[H] 11/12M player LF guild for N'Zoth and Shadowlands


I’m Noke, a 11/12M player, willing to get my first CE since I’m playing - if that’s enough for you, then let me ensure you that I’m the best choice if you want a person to have 100% presence - and I can also realm change, if it’s needed. If you want to know some more stuff, read through.

I’ve started playing when Antorus hit the live servers, and got my first AOTC with mostly pugs. I started playing more seriously in BfA, after I’ve found a guild to raid with.

We started with 2/8M in Uldir, because we didn’t really have the numbers - several players were missing, and pugs left after M.O.T.H.E.R.

In BoD, we kicked 6 bosses’ butt, which was a big improvement, and jumped into EP with a lot of confidence. Got the first 3 mythic bosses down, and then Ashvane seemed to be the guild breaker - better to mention that the GM of the guild ended up in Australia, and placed his personal life before WoW - which is understandable, but the new GM didn’t really care at all.

Then at the start of 8.3, I moved to Ragnaros, been in a few guilds - to be specific, three: in the first one, I didn’t get a chance, then in the second, we got 9/12, then some stuff happened, and the guild basically disbanded. I’ve pushed myself to 10/12 with a Kazzak guild, and got a better opportunity to get CE with fellow hungarian players, so I got to my current guild, whom I’ve achieved 11/12 with. After 20 pulls, people decided to buy CE, because they didn’t want to wipe that much on an endboss, and we ended up raiding - meanwhile the Kazzak guild got their CE with hard work, and I was standing there, pretty close to get my CE which I’ve worked for pretty hard, and not being able to get it.

That was the moment when I realised that I have to pug - which I’ve managed to do so, and got to N’Zoth’s secret phase, 2nd orb, when we wiped. After that, some of the guildmates got back from their vacation, and I got benched for them, even tho they didn’t have a single pull on N’Zoth - which I didn’t find fair, but life isn’t always fair, is it?

Long story short: here I am, searching for a guild, because I want to find my ingame forever-home, and get a better player afterwards - pushing mythic content is only a plus from then on.

About my characters:

  • main: 478 balance druid, bis essences and corruptions;
  • main-alt: 475 BM hunter, bis essnces and corruptions;
  • good to mention alts: 471 frost mage and 472 shpriest.

For Shadowlands, I’ll probably play warlock or frost mage, but I’ll find out in prepatch, I guess.


  • Battle.net: nokedili#2855
  • Discord: stamas#2279

Thanks for reading thru, and feel free to HMU if you find me interesting, or wanna get me into your guild. I can also realm transfer, if it’s needed, preferably Kazzak/TN/TM/Draenor.


Hey, if interested please check us out ! :smiley: