[H] [Draenor, open to transfer] Group of 4 looking for a mythic guild

(Belletayn) #1

Group of 4 looking for a guild. 2 healers and 2 dps.

• 2 day raiding guild highly preferred.
• Between Monday - Thursday
• Goal is definitely Cutting Edge
• Open to newly created guilds, as long as the leadership is experienced in mythic

We’re a highly experienced group of raiders that, as many, suffered from the BFA’s guild reaping. After a couple weeks of jumping from guild to guild, trying to find a good home, we decided to stop raiding and reassemble for BoD. We’re not really looking to continue progressing in Uldir, but might help out if needed.
Our recent raid achievements: CE in EN, 9/10M in NH, 10/11M in ATB. Other than that we have a lot of experience in previous expansions.

Our group:
• Holy Priest: 4/8M.
◦ Uldir logs: https:// bit.ly/2COlNWe
◦ ATB logs: https:// bit.ly/2BX5TXV

• Frost Mage: 3/8M. Recently rerolled from a tank/dps Paladin
◦ Uldir logs: https:// bit.ly/2SCRC9O
◦ Paladin armory (logs got overriden since the name change):
https:// bit.ly/2s8zwB5

• Restoration Shaman: 3/8M
◦ Uldir logs: https:// bit.ly/2RspybU
◦ ATB logs: https:// bit.ly/2s73HZf

• WW Monk with tank OS (open to reroll to a Warlock or play as a main tank): 3/8M
◦ Uldir logs: https:// bit.ly/2F6znWn

I’m sorry for the spaces in links, but the new forum format does not allow links.

Contact me on:
Discord: mayHeart#8940
Bnet: mayHeart#2735

Group of 4 looking for a mythic raiding guild
Group of 4 looking for a mythic raiding guild
Group of 4 LF mythic raiding guild
[H] [Draenor] Group of 4 LF a mythic raiding guild
Group of 4 LF a mythic raiding guild

Hey guys!

We are a newly formed guild, aiming for cutting edge for the next tier.

Here is the post to our forum post:

I added you in btag so we can have a talk together about the guild.

Have a good day

see ya



update: we’re still on the search for the right place to be.

(Webby) #4

Hey guys/girls, I’ve added you on bnet!

It sounds like you would fit into our guild we’ve created on Kazzak and still have a tank, healers and ranged dps spots open.