Guilds, their relevancy and wPvP

So I was sharing some of my casual wPvP action with my guild mates the other day through some amateur YouTube videos of mine.

To my shock, they thought they could maybe have some wPvP fun and asked me details about how wPvP works right now since they are full PvE players. While I was explaining how they could get their PvP gear and such, one of them said, “you should make some guild events around that”. And then I went like: “oh… about that…”

Keep in mind that the only guild events we have right now are M+ ones as we are a pretty chill and casual guild. However, I found their “wPvP guild event” request hard to accommodate. That’s because wPvP in an particular area is not fully active all the time, Cobalt Assembly can have over 80 people at one place killing each other all the time and the next week it might be dead. Heck, wPvP might be dead in all zones during certain times.

So if someone tried to create a “wPvP guild event” how could they go about it? Also, is there any change would you propose to encourage guild activities in general (aside from M+ and Raids obviously)? Of course, I have my own ideas but I would like to see what the rest of the community has to say about this… Are guilds completely irrelevant right now???

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No they are not, this isnt really a guild problem more a Wpvp problem.

World pvp will always be difficult to schedule unless you have the cooperation of the opposite faction. It would have to work more like in Eve online where you might organise a pvp roam.
You all get together in a group and roam about the land hoping to find some action.
Arenas or battlegrounds should be easy but if you want to do world pvp it might be tricky.
You could try to find a pvp guild on the opposite faction and talk to them about your idea and see if its interesting to them.

Guilds are already incentivised to do stuff together as there are some rewards, although maybe minor to encourage activity.

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Many years ago (late Cata though late MoP) I played on Defias Brotherhood, which was (maybe still is, dunno) the wpvp capital of EU wow (largely thanks to its near perfect 50:50 faction balance). There were plenty of guilds centered around wpvp, and even resident roleplayers participated to a large degree.

It may sound strange, but wpvp and RP, as far as game content goes, are full blood siblings and there was no coincidence that RP and wpvp scene were very much intertwined. Much like roleplay, wpvp is player generated content; Wpvpers always accepted that they engage in the sort of gameplay Blizzard cares little about and does little to cater to.

As for events, generally speaking - you identify quest hubs and other places with higher concentration of people, you band up and go hunting (that most zones are dead is given, you need to go where the people are when they are there, and sometimes you may be unlucky and barely find anyone. Such is the nature of hunting.). If you ganked hard enough, your victims might band up and retaliate which is when the fun started. Other times we attacked some place like Goldshire and let the Hordies come to us. Capital city attacks were also popular and always a guaranteed option for wpvp action. Semi-RP open world pitch battles against other faction guilds also happened. My most memorable wpvp event was when we abducted Alliance pvp vendors from Serpent Spine (for some reason they had no aggro limit and would follow you anywhere in Pandaria), led them into a cave in Valley of Four Winds, rooted them, held them hostage and forced Alliance to try to rescue them because hey, they were their damn vendors and no pvp gear for them unless they get them back.

The world is your oyster, really. Anywhere where there are people, you can find some ways to mess with them, piss them off and get them fight you - and that’s your wpvp content. A lot of our action were not a scheduled “events”, anyway, but rather individual action which organically grew; what started as random small-time ganking grew into guild battle as more and more people were joining up.

Whether guilds are (or feel) useless or how to encourage their activity, I dunno. I haven’t been a member of one for close a decade and have no opinion on the issue.

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Doesn’t sound strange at all. I would love to RP as well. But I am stuck in a non-RP realm and Blizz doesn’t give any RP tools to its players (aside trasmog). So RPers need to rely on add-ons which must be used by most of the playerbase to be of any use and non-RP realms stand no chance of getting enough users of the X and Y RP add-on…

Yeah and that’s really bad IMO. I don’t want to force people into wPvPing and RPing of course. I would just love it if starting doing some wPvP and/or RP wasn’t a huge pain in the A… That way more people might be interested in activities other than farming, M+, Raids and BGs.

That’s really awesome, last time I experienced something similar was during BFA and the Hordes came and tried to occupy the main inn of Boralus. Or when I was infiltrating their main hub, killing a few of them and then escaping.

I already do that, I would just like to receive some support from the game as well. A few occupiable/capturable hubs in the open world for example, either for your faction or your guild, could spark some conflicts.

That way we could probably schedule some wPvP. What if abducting NPCs for example was part of the game? Or something similar of course.

I think the fact whether you do an activity with your guild or alone doesn’t change much pretty much proves that guild relevancy is fading into obscurity more and more. Of course, I am not sure if wPvP and RP support are the ways to go if you want to support guild activities in general but that would be certainly welcome from my perspective.

Guilds are very relevant. I’m really confused why you struggling to make an event would be any reflection on the functionality of a guild.

