[H] 2 Healers LF guild!


Hello there! :purple_heart:

A friend and I are currently looking for a tight-knit raiding/PvE guild, which enjoys progression and prioritizes having fun together.
Both have discord and are able to use VC. :smile:

Note: Edited out some things.
Thank you for reading and considering. We hope you have a wonderful weekend (and easter!). :hatching_chick::sunny:

(Angelreeper) #2

Hey Guys id love to have a chat with you guys if you are still looking and avail my bnet is Angelreeper#21136

(Laorii) #3

Heya! This is my recruitment: [H-DRAENOR] DHX - HEROIC AND MYTHIC RAIDING

We raid 2/3 days a week depending on need, starting in heroic and working our way through mythic. We are a social bunch of loot hos, who live on discord and love mythic plus. Best to read the post and if it interests you give me an add on battletag LAORII#2787, or one of the other officers listed in the post. Cheeeeeeers! :sunglasses: (The weather is glorious!!)

(Mårk) #4

Hi Mint,

What class if your friend? We’re kinda full-ish on healers at the moment, and normally get a couple to swap to DPS on farm bosses, can either of you DPS, or swap 50/50 healer/dps?

Go check out our website:

www.digitaldoom .uk

It will give you a better idea of who we are and what we’re about. There’s a great blog from last years meet up if you have time to read it.

If you want some more info on our recruitment and stuff, we have a thread here:


Hi there

We have two healer spots open, have a read here - add any of the officers if you are interested

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