[Guide] Metals and Minerals

I’d like to thank Tritambarum for reopening this thread for the community after it timed out at the start of the year!


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Now this is actually based.

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There is no lore on osmentite?

Regarding Brinestone
"Brinestone is quite volatile and should only be mined with special equipment.

Even then, its collection frequently disturbs the elements, so mine with caution"

Source https://wow.gamepedia.com/What_Will_It_Mine%3F

Going by https://www.wowhead.com/quest=53321/luminous-monelite this quest some Monelite ore is naturally luminous.

Monelite shouldn’t be chipped it, but instead pierced and pulled apart ‘like taffy’.
https://www.wowhead.com/quest=48764/dont-pick-a-fight Also references it being easy to pull apart by hand once the main chunk has been separated.

https://www.wowhead.com/quest=48761/spiderphobia#comments Monelite seems like it’s a soft metal, malleable even before being melted.

The horde-equivalent quests have similar text/information so not gonna bother linking them. It’s the same but in a troll accent.

Despite being a malleable metal that is easy to pull apart most of the armour/weapons crafted with it are “Monel-Hardened”. This may be due to the Durable Flux that’s also part of the recipes which ‘removes impurities’. Malleable/soft in ore form, but once forged with some flux it becomes hard and suitable for weapons/armour?

idk maybe.

As a soft metal it’s not surprising we’d see it used in jewellery, and perhaps even moreso if it’s got luminous properties in some veins.

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I wonder about lightning steel…just how resistant it would be against lightning.

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Probably very. A nice ace in the hole for the pandaren against zappy stuff!

You know, now that the mogu no longer need it… :hocho:

This is incredibly useful and ought to be pinned.


Abit late to the show; but did you know about Lumenstone? I don’t see it added

Thought it might be a nice addition to the list! :smiley:

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Argunite should be added in for the LF roleplayers.

Nothing on Osmenite (Nazjatar)?

In general, thanks for the first post, it’s very good.

Hey, this is neat. A nice collection of info on ores and various minerals. Rather than having to go hunting for it.

There’s a little missing under Saronite. There’s the Ashen Verdict’s crafting technique to “bend Saronite to their will,” and I think it’s explored along the quests for Shadowmourne. Might be worth including somewhere?

It’s a real wonderful collection, I will definitely be turning to it in future

What does the said bending involve?

This is a great thread! Well done on collecting such an amount of info!

Bump, a great guide like this deserves to be up in the forums again. As I’ve been wanting to RP my Dark iron Smithy more, this really helps a lot!

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