(H) 204 Resto Sham, Draenor

204 Resto Sham, 10/10N 1/10HC
Currently looking for a new guild on Draenor, old one died over Xmas.
I’m looking for a 2 day a week Heroic raiding guild focused on AotC, Mythic being a bonus. Ideally a Wed/Thurs/Sun combo.
Can play both DPS roles to a decent standard and have a moderately geared Alt Lock if needed.
Thanks for taking the time.

Discord - Psyniide#4673
BNet - Psyniide#2807

hey we are currently recruiting for our main raid team we raid Saturdays currently but we have been looking at having a weeknight raid also when we are not raiding we do M+ keys if any of this sounds good to you i will leave my post below with more info

Thanks for reading

Hi mate,

Slightly different raid days to what your looking for but have a read and let us know if your interested.


Hey, would you be interested in raiding with your warlock?

Please be in touch if we sparked your interest (: