Gushing Wound Corruption Effect Reduction

We’re working on a hotfix that will reduce the damage done by the Gushing Wound Corruption Effect by 35%. We expect to make this change with maintenance in this region next week, starting on 27 May.

While we tend to only make changes like this in regular balance patch intervals, Gushing Wound is currently the most efficient of all Corruption Effects. When making changes to Corruption Effects, we previously decided to leave it as-is, because there is only one rank available and Gushing Wound is a rare and relatively difficult Corruption to acquire. However, with this week’s updates that make Corruption Effects available from MOTHER, we expect that stacking large amounts of Gushing Wound will be even more efficient than Infinite Stars, which has explicit downsides when multiple targets are present.

We’ll have the change outlined in our Hotfixes Update soon after it goes live next week.


Waiting for the rage.


ez katka i guess

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Just this week I saw my first Gushing Wound drop on this character and one I gave to a friend. Awesome.
However, I think this change was necessary.
Gushing Wound was too strong in PvP and with the new Vendor with would have been troublesome to say at least.


at least you guys should be happy they nerfed it before you buy it xD


Check the same post about this in the US forums.


And my excitement and need for the vendor just went :laughing:


Thanks for the nerf. as all the players were so unlucky because the items dont drop it is awsome that now when ‘luck’ is not part of the game, you reduce the damage. cheers.


Sad how the first season of this show was so good but then the 2nd was so bad

Please let the dev that worked on the corruption system, the dev that took to a stream, shown by LIMIT, to say that people in social that complains about the corruption system should be banned, that the system was not good on the outset and that players have the right to voice their concern on any system in the game that they have invested so much in. Get a thicker skin!

Taking advice with humility is important, especially when the advice comes from people that have been playing this game nearly half the time that person was actually alive.

The corruption system is bad. You are just acknowledging that gushing wound was purposefully made rare. Why? You are also acknowledging that it was too good yet let people run up 7, seven! in pvp and content.

This is a dereliction of duty towards players. I expect way more. I expect from you blizzard to listen and take input from players. I also expect you to be way more forthcoming in acknowledging and owning to problem you create and to take remedial action immediately to fix stuff. To say I am disappointed in the whole debacle that is BFA is an understatement. I am disappointed in all of you, from CM to the top dog.

In the realm of suggestions:

  • make GW unique equipped.
  • put echoing void back up, it was overnerfed.
  • ensure that the new vendor does not have any rotation and sells everything. We have been telling you to reign in the RNG hard. Is this now a meme? Seriously?
  • ensure that items can be cleansed of corruption and ANY corruption be reapplied as the player wishes.

I feel sorry for the employee of Blizzard that read soo much salt everyday. They now learn from mistake and now listen to the community closely.

I’m most sorry for Blizzard employee on the forum that read all of the salt. their jobs is almost like this :

We can’t be perfect, but they do their best to satisfied the game and the player.
I support blizzard forums team in this hard time they receive all the salt, even if i consider PvP in BFA like salt water : undrinkable .

Let’s do our best for shadowland with feedback and manner , let’s support ourself in these dark time.


You are right here, it was nerfed to a point that is silly to use somthing that adds so much corruption and does so bad job.

But i fear if they make it better as we increase our back resistance the game will become a shshow with this + TD xD

Look from bright side ! the more salty water is the easier it is to swim :sunglasses:


This was exactly the reason it should have been nerfed as soon as the data made it obvious how good it was. Many players never got even one, despite doing all the right things to get it, and yet it was making conspicuous difference to character performance. That wasn’t fair.

I’m glad it’s gotten looked at, but the vendor wasn’t the reason that it should have happened.

(However let it be known that I am very happy to see deterministic rewards! It is very motivating to know that in X weeks, I can definitely get something I want, if I put the effort in!)


Marksmanship is drowning on it :joy:

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“luckily” I got no gushing wounds so far, and have 0 echoes to buy them. XD


Oh well some people never got to try out the stacking of it and overpower it had. But its ok, it is Blizzard - we expected it.

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Not really bothered about the nerf as predicted it would be a waste of time to target specific anything in BFA because…

Retail is basically reset progress every month or so now lol soon it will be every week or so. :smiley:

BFA is nothing but a bad taste and never ending joke now.

Why even bother, going back to doing older content, raiding with guildies, leveling alts and playing on my alliance realm…so glad I stopped min maxing mains on M+ and Visions months ago as we all saw this coming.

Insane catchup mechanics way way too late, insane RNG for way way too long, then nerf BIS items and add specific ways to target specific corruptions after forcing everyone to play the lottery for months…

You couldn’t make this up anymore, it is laughable.

BFA can get rekt. BLIZZ you have miss managed this entire expansion from design up…seriously, LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.