Ok then let me repeat myself…

Because currently, with the way wPvP and RP work (which are both strongly related to each other as another commenter correctly mentioned) you cannot schedule a wPvP event. Best thing you can schedule is go around and hunt people at random, and if you don’t find anyone, well tough luck, that’s some time wasted doing nothing but looking for a fight and not finding any.
Wonder how many people will show up the next time you do an event like that…

So yeah, since player events in-game are generally generated/created around guilds and the guild calendar but the only things you can do with those two tools are M+, BGs and Raid (as you can schedule them easier) pretty much explains why I bring up guild functionality into this discussion as well.

Also, some solution to he above issue could be solved by implementing solutions centered around guild functionality.

And again, the point is the same.

Guilds (or Communities for that matter) are not irrelevant because you can’t organise an event. Guilds are great, they tend to cater towards certain activities that people have a common interest in, whether that’s organised content like raiding or simply casual/social to have likeminded people to mix with.

Personally, I’d have understood it more if you were simply asking for help on how to organise an event rather than trying to somehow dismiss guilds or their functionality. Guilds are wholly irrelevant to this discussion (other than you wanting to organise something with them) and you certainly can’t expect all guilds to be forced into world pvp.


I certainly never made such case and I can point you to quotes of mine when I say I will never ask such a thing to be forced on anyone.

Not to mention that my guild mates asked me to organise such a thing, it wasn’t even my idea…

Yeah sure, and please tell me other than having a guild bank, a calendar where you can put events on and a guild chat… Does a guild provide you with any other objectives, mechanics and/or tools?

These aforementioned three tools are not enough IMO… We could have way more than that. Which, again, is why I think they are central to this discussion… If you think they are fine as they are, more power to you, but I don’t think so.

It’s not hard to do so, when I see people substitute/replacing them entirely with Discord servers for example. I have a friend who hops into different guilds as a “Pug” for three different guilds and raids with them.

He doesn’t need to be an actual member in all these guilds because with just being in their Discord servers he pretty much has most of the essential guild tools the game provides by itself (like a shared chat and a calendar).

But you can provide guidelines if you think they can resolve my issue with wPvP being hard to organise as a guild event.

Discord is a means of communication, it’s not destroying guilds. It’s no different to the old days of forums and mumble/teamspeak/ventrillo etc.

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Never claimed Discord is destroying guilds. Guilds arr still there. Half the guild tools the game is giving you end up being obsolete. That’s my point.

We can have more guild tools in the game than Discord can ever hope to provide us with. If the devs opt to to give us more that is…

Doesn’t really seem something that is worth investing in.

They could do with improving the guild finder and giving us more management tools, and give communities the same tools, but it doesn’t need to try to do what discord already does.

But that’s just my opinion ofc. People all feel differently.

And that’s fine. You are obviously not interested in the same activities I am interested anyway and I would never want you anywhere near one of my activities against your will. There is no point in that.

These would be a start at least…

No i don’t want to have Discord tools in WoW. I want to have tools that Discord cannot emulate even if they tried to simply because Discord is not part of the game.

Hypothetical irrelevant example:
While a terrible idea for other reasons, I am going to present it just to make my point clearer.

Imagine having fortresses around the open world which could be captured by your guild. And now imagine if at specific hours and days you could capture these. Automatically, you have a repetitive wPvP event presented as a guild feature around which you can easily schedule guild events.

And yes I know why this rough idea wouldn’t work in WoW, but did I at least make my point clearer this time?

They did this in Burning Crusade. There were places that gave either faction a bonus in the zone if you captured it and held it for a while.
It ended up just being abandoned because no one bothered.

I understand you want to schedule world pvp and RP but how do you propose to do that?
You can schedule the other activities because they are initiated by your guild starting something, grouping up and queueing for a BG for instance.
How would you suggest scheduling world pvp? the opposing faction has no idea of your intentions or start time…
I dont really understand why you think this is a guild issue…

Because it is guild activity and provides fun

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Because it lost it’s relevancy and Blizzard didn’t expand on it. Does not mean, if they do it again they would make same mistake. If they try

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Blizzard tend to learn by thier mistakes. And in this case adding these kind of events still doesnt mean that people will participate.
And even if they do the likelyhood is that you would schedule an event to go pvp at the event and then the opposing faction doesnt turn up…
I understand the desire to have spontaneous content pop up but the point of it being spontaneous is that it happens when it happens. You cant force it.

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Khm. Mage tower? Why is it brought back?

That is another problem. People will show up, but their disaster with Sharding which groups people not by equal numbers prevents this for happening. And they still refuse to admit it or do anything to fix it. Since Legion.

Also, that attack/defense of a zone in BFA, forgot how it was called, was well participated, but then, we was not all BFF’s in this game

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Is that world pvp?

Event. You’re words :smiley:

And, not really

I think as a game mode the fortress suggestion is great for PvPers but not that it should be tied to guilds. Just another form of BG really. You can go as a guild group if you wish but the content is open to all.

Pvpers are always looking for more love from Blizz!