Great Vault Expectations -- First Two Weeks of July

We’ve seen some questions from players who’d like to know specifics about how endgame loot and the Great Vault will operate over the next two weekly resets, so we’ve prepared the following outline.

Next Week
Following the next weekly reset on 7 July in this region, the Great Vault will offer rewards exactly as it has in previous weeks. Between now and then, defeating raid bosses in Castle Nathria, completing Season 1 Mythic Keystone Dungeons, and earning Honor in rated PvP will generate those rewards. Season 2 will begin on 7 July, but the Great Vault looks back at previous efforts to determine the item levels of rewards.

With the 7 July weekly reset marking the start of Season 2, all Mythic+ Rating will be reset to 0, and all Mythic+ Keystones will be lowered by an additional 3 levels to account for the overall increase in dungeon difficulty.

Mythic+ players who wish to receive the best rewards from the Great Vault for their initial Season 2 efforts will want to complete Mythic+ Dungeons at +15 or higher difficulty the week of July 7-13.

Mythic+ end-of-run drops will cap at Mythic+10 throughout the week of July 7-13, and Season 2 Rated PvP gear upgrades are initially capped at Rival (base item level 239) until Mythic Difficulty Sanctum of Domination is available.

The Second Week of July
After Season 2 has been underway for a week, the Great Vault will offer upgraded rewards following the weekly reset on 14 July in this region. This includes rewards earned in the Sanctum of Domination raid, Unchained Gladiator’s PvP gear, and higher item level Mythic+ rewards.

As a reminder, you’re only eligible for Great Vault raid loot from bosses that you have previously defeated on the difficulty you’re looking for. For example, you must defeat Heroic Kel’thuzad before his loot will show up as a Heroic quality selection in the Great Vault.

Mythic+ Gearing in Season 2
We’ve made a few small adjustments to the item-level curve for Season 2 Mythic+ rewards, to make Mythic+ gear progression more comparable to early raiding rewards at some levels of difficulty. Here are the item levels of gear drops and rewards:

Difficulty Season 1 End-of-Run Season 1 Missed Timer Season 1 Great Vault Season 2 End-of-Run Season 2 Missed Timer Season 2 Great Vault
Mythic+2 ilvl 187 ilvl 184 ilvl 200 ilvl 210 ilvl 210 ilvl 226
Mythic+3 ilvl 190 ilvl 187 ilvl 203 ilvl 213 ilvl 210 ilvl 226
Mythic+4 ilvl 194 ilvl 190 ilvl 207 ilvl 216 ilvl 213 ilvl 226
Mythic+5 ilvl 194 ilvl 190 ilvl 210 ilvl 220 ilvl 216 ilvl 229
Mythic+6 ilvl 197 ilvl 194 ilvl 210 ilvl 223 ilvl 220 ilvl 229
Mythic+7 ilvl 200 ilvl 197 ilvl 213 ilvl 223 ilvl 220 ilvl 233
Mythic+8 ilvl 200 ilvl 197 ilvl 216 ilvl 226 ilvl 223 ilvl 236
Mythic+9 ilvl 200 ilvl 197 ilvl 216 ilvl 226 ilvl 223 ilvl 236
Mythic+10 ilvl 203 ilvl 200 ilvl 220 ilvl 229 ilvl 226 ilvl 239
Mythic+11 ilvl 203 ilvl 200 ilvl 220 ilvl 229 ilvl 226 ilvl 242
Mythic+12 ilvl 207 ilvl 203 ilvl 223 ilvl 233 ilvl 229 ilvl 246
Mythic+13 ilvl 207 ilvl 203 ilvl 223 ilvl 233 ilvl 229 ilvl 246
Mythic+14 ilvl 207 ilvl 203 ilvl 226 ilvl 236 ilvl 233 ilvl 249
Mythic+15 ilvl 210 ilvl 207 ilvl 226 ilvl 236 ilvl 233 ilvl 252

The most notable adjustment is that now, a Mythic+15 or higher is required to get the maximum item level from the Great Vault, while Mythic+14 or higher provides the highest end-of-run item level.

Thanks for reading. We’ll see you 'round the Vault!


Thank you for making life even worse for solo players.

I don’t understand why wow team doesn’t have data analysts to show us active guild players. I belive %80 doesn’t have a proper & active guild. Mythic+15 & solo :slight_smile:


Delete the Vault.


how’s the vault related to solo playing?

I doubt this is the case in a social and guild-centric MMORPG

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The way this is worded makes it seem different from how the vault in 9.0 functioned.

In 9.0 you could kill (for example) Shriekwing, Huntsman, and Hungering on HC, and never have killed Council of Blood, but you were able to receive Council of Blood loot in your weekly vault. The way the quote above has been phrased makes it seem (using the 9.0 scenario) that now you would only get loot from Shriekwing, Huntsman, and Hungering. Is this correct?

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I think we need more systems that take even longer explanations.

if you have ever killed a boss on that difficulty, it will add its loot drops to the possible rolls, is how I read it

so say week one you fully clear raid, it makes all drops eligible in vault

week 2, you only kill 3 bosses, but because you have defeated/unlocked all the others as eligible loot, their loot could appear in that slot

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With the change to S2 PvP gear, I still don’t understand why there isn’t separate weekly vault for PvP/PvE.

Prior to this change, all of the gear was the same - PvP gear however contained mostly versatility pieces, while PvE gear contained a bit of everything. With the recent change to the +13 PvP ilv, this choice is seriously hurting the players who are playing both PvP and PvE.

If you pick up a PvP item, you’re going to be hindered in PvE, due to lower ilvl of the gear. (Keep in mind, max PvP ilvl is 246 before the +13 bonus. For the record, PvE gear is max 252, paired with 259 for the last 2 bosses. That’s at least 6+ ilv difference). So if you both raid/m+, and do PvP, you’re automatically behind on your raid roster, and might risk getting benched (or get declined more often in m+ scenarios) due to not chosing optimal gear.

I really don’t think it was Blizzards’ intent to force you to play 2 same characters, one for PvP, one for PvE… or was it?

Have you not seen whole covenant thing? At least half of specs have different bis ones, or same soulbind and need to change them daily… So i think that was exactly their idea behind this

So this is all m+ orientated. What about all the people who do not touch m+ but spend a lot of time in the game doing other stuff. How is our time and money less valued than some crazy mythic players? I mean, all they do is repetitions upon repetitions of same dungeons. Why can’t other activities be rewarded as well?

I unlocked two rewards from PvP last week, opened it today and got literally the two worst rewards possible.
Off-hand (I need the Staff with haste/versa)
DPS trinket (I’m a healer)


Almost anything else would have been upgrade. Great system

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