[Guide] Metals and Minerals

I’d like to preface this guide by saying that most of the legwork was done by Feranos back in 2014 when he compiled various quest and sources for the materials we have in WoW. Unfortunately the old forums got nuked very recently and we lost the guides with it. I’d like to thank Rogmasha and Sindaru for helping me archive the data from those threads. I have compiled the sources and formatted them in a concise fashion and updated the guide with lore from Legion and BFA to bring it back up to date.

I hope to update the guide going into Shadowlands as new lore regarding new materials is made available to us. I have removed some of the entries Feranos made simply because there was no lore available what so ever on the minerals besides a reference to the fact that they exist. I may add them under the Miscellaneous entry in the end at some point.


There is a rare and precious resource to be found in these wastes, .

Argunite was once abundant on Argus. Its magical properties helped eredar civilization thrive. Far better for us to make use of its power than the Legion.

Seek out all the pristine argunite you can, champion. Every bit you recover will aid our cause.


Turalyon is safe, and we can start to fight back.

First things first, we must secure what supplies we can from the crash.

Even though we are blessed by the Light, our ships still rely on crystal technology. From powering our defenses to arming our weapons, we will need to collect as much as we can to fight back against the enemy.

Venture out into the crash and retrieve what crystals you can. While you are out there, keep an eye out for Y’mera. She was separated from us, and will need help.


The crystal material upon which the ancient Eredar civilisation was built. The Army of the Light still relies on its use for powering their Light-based technology, having salvaged it from Argus. it’s so precious to them that they let none go to waste, salvaging crashed ships to replenish their supply.

An important to keep track of for Lightforged Artificers as Argus is now once more inaccessible and the supply is limited. There’s only so much of it to go around, so one would have to reserve their Warframes for when the time truly calls for it.


The second exarch was charged with guiding draenei engineers—the Artificers—in building armor, weapons, and settlements. Hataaru was tremendously skilled, and he had already learned how to shape Draenor’s raw materials. Among his first creations were arkonite crystals. They served as conduits of arcane energy, which brought light and power to draenei society and also allowed them to build constructs to protect their homes from danger.

  • Chronicles: Vol 2., Page 53.

Similar to Argunite, Arkonite is a synthetic crystalline material first created by Exarch Hataaru after the Draenei arrived on Draenor, born from harvesting the raw materials of the world. They’re the source of much of Draenei crystal tech as they’re used to power up their daily machinations, including the impressive defense crystals that protected Draenei settlements on Draenor.


Despite the mineral being synthesised from materials native to Draenor, the Draenei still managed to make use of it on Azeroth as we see Arkonite Defense Crystals readily used during the Exodar invasion scenario in Legion.


Everything in the room suddenly came into hyperfocus. The color amplified. The lines were sharp, clean. He heard layers in the sound of the ocean, could almost feel the vibrations of birdsong. And his mind—It raced, tumbled pell-mell, analyzing and calculating what percentage of his hand was in contact with the orb, to what degree a callus or the sheen of sweat on his suddenly damp palm inhibited contact, to what uses this could be put— Grizzek snatched his hand away as if it had been burned. It was glorious—almost too much.

  • Before the Storm, Chapter 6

She was thirsty, hungry, overheated, sunburned, and exhausted, and she slumped against her bonds.

“Here,” Grizzek said almost gently, and took one of the hands that were bound behind her back. Saffy twitched angrily, but he pressed something into her palm and closed her fingers over it. She gasped once.

The pain on her sunburned, bruised face eased. Her mouth was no longer dry nor did her stomach rumble for food. She felt alert, strong, sharp. Her gaze fell on the parrot.

“There’s about five different things I can do to improve Feathers if you’ll just give me an arclight spanner, three sets of nuts and bolts, and a good screwdriver,” she announced. And then blinked.

How had she known that?

  • Before the Storm, Chapter 18

The stone tumbled gently into Anduin’s palm.

And he gasped.

The heaviness of grief vanished as if it were physical armor that had been seized and yanked off. Weariness fled, replaced by surging, almost crackling energy and insight. Strategies raced through his head, each one of them sound and successful, each one of them engendering a shift in comprehension and ensuring a lasting peace that benefited every being on Azeroth.

Not only his mind but also his body seemed to ascend abruptly and shockingly, rocketing in an instant to whole new levels of strength, dexterity, and control. Anduin felt like he could not only climb mountains…he could move them. He could end war, channel the Light into every dark corner. He was exultant and also perfectly, wholly calm and completely certain as to how to channel this rushing river—no, tsunami—of energy and power. Not even the Light affected him as this…this did. The sensation was similar but less spiritual, more physical.

More alarming.

For a long moment, Anduin couldn’t speak, could only stare in wonder at the infinitely precious thing he cupped in his palm.

  • Before the Storm, Chapter 1

During one such experiment, Saffy noticed that the thick, tar-like substance of a deadly poison they’d smeared on a sample chunk had changed color.

“Will you look at that,” she said. Quickly she grabbed a vial of the antidote and set it down within easy reach. Then, before Grizzek could even yelp in surprise, she’d extended a hand and touched the discolored poison.

“Saffy, no!” He surged forward and grabbed her arm with one hand and the antidote with the other.

“Hang on a minute,” Saffy said. “This stuff should be eating my skin away by now. But look. I’m fine.” They both stared at the poison on her hand, then at each other. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” Saffy muttered. And she licked the stuff off her fingers.

Grizzek uttered a strangled cry. Saffy smacked her lips. “Astounding! This highly poisonous, corrosive substance now tastes like sunfruit and cherries,” she said.

  • Before the Storm, Chapter 21

She returned her attention to her hand. “This is…important, Grizzy. Really important. Long term, who knows what this stuff can do? We’ve just seen that it can neutralize poison. Bet it can heal wounds, too. Maybe it can extend life.” She shook her head in disbelief. “What a gift! Come on, back at it! There’s so much else we need to know!”

After they’d done everything they could to test Azerite in liquid form, next up were tests to determine if, once it had hardened, anything could break it.

Nothing could.

Not a sword, or a hammer, or a goblin shredder, or even a device Grizzek had named the Crunchola, which he demonstrated to Saffy. It was a modified shredder, but one of its mechanically operated limbs was outfitted with a grasping hand augmented by an energy beam.

  • Before the Storm, Chapter 21

When a drop of poison was mixed with heated Azerite, a result similar to the earlier experiment in which Saffy had licked off poison was achieved.
When she poured the mixture on a struggling plant, the palm tree doubled insize.

“That’s a high ratio of Azerite to poison,” she mused. “Let’s see what happens when we switch the proportions.”

