[H] [Draenor] [EU] <Mostly Clueless>, 7/10 hc

Hey you – yeah you! We need you here! Read this now :slight_smile:

Short version Adult social 2x Weeknight 1xWeekend raiding guild LF players for Heroic progression.


That is our cardinal rule. If you can’t come to a raid, then you can’t come. We’ll see you next time. Most of us are 30+ and have responsibilities. That being said, we do still expect you to be social and active in the guild. A person just logging on for raid-time is useless to us.

What are our goals

Getting “Ahead of the Curve” achievement every tier, whilst keeping a relaxed and fun environment in both chat and discord.

What do we need

  • Death Knight - Closed

  • Demon Hunter - Vengeance (M+)

  • Druid - Balance, Restoration

  • Hunter - Closed

  • Mage - Arcane, Fire, Frost

  • Monk - Mistweaver, Windwalker

  • Paladin - Holy

  • Priest - Holy, Discipline

  • Rogue - Closed

  • Shaman - Restoration

  • Warlock - Affliction

  • Warrior - Arms, Fury

We need you to play the class AND spec you enjoy the most. We don’t care if a class/spec is underperforming like crazy atm. If that is what you want to do then you got to checkmark these statements: Can you output the dps/hps that your gear warrants, and can you do so whilst doing mechanics? On the dps-checks (Darkvein, Sludgefist, Sire) we might have to bench you, if you can’t output the required dps/hps, though.

We’re going for a 2-3-9 setup and currently we are pugging the people missing with great success. At the moment one of our healers are RaidLead, but if you have experience, skill and desire to do so, please let us know.

What do we offer

Our once quiet guildchat is now vibrant, as we have successfully transcended from a spiring guild into a sturdy community. On top of this our Discord is almost always populated as well, telling wile tales about what THAT Warrior just did (fun story, which we captured on stream).

For raids the guild supplies food for your best secondary stat, as well as Flasks via the Cauldron, and Oil. We don’t require you to use Runes nor Armor Kits. Our RaidLeader will be going over tactics ahead of the pull, but you ARE required to have at least watched a guide for the bosses. We also help out with gems and enchants for your gear.

What are we doing

We’re successfully clearing normal Castle Nathria for those last upgrades, and starting to switch to alts once in a while. There will be an achievement run for the mount as well shortly. Now we’re starting up on Heroic progression, and have moved steadily up to 7 Heroic, and we fully expect to get to 8 this week. We will most likely still be doing some normal clearing on off-days/evenings.


  • Thursday 19:00st (18:00uk): Normal clear (skipping with quest) + farm Heroic, max 3 hours.
  • Saturday 14:00st (13:00uk): Farm hc + progress, max 5 hours.
  • Monday 19:00st (18:00uk): Extra optional progress run, max 3 hours.

We’re also doing M+ keys like crazy, successfully doing +13s atm.

What do we require

Our only requirements are that you’re 18+, speak English, have a good sense of humor, and can connect to our discord for raids (you don’t have to speak, but you are required to listen to tactics), or simply to join in with guild activities whilst on voice. Prior raiding experience is preferred, though not necessary. A few of us have recently returned to WoW and are re-learning the game, as well as taking our time to enjoy the new expansion and what it has to offer.

Ping me in Bnet (DKReaper#2381) or Discord (DK-Reaper#8273) for a chat.

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And we’re now up to 8/10 hc with some good attempts in on Generals. With some luck, this Mondays raid will see us at 9/10 :slight_smile:

Yep - 9 heroic now - just need those last pulls for Curve now :slight_smile: