[H] Disc/ShadowPriest 220ivl mythic raider xp LF late night Guild

Hi all!

My current main is looking for a new home to raid mythic content and get a team to push for high m+ content also.
Since my schedule kinda switched due to IRL reasons, i’m currently looking for a guild that raids from 10 or 11pm London time to whatever needed.

I’m an experienced player since vanilla, had lots of progress on previous expansions except for Legion and BFA that I didn’t enjoy, and I got an alt 205 Balance druid that I can also work to get to the same level as my current main.

Both toons are on horde side, I may consider going alliance if there is no other shots.

Thanks !

Hi There,

Would love to talk to you more.

Please have a read of our recruitment post and if it interests you please do message me.


Hi Boodika,

Only looking for a guild that raids a bit later than you guys do :wink: