Gryphons and (8.2) mount rant

(Daltor) #41

They’re part of the glory achievement as well.

The rep ones are Horde only, whereas the Dazar’alor meta is accountwide.


Must get a group together for that some night. I did the Uldir one for the Bloodgorged Crawg.


90g is too much for a Gryphon reskin :rofl:


I agree 10k seems a fair price for rep mounts even 20k at a push but 90k for re colours is so much.

I bought a frog the other day and i have little gold left now but i felt actual sick handing the gold over .

People who spend 5 million on the AH mount must have nerves of steal :fearful:


I would jump at the chance of doing that if you run it i have 2 chars that should be ok for that.

(Destruct) #46

Can buy it but a mobile AH with 2 engineers and a mage simply isn’t worth the 5M gold. The Yak even less but that was only 100k during MoP, well 100k was much but relativly seen way cheaper than the 5m mount is now. A recoulered gryphon nearly cost as much as the yak, an unique mount. Think about this.


The yakk has served me so well when it was reforge and now mog lol .
I can see next expac the first 10 million mount buyable from a vendor.


PST me on my server or send me an ingame mail and I’ll give you an add. Won’t be doing for a few weeks, must read up on what is required for it.


Thank you i will i made the mistake of putting my tag in a forum post before only (my own fault for putting it up asking for trouble) to get spammed and trolled until i changed it.

(Destruct) #50

It’s easy we did them at the 1st of March and it was a walk in park on normal, the only one that give a tiny problem was the Lurker not hard but eh, bit annoying if you have cleavers. Rest is just patience, nuke the add that spawns and being carefull to keep one of the first 4 raptors, all 3 ghost or an egg alive. Uldir one was harder, think we failed Mythrax? Yeah that one was bugged/worded wrong at the time.

Edit: Egg was glitched, in the end we got it but didn’t knew if it was hatched or not so resetted it 3 times…

(Someoneelse) #51

Maybe they had trouble gluing on wings to the existing horse mount! Alliance NEEDED another horse mount.


Yeah you can… on the store :wink:


They only listen to revenue generating feedback it seems.

(Destruct) #54

With the rate we generate gold now and are getting gold sinks? Will there even be anybody left to buy it aside fromt true AH goblins left to afford it? Better spam those WQ and get those paragon caches in, since the AH even takes out money with it’s 5% cut from the economy.

Ohwell Like I said in my last post in the other thread, time to take a small break and recollect my thoughts. Man that thread wasn’t healthy for either side, it was heating up more and more. I hope the mods there understand what happend and can be forgiving.

(ßubbletea) #55

The prices are insane , but the mounts are not mandatory. This is all player choice and working for it. Although I hope they at least go down to 15k a mount

(Daltor) #56

In Legion, with all my alts, I could scrap around 10k to 20k per week from 11 characters.

In BFA, I’m lucky if I can make 3k to 5k from my characters. The gold missions are laughably expensive to sent champions on in comparison to the gold they actually give.

(Destruct) #57

Well let’s this make my final post then. The problem is that the only way to make decent gold now is to AH stuff and this even drains 5% of every transaction. They are are going over the top with this. With what we know now we are already at most 3 times the gold sinks Legion had. And this expac has:

-Less lucrative WQ
-No lucrative mission table gold low (not that I disagree)
-Legacy raids across the board dropping less gold (PL makes it that thrash drop way less, especially in BRF I now only make 2% of thrash than what i did before the prepatch of BfA)
-The only thing they added the 4-5k gold chest for a paragon
-Raid and M+ consumsables prices were through the roof.

Quite frankly aside from this all it’s insulting to ask 90k for a generic recoulered gryphon.

(Narmë) #58

Yeaaaah, I was thinking that maybe I’ll buy one of those gryphons for my Alliance alts; only one because 50k was already expensive as hell. I guess I’ll pass for now, at least until we get a more decent income source than “try to play the AH”.

(Mahmeya) #59

They upped it to 100k with the latest PTR patch, WTF?

Players: it’s overpriced!
Blizzard: doubles price what about now?

What sense does it make?

(Northgrave) #60

Actually, I was pretty happy I’ll be able to get a some new color of gryphon for my alts, I was tired of the old blue one. It’s a human kingdom, what else should they use for flying mounts?

But the price is the problem, 90k, really? 50k was already too much and this is just an overkill. Hopefully they change it, it should be 20k, more is ridiculous.