Gryphons and (8.2) mount rant


It’s not a question of taste, just how many times do people need to state this?

It’s a question of variety, and a matter of fidelity. Alliance players weren’t annoyed at getting nothing but horses because they don’t like horses-- it is the ‘nothing but’ part of the equation.

The pterrodax models may use the same rigging as the original from ToT, but they have a much improved texture and additional assets. The Gryphons, much like the ‘new’ horses, use EXTREMELY poorly re-used assets (just look at the frankly pathetic ribbon on the Stormsong mount, which was ripped off a Cata drake. Any sensible look at that must provoke nothing but ‘rush job’), with the added ‘bonus’ they are nothing but recolours of that older MoP model.

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I really like the idea of the water horse. You’re bang on when you state they could easily have tried harder.

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There are 26 “normal” looking horse mounts for the Alliance. This includes unarmoured or armoured looks still inkeeping with the “normal” theme.

There are 17 special looking horses, such as undead, fire, ghost, ect.
All that the Alliance can get.

There are 43 horse mounts that the Alliance can get all together.
Don’t you think after having 26 normal looking horses is too many?
If there were more special looking horses and less normal looking horses, there wouldn’t be a problem.

The main problem was the the Alliance got normal looking horses while the Horde got unique models.
We have enough normal horses and we have enough normal gryphons.
We don’t need more.


Uhm no I’m perfectly fine with that, really.
But I understand why others don’t, and I don’t blame them.

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Update. The Gryphon reskins now cost 90k each instead of 50k each.
I just, can’t even. 90k for a reskin? Of a gryphon of all things.


So… According to the datamining of the most recent PTR build, the price of Gryphon and Pterrordax flying mounts that you can purchase from Kul’tiras/Zandalar reputation vendors has just been increased from 50k to 90k gold per mount (i.e. 270k for all three).


Am I the only one that thinks that the new price is way, way too high?

In my opinion, even the previous price of 50k gold per mount was already pushing it and almost doubling that just seems completely unreasonable. I realize that there are people out there who swim in money and many of them won’t be bothered about spending 270k gold for these mounts, but… For people like me who have a moderate amount of cash, the new price is really, really high - and for what? Mounts that are pretty much reskins of what we already have? I don’t see any value in it.

Personally, I think that a fair price would be something around 30-33k per mount, i.e. about 90-100k gold for all three. That’s still quite a lot, but in my eyes it’s at leat somewhat reasonable. Well, at least to me, because I would be willing to buy all three of these mounts for that amount of money. I mean, it would sting a bit, but still… Anyway - anything more than 30-33k per mount? Well, with the original price of 50k I was thinking about buying only one of the Gryphons, but if the new PTR price sticks until 8.2, I think I will just pass.

And I’m not saying this, because I mind expensive mounts. I don’t have any issues with the Brutosaur mount - sure, it’s super expensive, but it’s unique both in terms of how it looks and what functionality it brings to the table. I was even tempted to spend 300k+ on the Frog mount, because I think it’s cool… No, I really don’t mind expensive mounts, but in this case I really think 90k is too much.

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I have no problem with expensive mounts, apart from not being able to afford them.

My problem is charging extortionate amounts for reskins of pre-existing mounts.

Brutosaur and frog mounts, I have no problem with them because they’re unique and the only ones. I can’t go back two expacts and buy them for a fraction of the price.


50k was too much, but 90k is ridiculous … Do they actually want us to buy tokens to afford rep mounts? XD


The thing is - if you want to get all three, one token won’t be enough, at least with current prices. And… If I were to spend 40 euro on tokens just to get 3 reskinned Gryphons and a bit of gold, I’d rather just fork out an extra 10 euro and buy myself 2 unique store mounts.

But yeah, as much as I’m not into conspiracy theories, the only logical reason for these prices I see is that they want to boost token sales.


Yeah I’d rather buy Vulpine Familiar and the Lion mount from the store than buying three reskinned gryphons. Btw I find the version without any armour the best anyway, so I might just go back to Pandaria to get it :slight_smile:

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Do so, or wait until MoP timewalking and run it on a couple of characters to get rep tokens for Operation:Shieldwall.
You will need to be exalted to buy it from their vendor.


Yeah timewalking seems like trivial solution for this :slight_smile:


So they made them even more pricey after the feedback they good saying to expensiive they rise it by 40k they are a joke company .

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90K now! Either Blizzard is finaly reading our feedback and is trolling us or they simply don’t care and just want even more gold sinks.

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The mounts we know that will be in 8.2 which have to be bought.

Launch zone rep mounts - x3 of 90k (For both factions)
Rustbolt Resistor - 524,288 gold

In 8.1 we had the following
x3 Frog Mounts - 333,000 gold each
Store mount fox - $20 which would cost you around 2 tokens to get, making it 340k currently.
Store swine - Same as above 340k

8.0 Intro mounts
Brutosaur - 5mil
Palehide direhorn - 500k
x3 launch zone reps - 10k each

So, in this expact alone, if you wanted to buy all the mounts (not included AH) it would cost you.
8,003,288 gold. That’s right, over 8 million.
That… Along with the fact that mounts aren’t the only gold sink in this expact either.

(Destruct) #36

38k for a single progress night on pots is fine! But this number is terryfying… Althought I wouldn’t count the 10k rep mounts because those are decently priced.


We just cant earn that gold unless buying tokens or a booster.

Not everyone made millions in WoD or Legion and they tend to forget that.


Personally, even if I was filthy rich after WoD/Legion, I would still think that 90k for a Gryphon reskin is too much and I’d most likely choose to not buy them. I’d rather keep the cash to purchase tokens or some unique mounts that they will probably add in the future.

But… oh well, I guess I’ll be going back to Pandaria for my HD Gryphon too.


The prices are just disgusting tbh .


I was rather hoping they would put these in for the boss of the main end game raid on heroic, like they did with previous mounts. Can you buy on horde and use on alliance?