Gryphons and (8.2) mount rant

(Daltor) #1

We finally found out where we get those datamined gryphons from. You buy them for 50k from the rep vendors for each zone…

The Alliance gets recoloured gryphons which you buy for 50k, let that sink in for a moment.

At least the Horde get recolours of a better looking mount, pterrordaxes. Which also cost 50k.

But it’s not the cost that rustles my jimmies, no, it’s how blank and uncreative they really are.
1 horse was one horse too many, 3 way quite insulting. They could have done so much more. But if they had to stick with horses, they could have given them so much flavour, but no.

What they could have done.
Stormsong Valley - A literal waterhorse that the tide sages use to cross the vast oceans.
Drustvar - A wicker horse that they had manage to tame.
Tguard Sound - A pirate horse with one eye and 3 legs accompanied by 1 peg leg.

But not, instead, we got three different shade of horse.
It’s almost like if all the Horde rep mounts were only raptor recolours, it wouldn’t be fun, instead they got a host of creative and good mounts.

Then there is Ku’fon and Child of Tocali, both are ground mounts which had questing and daily quests behind them, actually giving you connect to these mounts as you previously bonded with them.
There are zero mounts or quests of this sort over on KT, not even a giant bee.

I normally wouldn’t have a problem with mount discrepancies, but we already have enough gryphons so giving us three recolours feel very lazy and very cheap.
You can’t even say “But they’re new and HD only for BFA”.
HD gryphon models were added in MoP as part of Krasarang Wilds rep mounts.


I honestly really like the griffins, it is the one thing I am kinda jealous of when I look at the alliance. Sure the windrider from pandaria is okay but I always preferred the griffins, i find the pterodaxes extremely lame.

Tastes differ.

(Daltor) #3

But they’re different, they’re not windriders, they’re not a mount you’ve gotten from every other expact.

If the rep vendors all had the same mount which was a recolour of a new and different mount, then I would have less of an issue with it.

It’s just that we already have enough gryphons on the Alliance, adding more only takes up the slot of something that could have been so much better.


I know they are not the same I have looked at the models. Still kinda ends up being a taste thing imo. I am kind of discounting the tbc griffins too simply because they look very old.

I agree on the whole horse thing, it is a bit ridiculous but I do not see giving another option for those who do not want to use the MoP griffin as a bad thing.

Unless I am derping here and forgetting another griffin mount but from what I have on my alliance char (just checked) it is just the ones for the rep grind in mop and the TBC ones.

(Daltor) #5

TBC flying gryphons
Cata updated gryphons
MoP HD gryphon
BFA Rep gryphons

That’s 10 different kinds of gryphon.


Oh which BFA rep gives you one? I will need to do that.

(Daltor) #7

All three reps give you a recoloured grypon for 50k at exalted.
Just like all three give you a recoloured horse at exalted.


Oh its the zone reps again? Sweet, I am actually quite happy about that XD


Just complain enough about “whaa whaa daddy I want my mount to look like a Swift Green Gryphon” and they will give you a “Swift Green Gryphon Disguise” mount equipment item and then all your mounts can look like a Swift Green Gryphon.


The prices are stupid 50,000 gold per mount i collect mounts got well over 400 but i wount buy these they can shove them .


If only the artists had any say - we would see some amazing new mounts :frowning:


I think its time whoever’s releasing those horses gets fired for not putting effort into their job.

do same to gryphon guy

(Cedrad) #13

Well, the 3 horses we got aren’t recolors of each other. Each one is a seperate horse model with a different armor. I am using one of those horses on this very character.

I also have been waiting for those Gryphon mounts since they were datamined in beta. I am glad they are on a vendor instead of paragon boxes.


I use the headless horseman mount on my undead lock but any other of my chars just look a bit silly on horses. I find it hard to believe any designers get excited about creating yet another horse unless they’ve some equestrian obsession. Personally I like the look of gryphon mounts over the pterrodax. The gryphons suit anywhere but the pterrodax is a bit odd outside of that troll, zanda area as it’s so linked to that environment.

I do love the priestess’ moonsaber and wish I could use it Horde side. For me that’s one of the nicest mounts to appear in quite some time. Instead, we get another bat reskin as the equivalent.


At least your mounts doesn’t shrink your character by 50% when using it.


I didn’t know that I wanted this until I saw it written here. I am now more sad that we have more recolours of existing mounts rather than something as fun as a peg-legged pirate horse.

(Daltor) #17

I will not disagree, they do. But that isn’t the problem.
The problem is that we have too many of them already, so in them being added, it takes away chances for us to get more unique mounts.

I quite literally came up with that on the spot, along with the other examples. It took such little time to come up with a creative mount, not just “another horse but with ribbons” that it feels even more cheap that we got these horses.

(Aldru) #18

Quite disappointing, horses were :V as is, but 50k? For a recolored Gryphon I already have had since MOP… Yeah I think I’ll stick to drakes once more.


Oh I agree we have enough of them. Got 10 on my ally chars and I think only a couple look a bit special. Perhaps a really superb reskin would be more acceptable than just another recolour.
I’ve gotta say, I too now want a pirate horse no matter how daft my chars look on it!


I like them honestly, I’m more interested into normal looking mounts with many colors to suit every xmog and look overall tidier than a pack of many different colorful animals. Which is pretty much the aestethic difference between alliance and Horde if you think about it (in cities too, usually).

But I get that many people could be disappointed about it.

Luckily enough for me I play both Alliance and Horde, for when I want to feel tidier and when I want to look like a roaring colorful garbage.