Sticking out her tongue in order to concentrate better, Saffy poured the precise amount of Azerite into the beaker of poison. There was no visible change to the substance as she swirled it gently to mix the contents. Then she took a deep breath and poured a single drop on the plant. The reaction was immediate.

The plant went from the almost absurdly healthy, vibrant emerald green color to first sickly yellow, then black. It drooped, completely dead.

They stared at it, then at each other. They said nothing.

Saffy tried it on another plant. But this time, before the poison’s effects had visually manifested, she clipped a segment. The pair of scientists pressed their heads close together as they watched the section rot right before their eyes, as if every fragment that made up the plant had been targeted instantly.

Before the Storm, Chapter 21

The disturbance has become more severe. I am sensing a powerful force in our midst. It is unlike anything I have felt before. It comes from the earth itself.

You and Delaryn Summermoon must seek it out, . Go to the water’s edge, to the place you call Nazj’vel.


There be a group of earth elementals nearby that be goin’ crazy due te havin’ Azerite infused onto 'em.

We cannot allow this Azerite to spread to any more elementals. We need te put 'em down.

Go and fight these Azerite infused elementals nearby. When they be down, use yer amulet to absorb their lingerin’ Azerite.

It be a shame te do this, but we’re fightin’ these things in order te save the planet.


Then Saffy decided to go full gnomish alchemist. She began to experiment with potions. With a single drop of one on Grizzy’s completely smooth green pate, he grew a luxurious mane of thick, glossy black hair that flowed down his back.

  • Before the Storm, Chapter 21

We find out that Azerite holds great power over both life and death. Under the right proportions, it can revive a dead plant when combined with poison – or even completely neutralise it, yet under different proportions it can enhance the poison to target every cell of the victim at once. It’s also speculated to be able to both heal wounds and extend one’s life!

It can be used to grow your hair back, and weapons and armaments crafted from Azerite are virtually indestructible. Even blasting it for several minutes with a powerful energy beam left only a dark spot that was easily cleaned away.

Beings of nature are pained by its presence and go into a frenzy when they come in contact with it.

Most importantly we see different characters react to holding it, and it seems the reaction depends on the person. The goblin and gnome scientists underwent a surge of intellectual capacity. Their brain power was boosted and the world became more vibrant as ideas flowed through their minds. Anduin felt powerful and like a manifestation of the Light, while Sylvanas felt like a goddess of death. Velen felt like he was graced by the touch of Naaru.

The biggest take away from that seems to be that holding Azerite increases your capabilities in that which you are already good in. It enhances you into the best possible version of yourself.

Azure Ore

If we want to bring the fight to Hakkar, my rangers are going to need arrows and ammo that are capable of piercing the thick, magic-resistant hides of his hounds.

There’s a versatile smith in Dalaran who does incredible work with both bows and blades alike.

He uses azure ore in his creations, which can only be found below sea level.

Due to its proximity to leystone, the ore is often overlooked, but in an expert smith’s hands, it can be smelted into something nearly indestructible.


Azure Ore is a nearly indestructible ore found in Broken Isles that’s capable of piercing magic-resistant materials like felhound hides. Many overlook it in favour of leystone, but it’s got a few good tricks up its sleeve for those who know how to work it!


The frame that you brought me earlier will not be sufficient to hold molten metal without reinforcement. A rare kind of earth can be used to cool and imbue the frame, giving the adamantite an unnatural strength.

Underwold loam, as the earth is known, is accorded great value among the naga. Few enough of them possess it, and in Outland, I know of only one naga who uses it – Hydromancer Thespia, who resides in the Steamvault of Coilfang Reservoir.


Blackrock Ore

The colossals had triumphed, but they had paid a terrible price. No creatures would ever arise from their remains. Drawing on the power of their titan relics had burned away all life essence from the colossals and seared their corpses. Over time, their broken bodies would sink into the earth and become veins of a nearly indestructible metal called blackrock ore.

  • Chronicles 2, page 19

The Blackrock clan’s unique ability to smelt the black ore, a substance so dense that ordinary flame does not even soften it, has always been their most closely-guarded secret. Deep within the Foundry, their furnace contains a primal force as old as Draenor itself, raging within the confines of its prison as it emanates a preternatural heat.

  • Blast Furnace encounter journal

The Blackrock Clan originally used the naturally occurring elemental-fueled infernos of ancient Draenor to shape and harden their namesake ore. A Shaman could use these bellows to channel the power of a fire spirit directly to a blast furnace, allowing the Blackrock to set up forges anywhere.


So Blackrock Ore is a nearly indestructible metal born from the remains of the Colossals of Draenor. Over time their corpses turned into veins of the black ore that ran deep underground and the Blackrock Clan engineered a way to forge it using elemental fire. It became such a closely guarded and important secret among themselves that they named their clan after it.


Ah, what do we have here? A rare find, indeed!

Brinestone is quite volatile and should only be mined with special equipment.

Even then, its collection frequently disturbs the elements, so mine with caution.


A highly volatile ore found in Nazjatar, though it can only be mined with specialised equipment. Doing so disturbs the elements, so there’s a risk versus reward one must consider when attempting to harvest Brinestone.


I just arrived here in Feralas, and I’ve heard that the Gordunni Ogres that inhabit the wilds here have some interesting minerals. Who knows what they are up to, but they sure are protective of that stuff! They don’t leave it just lying around; no, they bury it to protect folks like me from getting their hands on it.

If you’d be willing, I’ll give you my shovel. Go to the Gordunni Outpost north of here and dig me up some Gordunni cobalt. Look for the blue glow, then start digging!


Not much to go on Cobalt other than it’s not native to Northrend alone – it’s found in Kalimdor as well and the Gordunni Ogres control the region where it’s found. It seems to be highly sought after!


Back again, ? Outstanding! The bars you’ve provided thus far are really going to help out in making all sorts of things for the war. I know, for example, that the copper is going to be used for parts of the steam tanks that are being built, as well as in a small fleet of gyrocopters that we’re planning to deploy if time allows.


Copper is needed for the finer parts of gyrocopters and steam tanks, and it’s especially valued during times of war to builds machines for the war effort.

Dark Iron Ore

Dark Iron, while plentiful in the Depths, is still a valued commodity amongst the Brotherhood. The sacred arms and armaments of Ragnaros favor Dark Iron.

For every 10 pieces of Dark Iron Ore you offer, favor amongst the Brotherhood you will gain.


You’ve worked your way up through the Brotherhood’s corporate hierarchy, . We have begun to look favorably upon you. Quite an accomplishment!

If you’re interested in more work and earning more respect amongst us, listen up.

