[H] <Collective> (1/8M) Recruiting for our raid group

(Heidar) #1

We're a small raiding group on Ragnaros with a core who have raided together since vanilla. We're a friendly bunch and we need some more people for our raid group!

We raid up to two times per week during progression. We don't have an attendance requirement as we understand people have lives and can be busy.

Although we haven't killed G'huun on heroic, our main focus is on Mythic. We run a guild group (with randoms to fill) every Friday evening.

Raid times

  • Fridays: 20:00

What we need

  • Healers - All classes
  • DPS - All classes except DH


  • Age 18+
  • Friendly attitude
  • Item level 350+
  • Able to communicate in English on Discord (voice)

What we expect from you

  • Basic knowledge of the fights (watch videos)
  • Bring consumables to raids (at least flask + food buff)
  • Enchant/socket your gear
  • Know how to play your class

If you're interested or have any questions, add or heidar#21971, or message anyone in the guild if I'm not around. :)

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(Ghostperson) #2
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(Heidar) #3
We've just recruited a few people during this week and cleared the first two bosses in Uldir on heroic.

We still need some more people, if this interests you, get in touch! :)

(Heidar) #4
Another weekend, another update!

We've killed 3 bosses on heroic, currently practicing on the 4th. We've added some talented people this week, which helped our DPS a lot.

Right now we need healers quite badly, and a mage.

(Heidar) #5
We're still in need of healers, and we're opening applications again for all DPS classes. We're bumping the item level requirement to 350 though, since we're focusing on heroic now.

(Heidar) #6
We killed 5 bosses in heroic now, getting there! We still need another healer and a couple of ranged DPS.

(Heidar) #7
We're progressing on Zul in tomorrow's raid, we're still in need of some ranged DPS and another healer.

(Heidar) #8
We currently need good DPS of any class and healers. We're slowly progressing towards the end of heroic Uldir.

We only raid heroic now, and we only raid on Fridays.

(Heidar) #9
We finally managed to kill Zul, so 6/8 now - Hopefully downing Mythrax this or next week. Still looking for good DPS and healers. We're aiming to grow our group to 20 raiders , so we have plenty of slots open.

Our goal is to get curve and go into 8.1 with a stable group of around 20.

(Heidar) #10
Now that we're getting the hang of Zul, we got Mythrax down easily. Hopefully going for G'huun and getting curve next week.

We still need everything except tanks really. We're also up for joining forces with guilds of a similar size to get a group of ~20 people going. The game is hemorraging players right now so recruiting and maintaining people is getting harder.

(Dhrebel) #11
Still need some people?

(Heidar) #12
We're currently working on G'huun on heroic. We got him to 85% but we've only had three tries and we need some practice on the orbs to get further. We're also doing Taloc Mythic this week.

Still looking for more people!

(Ghostperson) #13

Bumpedy bump, Mythic taloc is dead

(Llywelyn) #14

Really friendly bunch of guys. I have been made to feel very welcome since joining. Awesome guild. Join now, you will not be disappointed.