[H] 415 Havoc DH lf 2d/M progression guild

(Nutri) #1

Hi all,

I’m looking for a mythic progression guild on a two-days a week roster, aiming for CE kills.
Current progress in 8.1.5 is 5/9M - 2/2HC, sadly unable to raid any further in my current guild due to a fixed 20 roster they’ve set in place for Jaina. Uldir I’ve cleared 6/8M.

I’m a 35 years of age Dutch guy, playing a415 Havoc Demon Hunter, willing to change servers, and I can guarantee 100% attendance as I really, really want raid!
Since I’m not raiding actively and do spend time ingame I’ve been setting up alts for M+

Feel free to contact me here or on BNET: Reaper#25872


Hello there, are you still looking? my guild is currently looking for active DPS to bolster our team and i think a DH would be great, we are currently 8/9M with already some Jaina progress with plans on CE this or next week

We are a 22 man team so lately we been having small issues where a couple of people are busy and then we have no replacement, we give priority based on performance/set up and attendance

If you are interested you can hit me up on Petris#2611, we are in another server, but we can sort that out somehow.

(Nutri) #3

Yes I am still looking :slight_smile: ive send you a request on bnet!


If that doesn’t pan out - you can ping me bnet: NoDeuce#2858 or read more here:

(Alanana) #5

If you fancied a faction change add me for a chat :slight_smile: Suzanna#1406

(Nutri) #6

Still looking :slight_smile:

(Nutri) #8

Alternatively, I am willing to reroll to DK or Warlock in order to increase my chances of finding a good home for 8.2 and onward! Also, a realm transfer isn’t an issue either.


Hello Nutri!

I am an officer from Latinus Namus on Draenor. We could potentially be suitable for you. If you are up for a chat contract me through my battletag: (Fangi#2231) or Sneakiest (Sneakiest#2165)