We can refine our fiery flux by adding a simple Dark Iron residue to the mix. This Dark Iron residue can be found in Blackrock Depths.

Bring me all the Dark Iron residue you find!


Those gorge-digging dwarves do at least one thing right: they make very high-quality bullets. I’ve been unable to reproduce their results, so I’ve taken to stealing whatever bullets of theirs that I can find.

Ye want my help? Get me a couple hundred bullets from those marksmen below.

I’m sure they’ll be happy to give ye their bullets one at a time, but you might find it faster just to look for the crates filled with them.


“Impeccably crafted.”


So Dark Iron ore is only found in the Blackrock Mountain, and while it appears there in abundance, it’s still valued among the Dark Iron themselves. The first quest seems to imply that it’s a sacred metal among them.

Residue of the ore can also be used to create a high quality flux, and bullets wrought from the metal appear to be highly sought after by other marksmen. The creme of the crop, if you will.


“Elementium possesses traits unlike any other metal on Azeroth.”


I need for you to acquire Shadowy Gems for me. The facets of these unusual stones are like windows into the infinite. They are often used by minions of the Twilight’s Hammer to control the most powerful of elementals.


You have done it! No doubt you placed yourself and your allies in great peril to acquire these. Your sacrifices will be rewarded in time. I will use these as the foundation of a powerful enchantment for you.


As you well know, the amount of energy stored in a conventional spring is equal to one half the spring’s elasticity times the displacement squared. Unless you’re using an elementium spring. Then the numbers get obscene! Mathematically grotesque!

I need some elementium loops for my secret weapon, and it just so happens that Twilight’s Hammer cultists use coils like that to bind earth elementals.

Terrific! These coils will decompress with the force of a thousand suns!

That’s just a rough approximation of course, don’t hold me accountable for those numbers.


Elementium is used to bind energy, both elemental and potential. It has properties like no other on Azeroth, though it doesn’t appear to be as insanely heavy as people sometimes try to make it out to be. Elementium has been used to craft unique armour since Vanilla and that wouldn’t be the case if it weighs a cubic ton like the popular headcanon dictates.

Elunite Ore

Ah, elunite ore. This is a fine metal to work with, for it is blessed by the goddess Elune herself. It would be an honor to craft weapons with it.

Please wait while I work…


Not much is known about the properties of Elunite Ore, other than the metal is blessed by Elune herself and night elven smiths consider it a great honour to work it. One could assume that weapons crafted from it smite with Elune’s wrath.

Fel Iron

Fel orc blacksmiths may not be the most skilled in the world, but there is some craftsmanship to their trade. Only fel iron can be used with this mold if we want to end up with a working key - anything else would probably end up breaking it.


It’s not working, <lad/lass>. I cannot give it enough heat… the materials will not be properly tempered.

You know, the fel reavers used by the Burning Legion are powered by a scalding core of fel fire - it burns much hotter than normal fire.


Fel Iron requires the smith to smelt it using fel fire, for no ordinary fire burns hot enough for it.


To mine for felslate is to seek the very blood of demons. To improve at it, you must become part demon yourself.

Why the dirty look? You said it yourself: you’re willing to make sacrifices.

Luckily for you, I’m an expert in this area. I won’t put you in any danger, as long as you trust me.

Are you ready?


This ore is remarkably heavy. More disturbingly, it seems to darken and hiss at your touch.


When working with felslate and demonsteel, one must use special equipment. Specifically, an anvil hard enough to withstand the energy given off when felslate is hammered.

Urael and I no longer possess such an anvil. But your friends, the Highmountain tauren, do.


I was not the only miner in my family. I was the youngest of four sisters.

I say “was” because the other three are gone.

Two of them went too far. They overloaded their bodies with felslate and succumbed to the will of Sargeras. They are more demon than elf, now.


You blink and rub your eyes, but they do not deceive you. This is a woman’s arm, completely enveloped within a felslate seam.

The arm is bloodless, but still twitches. Fel-colored streaks remain where veins once were.

Felsmith Nal’ryssa will certainly want to see this.

This was my sister’s. Lyrelle’s.

Her fate is clear now. She no longer needed that signet ring… the girl must have traded in her own mining arm for one carved out of felslate itself.


Oddly enveloped within the Felslate deposit is a humanoid eye.

It quivers with life. You get the sense that it would blink at you if it had an eyelid.

A mining expert should take a look at this.


What at first looked like another chunk of felslate is, in fact, a humanoid heart, encrusted in rock and filled not with blood but a vile, demonic substance.

It does not appear to belong to the beast you carved it out of… it seems that the infernal was holding it like a keepsake. Luckily your mining pick didn’t hit it straight on.

Felsmith Nal’ryssa will want to see this.

My sister Ondri was the first among us to mine, and the first among us to fall. Some Nathrezim dreadlord convinced her to replace her own heart - her heart! - with a chunk of felslate.

I slew the dreadlord myself, but couldn’t find the heart. This must be it.


Felslate is crystallised demon blood. The metal appears to be alive as it moves and hisses at the touch. When smithed, they require special anvils due to the amount of energy the metal releases. Highmountain are known for making such anvils.

The only way to mine the ore is to graft a piece into yourself, and it can be used to create limbs, organs and even eyes that function normally. The downside is that the more you graft pieces of Felslate into yourself, the more demonic you become as the corruption takes hold and you succumb to the will of Sargeras.


“It pierces through armor, flesh … and hope.”


Felsteel seems to be an upgraded version of Fel Iron in the same vein Steel is to Iron. But more demonic.

Ghost Iron

Old Hillpaw stayed low and went south. No immediate attacks came his way. He snatched up one of Haohan’s rakes. The prongs were made of ghost iron. Expensive. Durable. Sharp.

  • Untamed Valley

Chen proudly presented him with a dual-bladed sword. “I had the swordsmiths knock the grips off two of the curved swords, then rivet the tangs together and wrap them in shark’s skin over bamboo. It’s not quit your glaive, but it’s scary looking."

“Scarier yet when it drinks Zandalari blood.” Vol’jin took the blade by the central grip and twirled it around. He snapped the weapon so it was still, but the blades quivered and hummed curiously. Though it wasn’t his glaive, the balance matched favorably.

  • Shadow of the Horde

Ghost Iron appears to hum curiously when weapons made from it are swung. It’s described as being expensive and very durable. We later see in the Horde side of Jade Forest questing when Horde players recover the Alliance force commander’s journal where he describes Pandaren locals refusing to trade Alliance’s military grade steel for supplies due to finding the quality “laughable” compared to their own steel.

Incendicite Ore

Thelgen Rock over yonder is something of a natural wonder. It’s the only known source of incendicite in the world!

