[H] [Draenor] <Fugu> Laid back Heroic raiding

Fugu is a guild formed by a bunch of laid back yet resolute players on Draenor EU. Before you ask, fugu is a type of pufferfish in Japanese.

At Fugu we are bridging the gap between casual and hardcore. This means we have a casual and laid back approach to the game in general, because it is and always will be exactly that, a game.

However, wiping endlessly because somebody doesn’t carry their weight is no fun for anyone, so we do expect a certain level of performance and willingness to improve.
To keep the laid back approach we will only raid Normal and Heroic difficulty, aiming for AOTC every time.

Some bullet points about our guild:
• We have alot of fun together while playing WoW and even other games on offdays, but once it’s raiding time we expect you to show up and perform.

• We don’t only value the character, but also the person that plays said character. If you put out a ton of dps ingame but you’re always an annoying !@/* on Discord, you will not fit in.

• We value people that are willing to learn and improve, and help out others whenever possible. This is a team effort, let’s act like one.

• We’re a pretty social and talkative bunch, and we’re looking for people that want to mingle. If you build a decent relationship with the rest of the guild, i really believe the raid performance benefits from that as well.

• We raid on monday and wednesday from 20:00 till 23:00. Invites start 15min before raid and you’re exepected to be online and ready by that time.

We’re at 10/10 Normal and 8/10 Heroic at this moment.

Recruitment status:
Tanks: Closed
Healers: Closed
DPS: High priority for anything Melee, but Ranged can also apply!

None of this was meant to scare you guys away, honestly. But we do believe in stating what we stand for upfront; so that even if we do part, we’ll part as friends.

If you’re still reading this, you must be interested. So what are you waiting for, apply already!

Contact details: VRX#3144 on Discord


Our healers complain they don’t have much to do, so still looking for more dps so we can stand in more mechanics and make them sweat…!

Currently high priority for a couple of melee dps and one healer!


We are still looking for melee dps.

Other roles will still be considered providing our existing group would be complemented.

A week has passed and we’re still looking for more melee to join our ranks!

We are actively recruiting Ranged and Melee DPS now. Come have a chat.

Hey if you wanna chill place to hangout and have fun doing also end content come and join us!

Come help us kill that annoying Denathrius dude on Heroic…!

Can you carry your weight in raid and pay attention on mechanics? If you can then you are the right person for us! So what are you waiting for? Go go go and apply.

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