended your quote slightly :wink:

But, good idea, like it


What an original idea…how about being able to click the stones and see the last moments of the character in a silhouette way? wait…

I mean you can have all you want with DS and Nexus Mods, no need to bring that HC fad that will be dead in 1 month into an MMO and let Blizzard develop true Vanilla+.

Didnt chinese servers have like gravestones like that? as they didnt allow skeletons.

Aren’t too many gravestones going to cause lag on the server?

Turtle WoW is using the old Vanilla client and has thousands of players and it works. So I believe it is doable :smiley:

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Love it. Well I love Turtle WoW anyhow:)

There is a line you add to the config file that turns bodies to gravestones also adds flesh to the undead joints.

SET overrideArchive “1”

Sorry great and fine for Turtle WoW, but just one question.

Was it in vanilla? No?

Than it has no place in Classic Vanilla.

How long those gravestones stay? Like skeleton, I hope. Else all ground soon covered in tombstones.

They replace the skeletons as showing bones in China is unlucky, or something like that.

Agree, but it do have a place on HC servers, which was the point.

There are so many graveyards around the place, maybe they could use names of the dead on the gravestones? They could also limit the dead to those graveyards as ghosts.

There should be a minimum level though.

Nice idea - all dead at above 50 get permanent tombstone in nearest GY :smiley:

Think you‘d better off playing true pservers then. Next thing is the overhaul of the ranking system.
No changes was never the strong suit of this classic project

Yeah, on Turtle WoW, each gravestone shows the name of the fallen hero + the level.
And they start spawning for heroes lvl 10+

It’s a super cool way how to bring some life to the otherwise static and predictable world :smiley:

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