The stuff’s rare, highly sought, and ridiculously explosive. Hit it with a steel mining pick and you’ll set off a fireworks show that’ll put a room full of goblins to shame.

Luckily, I’ve developed a spark-proof pick for such tasks. I’ll loan it to you if you bring me back some incendicite ore, and I’ll split you in on the profits, of course.

Glorious! Beautiful stuff, this ore.

Good on you for not droppin’ your pick. Last person I sent out let the butt end hit the floor, and that part’s not sparkproof.

Incendicite Ore is a mineral found only in Wetlands. It’s so incendiary that striking it with a regular pickaxe alone will ignite it! Miners require special spark-proof pickaxes to safely mine the mineral. I imagine it would make for some particularly potent explosives.

Indurium Ore

Rizzle’s schematics describe the process of the refinement of indurium ore. From his scrawls, it is apparent that indurium ore is being obtained from the dwarven excavation site of Uldaman in the Badlands.

Much of the other notes relate to the heat resistant properties.

Used as a paperweight for the plans is a hunk of what appears to be unrefined indurium ore.

Indurium? Interesting… If it is capable of resisting heat to the degree that you say, it would explain the performance increase the gnomes have displayed of late.


Indurium Ore is a heat-resistant material found in the Badlands. Gnomes used it to boost their performance in the Mirage Raceway in Thousand Needles.


My goods used to be for the very best, now the Iron Horde make copies out of poor metal and give them to everyone.

I’m going to show them what a real smith can do in your arsenal, but first I’m going to need a powerful flux to make the metal as pure as it can get.

The dust from crushed iridium geodes would work in a pinch but we need to find some first. They tend to congregate underground, so check out the mine in Kuuro’s Claim nearby.


Iridium ore was a poweful flux used by the denizens of Draenor back in the day.

Jovite Ore

Ared and I came this way because we needed a good supply of metal to build his designs and some of the best metal is the jovite that comes from the mine in Kuuro’s Claim. In order to supply the artillery tower I’m going to need this metal.


Jovite appears to be the purple crystalline material Draenei use to craft their equipment out of. It was considered some of the best metal on Draenor.


I’ve never seen anything like this “leystone” ore. It’s light, like mithril, but it carries much more of a magical energy… more even than saronite or elementium.

Are you alright? Most of my stock seems to be unharmed by the flames. It’s a good thing this wasn’t the tailoring shop.

The explosion seemed to happen when I applied the flux. No flux means no welding. That’s a shame. Without the ability to weld, we’re limited to crafting belts and bracers.


This is interesting, it says that leystone reacts violently with anything it views as a contaminant. Our foreign-mined flux was enough to cause the small explosion.

Local ingredients, however, have learned to coexist with leystone. Up in Highmountain, an herb called Foxflower grows that can be turned into a suitable flux.

Go and gather some foxflower that we can turn into a usable flux.


If you truly wish to see my work then you’ll have to go and retrieve it as my shop has been raided of everything I’ve made.

The breastplates of the Black Rook soldiers were one of my greatest accomplishments. They’re light, yet strong and offer great mobility.

Relinquish my cursed brethren of their breastplates and bring them back to me. I will explain the finer points of how I made them upon your return.


Leystone is a really lightweight ore that absorbed the abundant arcane energies in the Broken Isles. It’s light like mithril, but can contain more magical energy than saronite and elementium. The night elves of Blackrook Hold used it to craft armour and weapons as far back as the War of the Ancients because of its light weight, strength and great mobility.

The metal reacts violently to contaminants, which is why in order to safely smith it one needs to make use of flux made out of Foxflower. Some Highborne used to carry a piece of leystone around as a lucky charm!

Lightforge Iron

Years ago, the Third Fleet of Kul’Tiras sunk along the coasts of The Wetlands, an expanse of marsh north of the Dwarven kingdom of Ironforge. Aboard one ship was a load of Lightforge Iron.

This metal is precious to us, for items crafted from it strike with holy truth. If you are to face Morbent Fel, then you will need such a weapon.

Go to Menethil Harbor and speak with my dwarven colleague Glorin Steelbrow. If that lost metal can be found, he’ll know where to look.


This blessed metal strikes with holy magic at its targets, though it’s a bit rare to come across apparently if the only source was a sunken Kul Tiran vessel from 25 years ago. A great choice for paladins if they can come across it.

Lightning Steel

The mines north of here are being used to extract Ghost Iron ore and energize it with lightning energy. We need to destroy the drills they use to extract the ore. They are impervious to normal attack, but can be overloaded using the proper methods. Oh - and while you’re there, take out whoever is running the operation.


Lightning Steel is Ghost Iron that has been energized with the power of thunder by the Mogu.


To prepare for the battle ahead, we will need armor and weapons.

We have learned of lumenstone, a rare metal that can negate magic… even fel magic.

It is found in small quantities all over the Broken Isles, and many of the native races use it in their own metalcrafting.

We should send our champions to target enemies around the Broken Isles - there should be plenty of lumenstone to be found in their stockpiles.

There’s enough lumenstone here to craft armor and weapons for an army. Thank you, Highlord.


“The luminescent metal can be forged into shatterproof weapons and armor.”

Lumenstone is a rare metal introduced in Legion that’s only found in small quantities over the Broken Isles. It possesses the ability to naturally negate magic, even fel, which makes it a highly desirable material.


We don’t have many canon sources directly describing mithril’s properties, and I am not including non-canon RPG lore in this guide. That being said, we see other metals being compared to mithril as a point of reference which gives some insight into its properties.

The above source on Leystone describes mithril as being light.

I’ve never seen anything like this “leystone” ore. It’s light, like mithril, but it carries much more of a magical energy… more even than saronite or elementium.

But it doesn’t compare to Truesilver in terms of durability and strength.

It is said that truesilver is stronger and more durable than mithril. Galvan does not disagree with this assessment of the minerals, but contrary to its name, truesilver is not true! Mithril is a far nobler mineral! HAH! Regardless, for this lesson you will need to find the great silver deceiver, .



Going by https://www.wowhead.com/quest=53321/luminous-monelite some Monelite ore is naturally luminous.

Thanks! You can never be too careful when it comes to breathing thick clouds of smoke from burning coal and molten metal.

Now I owe you a lesson about monelite. Let’s see, what to teach…

When you’re mining monelite, instead of chipping away at the rock, try using the pick to pierce the metal, and pull all of it away from the rock like it was taffy.


Monelite shouldn’t be chipped it, but instead pierced and pulled apart ‘like taffy’.

You’re a life saver! Well, a livelihood saver!

As for that trick I had mentioned: Don’t bother using a pick to separate the rock from the ore when pulling it from a monelite seam.

