[H - Draenor] <Big> Recruiting! 10/10HC LF ALL - Mythic Progression / Social, PvP and M+

BIG is a new guild that formed at the start of shadowlands. The core guild is made up of long term WoW players and IRL friends who are looking to progress this expansion, we hit 10/10hc a while ago and are now looking to bolster the ranks to progress to mythic.

What we’re looking for:

  • Good raid attendance
  • Current/Past Raid tier experience
  • Positive attitude and personality
  • Recent raiding performance via logs.

Current raid times:
Progress: Thursday/Monday 8pm server time. 3 hours
Farm: Wednesdays 8pm Server time. 3 hours

Current class needs:
We’re looking for all classes and specs to progress to mythic.

What you can expect from us:

  • Stable raid environments
  • Mature and active staff members
  • A friendly active community

Other information
Also looking for social, PvP and M+ members so don’t be shy!

Contact information

Please fill out the following form and message one of the two below on discord and we’ll check out your app.

GM - Oadzii (IGN) / Discord - Oadzie#8241
Officer - Xaz (IGN) / Discord - BEST GAMER IN THE WORLD#0978