If the ore is big enough, once you remove it from the earth, you can peel the metal back and remove the rocks by hand.


This quest also references it being easy to pull apart by hand once the main chunk has been separated.

I’m glad to see you made it back in one piece. I’m tempted to ask how it went, but frankly, thinking about it has been causing me quite a bit of anxiety.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to distract myself from the thought with a lesson.

You’ve probably noticed that monelite is really maleable, right? You can use that, even before smelting it.

By using your pick to deform the metal while it’s still in the vein, you can heat it up and get a bigger haul using the other technique I taught you.


Monelite seems like it’s a soft metal, malleable even before being melted.

Despite being a malleable metal that is easy to pull apart most of the armour/weapons crafted with it are “Monel-Hardened”. This may be due to the Durable Flux that’s also part of the recipes which ‘removes impurities’. Malleable/soft in ore form, but once forged with some flux it becomes hard and suitable for weapons/armour? Certainly suitable enough to be considered a “powerful” upgrade in the Warfronts.


Gordul told me that you would be bringing a variety of unusual materials, but I didn’t expect anything like this. Moonsteel is said to be very rare and there’s only one place I know to get it. You have risked much for this weapon, , and I’ll see to it that you receive a fitting reward.



Have you seen those fireballs falling out of the sky? I saw one crash in the fields to the north, and the rock that landed was made of pure Living Obsidium!

I can use the material to craft ultra-sturdy heat proof armor and weapons for our troops. Can you bring me a lode?


Tough, heat-resistant metal that allegedly allows you to battle a Molten Giant and stand a reasonable chance.


We definitely DO NOT have the kind of gold that the Alliance is offering. , we have to do something or we’re not going to be able to get those drilling rights!

Wait a minute! There was this report from an underwater survey that we did right after the Cataclysm struck. Something about some gold-looking ore that was pushed up from underground. That’s it!

Head west to the old stomping grounds of the centaur, Splithoof Crag and Splithoof Hold, and dig some up.


“Looks kind of like gold… sort of. Centaur probably can’t tell the difference.”


“All of this fake gold should guarantee us winning the oil drilling rights!”


Pyrite’s a golden metal that looks like gold to the eye. Colloquially called Fool’s Gold for the scoundrels out there.


The first mention we had of Pyrium was in Wrath of the Lich King, during the raid in Ulduar. The Iron Dwarves there make use of a substance called “Liquid Pyrite”, a combustible material that they seem to use as a fuel-source of some kind. How it’s related to the Pyrite listed above is unclear.


The enormous drakonid Karsh Steelbender toils in the Twilight Forge, shaping weapons of war out of rare quicksilver. Although Karsh’s works are nearly unbreakable under normal circumstances, at high temperatures they become brittle as rusted iron.

  • Karsh Steelbender’s dungeon journal

The rare quicksilver metal is nearly indestructible under normal circumstances, but heat renders it useless and brittle.

Rethban Ore

Well you see, I make my own ink for books I copy. It’s my own recipe; it doesn’t run or smear, and it dries very quickly Unfortunately, it dries too quickly! My last batch dried up before I could finish the copying job, and I haven’t had the chance to make more ink!

To make more I need Rethban Iron Ore from the Redridge Mountains. Foreman Oslow in Lakeshire is my usual supplier.


Rethban ore can be ground into an ink that dries instantly so you don’t smear it over the pages. The downside of course is that sometimes it can dry a bit too quickly.


The big S. There’s a lot of misconceptions and headcanon regarding this metal, so I’m going to spend some time going through it to separate fact from fiction. You’ll find a TL;DR listing all the properties at the end of this passage along with commentary analysing each quest.

<There is a note in Slinkin’s death grip.>

Chased into a dead end. Hidden for now, but they know I’m here. It won’t be long until they find me.

The miners work tirelessly to unearth the strange ore that fuels the Scourge war machines. There is much banter. The language of death confounds me, but I have been able to identify commonly uttered sounds and phrases. The word “Yogg-Saron” is said with great contempt and is usually followed by loud outbursts. They refer to the ore as “saronite.” Meaning?


As we can see, the undead miners were quite aware of Yogg-Saron’s presence, but rather than go insane they kept cursing the Old God’s name with contempt and laughter. Yet earlier on we see living miners turn insane from Yogg-Saron’s influence when they get exposed to the ore.

Deranged Explorer says: Ahahaha! I must find the secrets!
Deranged Explorer says: Forgive me oh great one. I did not mean to learn the truth!
Deranged Explorer says: I don’t want to know anymore. Make me forget!
Deranged Explorer says: I will put an end to your life before you realize the horrible truth!
Deranged Explorer says: If only there were more time!
Deranged Explorer says: If you’re here, then IT might be close behind!
Deranged Explorer says: Intruder! You were sent to destroy us!
Deranged Explorer says: It’ll all be over soon. Soon you will be in the embrace of That Which Must Not Be Named!
Deranged Explorer says: IT’s coming! HIDE!
Deranged Explorer says: Now that you know the truth, I can’t let you leave!
Deranged Explorer says: Now you’ll have to join us… permanently!
Deranged Explorer says: The end is nigh! That Which Must Not Be Named is almost free!
Deranged Explorer says: The truth shall set you free. Like us, you will be with IT forever!
Deranged Explorer says: We’re safe; IT will never reach us here!
Deranged Explorer says: When one studies and digs, one reveals the truth.
Deranged Explorer says: You cannot leave… IT mustn’t find us!


I can’t make a damned thing out of this ore. It simply will not hold together! Despite my best efforts the Scourge metal will not bend!

Perhaps if I had some samples of some forged Scourge armaments I might be able to reverse engineer the process by which the items are created.

Icemist Village is crawling with armored Scourge Nerubians. Go there and get me some Scourge armaments! With your help I might actually succeed in creating something from this ore.

You’ll find Icemist to the west.


Saronite is impossible to smith using conventional methods. It requires a special process known only to the Scourge. The Grandmaster smith of the Horde expedition to Northrend tasks the player to recover Saronite equipment from the Scourge so he can study the structure of the metal to determine the smithing process.

It’s so light… As if it weighs nothing at all! I’ll need time to analyze the metal and see if I can do anything with it! Tests! I need to run tests!

I’ll keep in contact, . If anything comes of this, you’ll be the first to know.


Eitrigg places the ore on the ground next to the fireplace.

The avenger snorts, clearly unimpressed.

Eitrigg says: Now we will see why this ore is so important to the Scourge.
Eitrigg says: Korfax, what can you tell from this saronite?
Crusade Commander Korfax says: Saronite you say?

Korfax approaches the ore.

Crusade Commander Korfax says: Never heard of it. Looks like pure evil.
Crusade Commander Korfax says: Let’s see how it holds up to the might of my axe!

Korfax attempts to cleave apart the ore.

Crusade Commander Korfax says: What the? My reaper didn’t even scratch it! That’s the toughest ore I’ve ever seen!

Avenger Metz rolls his eyes.

Eitrigg says: Rayne, Rimblat, what about the power of nature and the elements?
Rimblat Earthshatter says: Let us see if it is truly impervious.

Rimblat and Rayne attempt to attack the ore with the powers of earth and lightning.

Rimblat Earthshatter says: Nothing.
Rayne says: By the Goddess. It’s as if Nature can’t touch it!
Avenger Metz says: No surprise there.
Eitrigg says: Metz?
Avenger Metz says: What?
Eitrigg says: You know what.
Avenger Metz says: Fine. Just remember though, the power of the Holy Light isn’t something to be invoked casually, brother.

Metz channels Holy energy and strikes at the ore with his mace.

The ore begins to glow bright green and to emit a thin green gas.

Avenger Metz says: What’s it doing?

The ore erupts, sending out a wave of malevolent power, knocking over the whole company.

Rayne says: Gah!
Crusade Commander Korfax says: Oof!
Avenger Metz says: Woah!

Eitrigg dusts himself off.

Eitrigg says: Clearly this is getting us nowhere. We need to get this saronite to Highlord Fordring for further study.
Eitrigg says: Thank you for trying, my friends. We’ll unlock its secrets. Hopefully before it’s too late.

Avenger Metz grunts.


The infamous quest everyone cites as proof that Saronite is indestructible. The quest certainly seems to support that notion–at least when it’s still in its pure, unrefined ore form. Because later on we find out…

You pulled this jagged, dark brittle shard from the body of a ghoul. The metal blade lacks a smooth edge, suggesting it was forged by an unskilled hand, or was broken from a larger piece.

You recall seeing similar shards embedded in the bodies of all the ghouls you’ve encountered at the Fleshwerks, leading you to wonder why their creators bothered to include the metal at all. Perhaps Crusader Olakin Sainrith would have some insight if you brought him the shards from several ghouls.


…That Saronite is actually very brittle once it has been smelted into metal. But all metal is brittle unless you temper it, dummy.

At last, the pieces of Quel’Delar are rejoined and the blade is whole, but it cannot see battle until you have tempered it. That jagged saronite edge is brittle and will shatter the moment it strikes anything.

Deep in Icecrown Citadel’s Forge of Souls is a place where the blade can safely be tempered. Take Quel’Delar with you to the abode of the Devourer of Souls and look for the crucible. Plunge the blade into the crucible to temper it and bring it back to me in The Frozen Halls.

I… I don’t understand. Tempering the sword should’ve restored the blade to its original condition. What has happened here?


Turns out even tempering didn’t fix the glaring issue with its brittleness. While the unrefined ore appears to be indestructible, forging it turns it into a brittle and useless metal that even tempering can’t fix.

Combines saronite and earth to create an extremely dense bar of Reforged Saronite.


There it is. It needs to be imbued with the crystallised essence of earth to become viable. You could argue that the source isn’t valid since it wasn’t ever actually implemented into the game back in Wrath of the Lich King, but its flavour text remains in the game code. You would be right in arguing that, but then that removes one of the only source we have regarding how to make Saronite useful.

<Bouldercrag reaches out to take the ore, but then recoils.>

That ore… I can’t touch it. It seethes with unnatural energy. No creature of stone can handle it. What do they mean to do with this?


Titanforged creatures can’t touch Saronite. In the follow up quests, its very presence causes them discomfort and pain.

Metallic specimen of foreign origin detected.

Beginning analysis …

Specimen identified as an alloy of saronite and iron.

The ore used in this sample originated deep within the crust of Azeroth and was recently unearthed.

The saronite in this sample is nearly pure. Ores like this do not occur naturally on the surface of Azeroth.

This ore can only have been created by a powerful, malevolent force. Attempting to access databanks for more information…

Access denied?

Further information can only be accessed from the archives within Ulduar, by order of Keeper Loken.

But one thing is for certain: this plate’s size, thickness, and bolt holes point to a use as armor for a colossal structure.

Directive completed. Returning to standby mode.

Saronite was alloyed with iron to create armour for the iron dwarf colossal. Later in the storyline we find out…

We have failed to prevent the completion of the iron colossus, , which means we have no choice but to face it in battle.

Bruor has devised a plan to exploit the colossus’ only weakness.

No matter how tough the colossus’ armor is, it is still vulnerable to a jormungar’s acid. Take control of one using the orbs along the northern edge of the Snowdrift Plains, then use it to fight the Iron Colossus on the Snowdrift Plains. If you need help controlling the creature, speak to one of the nearby handlers.


That it became so tough that only Jormungar’s acid can melt through the alloy. This is the first time Saronite is described as being tough and viable as a metal, and it requires a specific kind of acid to melt through. It would seem that pure Saronite just isn’t all that useful as equipment if it requires lesser metals like iron to become a viable option.

Slowly, she crunched her way to the ragged edge of the icy platform. A thousand feet below, shrouded by the clouds, lay a forest of shattered saronite spikes she had scouted out earlier. The fall alone couldn’t kill her: her animate flesh was nigh indestructible. But the spikes, the hardened blood of an Old God, they not only would tear the body apart but would obliterate the soul as well. She longed for it. A return to peace. The work she had begun in the forests of Silvermoon was finally complete with the death of Arthas.

  • Edge of Night

Saronite does however have soul-reaping abilities when used as a weapon, and it’s powerful enough to insta kill empowered undead like Sylvanas (and Nathanos). I can see why the Scourge preferred to use it as their metal of choice after all.

Two words: Tiger Blood!

This is gonna sell better than saronite back on the black market. Especially once I finish spreading a rumor about how it makes you all buff and stuff.

And this jungle is just full of tigers. Can you round up a few vials of tiger blood for me? I’ll cut you in on the scam.


So we learned that unrefined Saronite ore is indestructible, but refining it into metal turns it into a useless, brittle metal. The only way for it to become useful is to alloy it with iron (and therefore possibly steel) at which point it becomes so tough only Jormungar acid can melt through it. In the Sylvanas short story we find out that Saronite weapons obliterate the soul (or reap I guess, you do you) when killing someone with it.

It’s also evidently considered illicit goods for it to circulate in the black markets. It would seem Ebon Blade doesn’t want normies to play with it for the obvious dangers it can possess.

Storm Silver

Hey! I just got a request for a shipment of storm silver. Wanna help?

As you know, storm silver is lightweight and resists corrosion. What you may not know is that we use it throughout our ships. It’s so light our marines and pirates use it for armor because they can swim in it!

However, any parts that go onto a ship have to be blessed by a tidesage, or it’ll be cursed to a watery doom!

Harvest a bucketful of ore, smelt it, and get it blessed for me, and I will teach you how to mine it easier.

Now then, you scratched my back, and I will scratch yours. Storm silver is very brittle naturally. When you mine it, use several small swings instead of one big one. That’ll keep the metal from being chipped away.


Storm Silver is so lightweight that Kul Tiran marines swim in it unhindered. Now, I know in real life you can swim in a full suit of armour as well, but it’s not necessarily easy. Storm Silver makes it so.

It’s used in shipbuilding by Tidesages, but we find out in the Horde mirror of the quest that Zandalari shipbuilders do the exact same thing. The ideal way to harvest Storm Silver is with several careful and smaller strikes.

When Storm Silver is manufactured, it is blessed by Tidesages and then buried underwater for a year before it can be properly used!



"Can you believe this rubbish?! The last shipment of ammunition from Kharanos was botched! All we have for ammo now are these flimsy, good for nothing arrows! What in the world am I going to do with 500,000 Thorium Headed Arrows?

I’ll tell you what, kid. If you can bring me thorium shells, I’ll trade you thorium headed arrows - straight up! Deal?"


They accidentally made half a million thorium arrowheads and didn’t seem bothered by the misuse of the material, only the botched delivery. Looks like Thorium’s pretty abundant in Khaz Modan.

The key to Scholomance is called a Skeleton Key. It must be forged from the remains of a skeleton - several actually - and hardened by only the strongest of metals within a suitable mold. A signet of power from a being who naturally can open the portal to Scholomance will make the key ultimately function.


Later in the questline the “strongest of metals” he requested turns out to be Thorium.

You need two bars of thorium and a powerfully hot heat source to forge the key stem. You’re on your own for the thorium, but I can help with the heat.

To our west in Un’Goro Crater is Fire Plume Ridge - a simmering volcano. The lava lake up top is hot enough to fuse thorium and bone together. Your gold has bought you a mold that simply requires you to dip it in the lake up top; the lava will take care of the rest. That’s it on my end. To finish your key, you’ll need to talk to Arbington again.



The quest item provided, Thorium Shackles, are described as "Unbreakable” in the flavour text above.

The Dark Iron taskmasters and slavers of the cauldron use weapons of enchanted thorium, an extremely sturdy alloy. If you bring me eight thorium plated daggers, I can break the alloy down and reforge a shaft.

Enchanted Thorium appears to be even tougher than regular Thorium. Don’t mess with that, fellas.


I had a month’s worth of dried meats salted and locked away for the cold season. Kept it locked so the bears wouldn’t get it! But while I was off hunting deer, that beast, Old Icebeard, made off with the meat locker. He won’t be able to smash through that Thorium though. But I’ll starve if I can’t get my meats back.


Even a yeti can’t break through a locker made of Thorium.

It is a well known fact that hyenas possess tremendous strength in their jowls, but the strength to snap through three inches of thorium steel? Impossible, improbable, and yet I have seen this demonstrated with my own eyes.


That title has been claimed by the hyena, as impossible as it sounds.

“Even the steaming goo that flows in Hive’Ashi won’t melt thorium. I’m getting out of here!”

— Savin Lightguard


Thorium has some heat-resistant properties. In this particular case, the quote is referring to the heat in the Molten Core; while Thorium can handle great levels of heat, lava is hot enough to melt it. Considering how abundant Thorium appears to be in Khaz Modan, the Great Forge in Ironforge making use of lava suddenly makes much more sense.

It is very kind of you to inquire about the needs that the Alliance has. In addition to all of the other collection efforts underway, we are in need of a great quantity of thorium bars, which is the task that I am in charge of. The thorium will be used in the creation of many different things for the war, foremost of which is the construction of a battalion of steam tanks to be airlifted into Silithus as soon as they are completed. Can you aid us in this endeavor, ?


And it’s used to make steam tanks for the Alliance war effort. Considering everything else we now know about Thorium, they sound like some really tough pieces of work.


“The strength of titanium coupled with the crystalline beauty of frozen waters - truly a remarkable combination.”

— Tiffany Cartier


True Iron Ore

The only source we have on True Iron Ore is a quote from the beta that was removed for no apparent reason describing its connection to Fel Iron in TBC which to me makes a lot of sense. Since it was removed before actual launch, take it with a grain of sand. There’s no other reference to the properties of True Iron Ore what-so-ever. None.

True Iron Ore - “It is believed that this shining, pure metal is the original form of Fel Iron.”



“Truesilver, incredibly light but stronger than steel.”

  • Gelbin Mekkatorque: Cut Short

It is said that truesilver is stronger and more durable than mithril. Galvan does not disagree with this assessment of the minerals, but contrary to its name, truesilver is not true! Mithril is a far nobler mineral! HAH! Regardless, for this lesson you will need to find the great silver deceiver, .


As mentioned above under the Mithril section, Truesilver is stronger and more durable than Mithril – though Galvan thinks the name “Truesilver” is a fraud, because the metal has nothing to do with silver.

I’ll mix and mix till we have a mash

For this will be our own private stash

A still must be fashioned of metal strong

Bring me some Truesilver so I can finish this song.


Leave it to dwarves to brew alcohol out of metal.

Sasha says: I’m old enough to shoot beasts like you right between the eyes… at twice this distance.
Sasha says: Surprise, you scum! You’re going to tell me where my sister is or I’ll put a bucketful of truesilver bullets through your wife’s heart.


An interesting detail. Sasha threatens a worgen with a truesilver bullet which then instantly kills Anatoly after he transformed.


Well done. The trillium will need additional refinement, of course, but these samples are pure.

I will need to study these artifacts for a time but I believe I can use the knowledge contained here to craft something of great value to us both.


He uses trillium to forge the Lightning Lance, which is described as being powerful – but dormant. Trillium may hold some properties that makes it a suitable vessel for holding great power.


Goblin shredders were upgraded to have blades made out of trillium and they cut up the Vale in no time.

Umbral Ore

My mentor, Sturgy Ironband, had a compound south of Helm’s Bed Lake in eastern Dun Morogh. There he taught blacksmithing and he was the best.

But one day, one of his students brought him a load of strange ore. Master Ironband called it umbral ore and was eager to work with it, but soon after it arrived… a band of Dark Iron dwarves attacked his compound. They killed everyone!

Enter Ironband’s compound, , and avenge my master’s death. And bring me the load of umbral ore that caused it.


Here are some weapons, hot off the anvil and made with the new umbral ore you brought me!

Please, , take your pick!


Umbral ore is some mysterious new metal that the Dark Iron was willing to kill anyone in their way to get hold of. Not much is known about it, but it’s suitable for crafting weapons. They colloquially call it “Grey Iron”.

Underlight Ore

Thank you, , for bringing these samples to me. We are hoping that we can uncover some special property from them that will help in the fight against the Scourge.


Not much is known about Underlight other than it glows in the dark and that the blood elves studied it in hopes of using it to fight the Scourge. We never find out if anything came out of the research. Someone recently tried to claim that Underlight is confirmed to ward off undead, but no such thing is ever stated anywhere.


"The harvesting of precious gems is of utmost importance to our craft, . Few gems are more precious than the [Citrine]. The magical properties we imbue into our goods are amplified greatly by the presence of citrine.

For this lesson, we will fortify forty bars of mithril with four citrines. The result will be a better understanding of magical gemology and the knowledge to create ornate mithril shoulders."


It would seem Citrine is a preferred gemstone for acting as a focus for enchantments.

The sword’s enchantments must be contained within a powerful focus, such as a gem. I know of a gem that we can use for this purpose, for there are few that can play host to such powerful magics without shattering.

The gem we need is called the tear of the earthmother. It’s a powerful artifact in the hands of the ogres who created it, and Warbringer O’mrogg, who currently holds the gem, has many powerful allies in Hellfire Citadel’s Shattered Halls. Take care in retrieving the tear, .

<David Wayne holds the gem up, to the light, admiring it.>

It’s aboslutely flawless, and that’s exactly what we’ll need. A flawed gem would endanger the weapon’s wielder, twisting the magic against them.


It would seem a gemstone used for enchanting needs to be both flawlessly cut and powerful enough to contain the energies imbued in it. A flawed gem would backfire the spell on the wielder and a weak gem might shatter.

But this wasn’t a sword for sale. Nay, this one was to be wielded by him, for him. Each swing of his mighty mallet filled the blade with his sadness, his love, his fury. And with this last magnificent blade, he vowed to gouge out the cancer he had brought to this land.


There are those who believe that master dwarven blacksmiths possess the ability to impart emotions in to the blades they shape. Magni Bronzebeard never took much stock in these claims. Nevertheless, as he stands now holding the orb, thinking of the brother he will never see again, Magni harnesses all of his rage, his fury, his desire for vengeance. He calls upon them, wills them into being. He bellows his warcry that echoes in the vartness of the great forge and he brings the hammer down. Again, and again, and again.


As we see in the Warcraft Legends: Vol. 1 and the Ashbringer comics, dwarven smiths possess the ability to impart their emotions into their craft to create the fabled weapons of legend. Magni harnessed his rage and fury to create the Ashbringer while Nori harnessed his love and sadness to create a sword that could cleave an anvil in two with a single strike.

Feel free to discuss below and add any sources and tidbits relating to any materials you may have found along the way. We’re all here to learn :slight_smile:

Also over 110k characters lol


You’re right. Things like this just boggle my mind!


Very good post with an abundance of information! The fact that hyenas can damage thorium armour is very worrying for my character.



Telaryn, mah man! I have been waiting for a guide like this and will totally read it later tonight!

Coming from you I am sure it involved a whole lot of lore, which I can then use in my Warriors RP! :smiley:

Thanks alot!

Very nice, thank you for preserving this!

Do you know if there’s any lore on Arcanite?

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The only explicit description of its properties come from the RPG Books which is not canon:

This grayish metal looks dull even when tempered, but it holds a keener edge than any other metal on Azeroth. Arcanite is extremely flexible and can be worked into a springy armor that turns aside the mightiest blows. Only weapons, armor, and shields normally made of metal can be fashioned from arcanite; a warblade can be made of arcanite, but a tauren totem cannot.

All the quests that require you to get Arcanite talk about how it’s really good and magical, but “really good and magical” doesn’t tell us much about what it does.


Oh, well. Thanks anyway!

Great job!

Maybe you can answer this question for me because I didn’t found it. Which metals were used to make titan-forged creatures (like Keepers, mechagnomes, iron vrykul, etc)?
Thank you

Nice job and also… i learned that arcanite (crystals) exist irl.


Source it, Acharon.

From what little I’ve found on it so far:


Freya gave Ursoc new claws, fashioned out of a rare material called titansteel and imbued with a small portion of the essence of Eonar, one of the titans. These claws could grow in length and were nearly indestructible.

Claws of Ursoc, Part Four.

I think this some testament to the strength of Titansteel, being wielded by the likes of Ursoc, but it’s notable that Eonar’s power may have some influence on its strength in this case.


dude trust me

On dark iron:

The Black Anvil in Shadowforge City is probably relevant here.

It is made of vast quantities (“tankloads”) of the purest dark iron metal. The refinery process for which is a closely guarded secret.

Thaelin Darkanvil says: The Black Anvil is built o’ only the purest dark iron, smelted an’ refined wi’ secrets I canna reveal tae any but our most trusted miners an’ blacksmiths.

Following that, the Black Anvil seems to have some cultural significance for the Clan. It is spoken of reverantly by NPC voicelines:

“May the Black Anvil bless you.”

“The might of the Anvil be with you”

Moira herself also refers to it as “our most sacred Anvil”.

And ostensibly Thurgaden’s title of ‘Anvil-Thane’ is in relation to the Black Anvil. Precisely what the title entails is unclear, but we know that he is a capable shaman and a scholar. He seems to be dwarf in charge of the experiments on Azerite with the Anvil, and guides the player through the Firelands in order to empower a fragment of the Molten Core as part of the Anvil’s repairs.

So yeah, dark iron is a kind of a big deal to the clan.


Nice and solid work Telaryn, I’m glad to see some of that old info I dredged up being of use to people, and I’m happy someone took the time to properly update it, as I never got around to it myself (and honestly likely never would have). :+1:


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This is also a bit of trivial info, but still I feel really important to note: If you look at Vanilla or any of the expansions, the best (highest item level) craftable metal armor -always- uses multiple reagents, or reagents that have required multiple other metals and materials to make them.

So metal alloys are still probably the best material for armor.


This gives me a strong flashbacks of the Sanderson’s Allomancy and earth magic potential in Rp, great job!

Love this guide. Amazing work!! This guide was very useful back then and it will be even better now that it’s updated. I love to see those elements in RP, it shows you care about the setting!

I’m not sure if it is intended but some materials like Argunite and Arkonite are missing.

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